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The literature review will cover: 1. Identification and discussion of the chosen company’s structure, products and services under consideration 2. Operations and functionality: Identify and discuss a....

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The literature review will cover:
1. Identification and discussion of the chosen company’s structure, products and services
under consideration
2. Operations and functionality: Identify and discuss
a. The current processes
b. Any gaps and what is not working properly
c. Which specific issues that the new system will fix
d. Criteria that will be used to prove the proposed system meets requirements
3. Discuss what constitutes an Information Systems (IS) Strategy and explain why such
strategy is needed as part of the overall organisational strategy.
4. Discuss why the organisation may experience difficulties in developing an Information
Systems Strategy. As part of your answer you should suggest solutions to the
difficulties you discuss.
5. With reference to your studies on Information Systems failures:
a. Analyse the typical problems that might be expected to arise within
Information Systems projects.
b. Illustrate your answer with reference to literature and any relevant examples.
c. Suggest remedies to the problems you have identified.

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Strategic Information Systems        14
Strategic Information Systems
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This paper was expected to depict the requirement for management information system (MIS) on by strategically planning in authoritative development in the Health service division. Healthcare organizations work in continually evolving condition. The associations must react and acclimate to the social, financial as well as political ecological changes that happen. But, in many associations particularly in the service area, vital plans are not completed and executed appropriately because of absence of appreciation as well as information of the significance of key anticipating organizational development. Management Information Systems (MIS) is the principle component to make productive decision making enabled in the healthcare organization. This paper analyzes the extent of administration data frameworks that is implemented influence effective vital planning process. (Bogabol, A., O. & Dr. Musadieq, M., A., 2014).
In today's world, associations are in the state of improving their ability so as to get by in today's competition in the global market. The organizations endeavor to enhance their agility level by expanding the decision making process of the association to be more effective as well as more powerful in order to meet the progressive vacillations of the market. In order to accomplish this strategic implementation of information system, numerous associations, whether small or large, are focused about a cycle of dynamic interests in and received new components of information system. In previous era, a high level of healthcare associations were using lots of time in order to design and implement the solution of Management Information; and that the speed of the selection is relied upon to become further as the innovation increases.
MIS is considered to be the system that provides association’s top administration and, lower management, with proper data because of the data from both internal as well as external sources, and also encourage them to make the powerful as well as auspicious decisions that fulfill the objective of the organization and also fulfill the stakeholder requirements. By measuring the viability of planning framework achievement is a hypothetical test crosswise over many fields of healthcare organizations. An effective association ought to have an efficient strategic planning (business technique) that would drive the vital data frameworks planning. By strategically planning data frameworks deliberately lined up with the business and would enable the association to come to the focused advantage it's going for. The paper will cover key data framework and will concentrate on critical achievement variables of implementing Strategic information system Profmax Healthcare ERP in Springwood Hospital in Australia. (Karim, A., J., 2011).
By using Hospital Information Systems (HIS) is main concern in the wellbeing part in light of their enhanced requirements of the developing multifaceted nature of health management and furthermore because of the diversity as well as advancement in the supply framework. Main objective of healthcare data frameworks is to manage data, with the help of staff requirement for their productivity as well as adequacy of various activities. HIS must be skilled to help the high caliber healthcare administrations and address the issues of its kin the patients. Because of the wide use of ICT (Information and communication technology) in wellbeing frameworks, there is pressure on organizations` decision making process for the installation process of these frameworks. If the outline of hospital data frameworks is implemented in detail, the adequacy and profitability of healthcare tenant and patients` satisfaction will be expanded and healthcare expenses will be diminished. Rebelliousness of healthcare data framework functions with existing procedures can influence the cost and nature of medicinal services. In this manner, due to the objective of data frameworks, and to stay away from duplication and to improve quality and decrease costs, it is important to perform consistent evaluation of healthcare data framework system. (Mehraeen, E. & Ahmadi, M., 2014).
Springwood Hospital Structure
In Springwood hospital, the different parts of organization are expected to guarantee that the cooperation from the number of users is required to implement the system effectively. This system ensures that endeavors are being done accurately and viably. Top managerial staff relinquish it to their authorities to see that their decisions are done and that the regular operations of the healthcare organization are performed viably. The CEO is the top authority who needs to be responsible of everything that proceeds in the association. The managers of the hospital report to the core management. These individuals are main persons who are responsible of medicinal or operational administration. There are many departments who are responsible of medicinal as well as operational services. These departments are mainly areas where orthopedics, labor as well as other medicinal service are taken care. There additionally are non-persistent care divisions such as nourishment administrations as well as billing. Clinical divisions have enough staff, critical supply chain and procuring requirements and various controls they must agree to. In this way, directors have collaborator executives who enable them to supervise their various operations. This staff includes - medical nurses and physical advisors to line cooks and laundry workers, it takes less time for each staff to get everything done. These staff has certain type of expectations and the responsibilities, which hospital require them for performing exceptionally well in order to guarantee the security as well as strength of the patients. (Feigenbaum, E., 2017).
Organization Problems
This organization confront different difficulties previously and in addition during installation of HMS as despite everything they utilize the manual work and furthermore the challenge of understanding automated procedures. It is exceptionally hard to keep the patient information, everyday processes, medicinal hardware maintenance information and also the patient billing data physically. This realized financial fraud, time and the staff. HMS is an information organization system which is expected to help manage the distinctive parts of a hospital...

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