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HLTH340 Assessment 1: Presentation Weight: 50% Must Complete: Yes Word Length: 2500 (equivalent) words duration maximum 8 minutes, maximum of 15 slides Notes: Project Presentation (powerpoint...

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HLTH340 Assessment 1: Presentation


Must Complete:Yes

Word Length:2500 (equivalent) wordsduration maximum 8 minutes, maximum of 15 slides

Notes:Project Presentation (powerpoint presentation)

Due Date:See the bottom of this page

This assessment relates to:
Learning Outcomes1-3


For this assignment you will choose one of the following case scenarios for your project presentation. Your presentation will be in Power Point with a voice over recording. Select a case scenario for more specific instructions.


Your presentation should:

1. Include a title page with the unit code, your student details (name and student number)

2. Include references for the material included in each slide and areference list in accordance with APA.

3. Be between 5 and 8 minutes in length and contain no more than 15 slides.

Needing help with adding narration/voice over to your powerpoint


Example Case Study and Power Point Presentation

Marking Criteria: Assignment One

Marking Rubric 1 HLTH340.pdf

Answered Same Day Jul 12, 2020 HLTH340


Tp Academic answered on Jul 17 2020
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Voice Over
In the presentation, certain factors of ageing has been discussed by aligning them with case scenario one. In the second slide, the presentation starts with an introduction. In the third slide the perspective of the people involved in the case scenario has been discussed in details. In...

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