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hi need my assignment according to my attachment file. i need every single thing which need and i not to much similarity.

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hi need my assignment according to my attachment file. i need every single thing which need and i not to much similarity.
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Sundeep answered on Apr 14 2020
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Table Of Content:
Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
Ying’s story----------------------------------------------------------------------------5
This essay is about the transtheoritical model of change which is an integrative theory of change model It assesses the individual’s behaviour and intent towards living a healthier lifestyle. This model of behaviour change provides strategies, Theories, Explanations and the change guide to an individual. There are 5 components to transtheoritical model of change
- Stages Of Change
- Processes Of Change
- Levels Of Change
- Self – Efficacy
- Decisional Balance
The essay is about motivational Interviewing and it is explained below.
TTM is the a
eviation that is given to the transtheoretical model of change. The outcomes of this model are exemplary and beneficial to an individual. TTM helps people in
Stress Management, Adherence to antihypertensive medication, lower lipid drugs, depression prevention, weight management, smoking cessation. When a person wants to change a bad habit or a bad circumstance in his/her life, motivational speeches help in ways in which are remarkable. Motivational Interviewing provides a foundation with the people helping them to develop a rationale for the beginning of change in their lives. Motivational interviewing is an empathetic, person – centred way of approach that guides people in changing their way of thinking and helps them to resolve ambivalence, it enhances their self-will, will to change and motivation for
inging change to life. Motivational interviewing involves the basic interviewing techniques and skills that are used “early and often” in the motivational interviewing rationale. The open question helps the person to tell their story in their own direction without any hindrance. The interviewer must be patient in this case since the person may speak a lot. Some examples of open ended questions are:
· How can I help you with ___?
· How would you like things to be different?
· What do you want to do next?
· What are the good things about ___ and what are the less good things about it?
· What have you tried before to make a change?
· When would you be most likely to___?
· Help me understand ___?
· What do you think you will lose if you give up ___?
Reflective listening is a primary skill which paves the pathway for an engaging listening in a conversation. It builds trust and fosters the motivation to
ing about a change. Sometimes reflective listening seems easy, but it is not and involves a lot of patience and understanding. It is very important to think reflectively. It is accompanied by good reflective listening.
The analysis of the essay discusses about Ying’s story and the method by which the smoking habit of Ying would be reduced. The analysis is in detail giving out each steps and the stage timings and methods.
Ying’s Story:
Ying is a 35 year...

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