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Tanaya answered on Jun 22 2021
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Title: Clinical Applicability of AOM Research
Possibility of the he
Da Cheng Qi Tang causing polyps and discolouration    3
The safety of the he
to be consumed by the patient    3
The prescription for the patient and the time of consumption    4
Works Cited    5
Possibility of the he
Da Cheng Qi Tang causing polyps and discolouration
The chronic consumption of laxative consisting of anthraquinone, which is an active ingredient for laxatives are known to cause Melanosis coli. Melanosis coli is a condition also identified as a benign colonic condition that results in constipation resulting in different colon disease (Lombardi et al.).
In most of the anthraquinone drug ingredients like aloe, cascara, rhuba
, and senna are present. The anthraquinones present in the he
s consumed by the patient once reaches the colon, and it plays the role of laxative, which produces complex metabolites within the intestine. In most of the cases, melanosis coli develops only when the patient consumes diphenylmethane derivatives for a longer period of time.
The derivatives are observed to contain bisacodyl that results in the apoptosis of the cell. This apoptosis of the intestinal cells leads to...

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