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Victorian Institute of Technology CRICOS Provider No. 02044E, RTO No: 20829 1 MITS5003 Wireless Networks and Communication Semester 2 2020 ASSESSMENT GUIDE

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Victorian Institute of Technology CRICOS Provider No. 02044E, RTO No: 20829

Wireless Networks and
Semester 2 2020

Victorian Institute of Technology CRICOS Provider No. 02044E, RTO No: 20829

Assessment overview
Assessments Overview Weight Due date Unit Learning Outcomes (ULO)
Assessment 1: Case Study and
In this case study you will explore some of the latest
techniques in wireless communications and networks
and apply these to a given case study for methodology
selection, requirements and problem solving.
10% Session 5 Sunday
11:55 PM
ULO1 and ULO2
Assessment 2: Research Report In this assessment you will write a critique report on an
academic paper in the field of wireless for applications
to real world scenarios of communications and
10% Session 9 Sunday
11:55 PM
ULO1 and ULO4
Assessment 3: Major Assignment In this assessment you will work individually to apply
your knowledge, to analyse and develop certain design
models based on specific requirements in a simulation
30% Session 12 Sunday
11:55 PM
Victorian Institute of Technology CRICOS Provider No. 02044E, RTO No: 20829
Referencing guides
You must reference all the sources of information you have used in your assessments. Please use the
IEEE referencing style when referencing in your assessments in this unit. Refer to the Li
eferencing guides for more information.
• https:
encing%20-%20IEEE%20-% XXXXXXXXXXpdf
Academic misconduct
VIT enforces that the integrity of its students academic studies follow an acceptable level of
excellence. VIT will adhere to its VIT Policies, Procedures and Forms where it explains the importance
of staff and student honesty in relation to academic work. It outlines the kinds of behaviours that are
"academic misconduct", including plagiarism.
Late submissions
In cases where there are no accepted mitigating circumstances as determined through VIT Policies,
Procedures and Forms, late submission of assessments will lead automatically to the imposition of a
penalty. Penalties will be applied as soon as the deadline is reached.
Short extensions and special consideration
Special Consideration is a request for:
• Extensions of the due date for an assessment, other than an examination (e.g. assignment
• Special Consideration (Special Consideration in relation to a Completed assessment, including
an end-of-unit Examination).
Students wishing to request Special Consideration in relation to an assessment the due date of which
has not yet passed must engage in written emails to the teaching team to Request for Special
Consideration as early as possible and prior to start time of the assessment due date, along with any
accompanying documents, such as medical certificates.
For more information, visit VIT Policies, Procedures and Forms.
Inclusive and equitable assessment
Reasonable adjustment in assessment methods will be made to accommodate students with a
documented disability or impairment. Contact the unit teaching team for more information.
Contract Cheating
Contract cheating usually involves the purchase of an assignment or piece of research from another
party. This may be facilitated by a fellow student, friend or purchased on a website. Other forms
of contract cheating include paying another person to sit an exam in the student's place.
Contract cheating warning:
ary%20Referencing%20-%20IEEE%20-% XXXXXXXXXXpdf
ary%20Referencing%20-%20IEEE%20-% XXXXXXXXXXpdf
Victorian Institute of Technology CRICOS Provider No. 02044E, RTO No: 20829

• By paying someone else to complete your academic work, you don’t learn as much as you
could have if you did the work yourself.
• You are not prepared for the demands of your future employment.
• You could be found guilty of academic misconduct.
• Many of for pay contract cheating companies recycle assignments despite guarantees of
“original, plagiarism-free work” so similarity is easily detected by TurnitIn.
• Penalties for academic misconduct include suspension and exclusion.
• Students in some disciplines are required to disclose any findings of guilt for academic
misconduct before being accepted into certain professions (e.g. law).
• You might disclose your personal and financial information in an unsafe way, leaving yourself
open to many risks including possible identity theft.
• You also leave yourself open to blackmail - if you pay someone else to do an assignment for
you, they know you have engaged in fraudulent behaviour and can always blackmail you.
We determine your grades to the following Grading Scheme:
Grade Percentage
A 80% – 100%
B 70% – 79%
C 60% – 69%
D 50% – 59%
F 0% – 49%
Victorian Institute of Technology CRICOS Provider No. 02044E, RTO No: 20829

Assessment details
Assessment 1: Case Study and Presentation
Weight Length Due date ULO
10% XXXXXXXXXXSession 5 Sunday 11:55 PM ULO1 and ULO2
In this assessment you are required to explore the given case study and provide a solution, employing the latest wireless communication techniques. The
solution needs to be presented in a report and a short video presentation discussing findings and the proposed solution. The assessment will help in
developing an understanding of communication in wireless networks and the limitations and challenges.
Case Study: Home office
Under doctor's orders for more bed rest, Jan received authorization from her employer to work from home during and immediately after her pregnancy.
However, to do her job effectively, she routinely needs to retrieve large files from the corporate local area network (LAN), modify them, and return them to
another location on the LAN. She also occasionally likes to print something for convenience or record keeping, and she needs convenient access to a telephone.
Jan has received instructions from her company's Information Technology (IT) staff regarding how to connect to the corporate LAN.
Jan cu
ently has
oadband access to her home. However, the only access is to a PC in a family room in the home's finished basement. Jan's family uses this
PC for Internet access, online gaming, and as a resource for school projects. The PC is connected to a colour printer. Jan wants to create a home office in an
unused upstairs bedroom. During the later stages of her pregnancy, she wants the convenience of working from more comfortable locations, such as her
couch or bed. She already has a cordless phone and is planning to purchase a laptop PC and perhaps a second printer. However, a quick call to her
provider has caused her to question the financial feasibility of running new wiring for
oadband access in other locations of her home. Perplexed with her
problem, Jan talks to some of her co-workers, and one of them mentions wireless. Jan does a little investigation of the wireless LAN products available and
decides many of the products are within her budget.

Victorian Institute of Technology CRICOS Provider No. 02044E, RTO No: 20829

The scope of Jan’s solution will be limited by the fact that she already has
oadband access installed in her home. She also has instructions for connecting to
the corporate LAN. However, she has not checked to see if the wireless home network will affect these instructions. Jan's challenge is that she needs reliable
high-speed access to the corporate LAN from the new home office and other convenient locations in the house. She wants to interfere as little as possible
with use of the PC in the family room, and she needs her laptop to be inaccessible from the family PC. She would like to have printing capability in the home
office. However, her solution must fit within a limited budget. Finally, all equipment that she uses for her solution must be immediately available.

Figure 1. Jan's Site
The proposed solution must consider the following requirements:
• Any locations where she wants to use the laptop should not be more than 100 meters (over 300 feet) away from the access point
• Interference which may be caused by the cordless phone and microwave
• The home network should be cost efficient
• The network needs to be secure
• Other users on the home network
Victorian Institute of Technology CRICOS Provider No. 02044E, RTO No: 20829

Submission Instructions
All submissions are to be submitted through Turnitin. Drop-boxes linked to Turnitin will be set up in Moodle. Assessments not submitted through these drop-
oxes will not be considered. Submissions must be made by the end of session 5 Sunday 11:55PM.
The Turnitin similarity score will be used in determine any plagiarism of your submitted assessment. Turnitin will check conference web-sites, Journal articles,
online resources and your peer’s submissions for plagiarism. You can see your Turnitin similarity score when you submit your assessments to the appropriate
drop-box. If your similarity score is of concern you will have a chance to change your assessment and resubmit. However, re-submission is only allowed prior
to the submission due date and time. After the due date and time have elapsed you cannot make re-submissions.
Please Note: All work is due by the due date and time. Late submissions will be penalized at the rate of 10% of the assessment final grade per day including
Marking Guide: 50 Marks
Task Description Marks
Report Layout The report style, language and structure should be appropriate. 5
Introduction This section should include a few sentences which provide an outline of the assessment. 5
Elaborate Elaborate the importance of the home office and discuss how the proposed solution meets requirements
of the home office.
Design Update the site design to include all the new hardware required for the secured home network. The site
design can be modified, or you could create a new design based on the existing site, any tool could be used
to provide the design.
Critical Analysis The students are required to critically analyse, the communication channels and transmission techniques
used by the wireless devices, and the limitations of the proposed wireless devices.
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Deepti answered on Aug 21 2021
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Home Office Setup
Introduction    2
Home Office Solution    2
How the solution meets the requirements    2
Benefits of Proposed Solution    2
Network Equipment    3
Network Diagram    4
Connection Procedure    4
Critical Analysis    5
Communication channels    5
Limitations of wireless network coverage    5
Conclusion    6
References    6
This report focuses on setting up a home office environment for an employee who is permitted to work remotely by her employer. Jan is allowed to access confidential information of her employer and retrieve, modify and transfer large data to accomplish her routine office work. The report proposes wireless network setup for Jan, outlining the advantages of the chosen network, equipment required for the setup, different communication channels that would be used in this setup and their limitations.
Home Office Solution
With the advancement in technology, remote working is practiced in almost all workplaces.
How the solution meets the requirements
The proposed network addresses each requirement such as
1. Retrieval of large files from the corporate LAN. The new tri-band router will address this requirement. It allows large amounts of data to be transmitted over LAN.
2. Transfer of large data to another location on LAN after modification. The selected tri-band router shall be VPN-enabled to address this requirement.
3. Single wireless access point in the basement will be sufficient to cater to all the home office needs along with other devices in the house on the network.
4. Printing of material for record keeping conveniently from anywhere in the house. A Bluetooth or wireless enabled printer will address this requirement.
5. Convenient access to phone. Cordless phone available with Jan will address this requirement.
Benefits of Proposed Solution
The solution offers certain benefits mentioned below.
· Easy installation- Wireless communication network setup eliminates the hassle of cables.
· Reliability- In the absence of cables, communication becomes reliable eliminating the issues due to damage of cables or other natural diminution.
· Disaster Recovery- Loss of communication is minimal.
· Flexible Schedule and Increased productivity: Jan can take
eaks according to her health and take care of herself better at home. Moreover, it is stated in research that with increased number of
eaks throughout the day, productivity increases.
· Custom Environment and Time saving by zero commute: Home office at 3rd floor can be setup with desired levels of privacy and noise in accordance with workflow and health. Commute to office is eliminated thus eliminating the inconvenience of traffic and travel. Jan’s productivity will increase.
· Easier...

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