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Hi, I have attached a few screenshots provided by my tutor. They are instructions and tips to write this assignment. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions. This is an important...

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Hi, I have attached a few screenshots provided by my tutor. They are instructions and tips to write this assignment. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions. This is an important assignment.

Assessment 4: Written assignment Critical analysis of a research article 50% (2500 words), due in week 9

The student is required to select a peer reviewed nursing journal article and appraise the research paper, including the title, abstract, background, the research paradigm and the philosophical principles it followed, methodology, methods used to collect data and sampling, data analysis process, discussion and literature review. The student is required to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the abovementioned research steps.

Assessment criteria:

Select On research article from the following list.

  • Slatore, C.G. et al. (2012),Communication by Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit: Qualitative Analysis of Domains of Patient-Centered Care(Links to an external site.),American Journal of Critical Care,21 (6): XXXXXXXXXX
  • Liljeroos, M., Snellman, I. M., Ekstedt, M. H. (2011)A qualitative study on the role of patient-nurse communication in acute cardiac care(Links to an external site.),Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 1(1): 17-24
  • Barakat-Johnson M., Lai M., Wand T., White, K. (2019)A qualitative study of the thoughts and experiences of hospital nurses providing pressure injury prevention and management(Links to an external site.),Collegian 26:95-102
  • Skinner, V., Madison, J., Humphries, J. H., (2012)Job satisfaction of Australian nurses and midwives: A descriptive research study(Links to an external site.), Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 29 (4): 19-27
  • Ginzburg, T., Hoffman, R., Azuri, J. (2017)Improving diabetes control in the community: a nurse managed intervention model in a multidisciplinary clinic(Links to an external site.), Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing 35(2): 23-30
  • Soccal, D. C., Santos, W.M., Campos, M. A. (2017)Potential drug-drug interactions in children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: a cohort study(Links to an external site.),Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 35 (1): 16-22
  • (Links to an external site.)
  • Welfare-Wilson A., Jones A. (2015)A CBT-Based anxiety management workshop in first-episode psychosis(Links to an external site.),British Journal of Nursing, 24 (7): XXXXXXXXXX
  • Olason, M. Andrason, R. H., Jonsdottir, I. H., Kristbergsdottir, H. (2018)Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Anxiety in an Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Program for Chronic Pain: a Randomized Control Trial with a 3-year Follow-up(Links to an external site.), Int J Behav. Med 25:55-66

Your assignment must have an introduction, a body (which is the content of your analysis) and a conclusion.

USE at least 7 references from peer-reviewed journal articles with APA FORMATAPA guidelines(Links to an external site.). Information cited from unreliable websites, pamphlets or magazines isnotacceptable for this paper.

Guide and Resource

This critical appraisal tool is provided as an aid which you might like to use when analysing the article. You might find it useful to use these sub-headings to analyse or appraise and review the article for this assignment. Consider thestrengths and limitations(critically appraise) your selected research paper using the following items.

  • Authorship

Consider the strengths and limitations of theauthors’ expertise, based on their cited qualifications and affiliations and whether there might be possible conflicts of interest or possible grounds for bias in the paper.

  • Research Questions, aim or hypothesis

Identify the research question/s, aim or hypothesis underpinning the research and discuss the author’s justification/s as to why their study was needed. In considering the authors' justifications consider whether-

  1. the significance of the research topic or problem is identified
  2. the current state of research on the topic is discussed
  3. gaps in the current research/ literature on the topic have been identified
  • Research Design

Identify and analyse the research design and consider whether the choice of design is appropriate for answering the stated research question, aims or hypothesis.

  • Research Methods

Identify, analyse and synthesise the methods the researchers used for selecting study participants, collecting the data and data analysis.

  • Results and limitation of the study

Identify the results, conclusions and limitations of the research.

Other resources: XXXXXXXXXX

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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Discussion    3
Authorship    3
Research question and justification    5
Research design    5
Research methods    7
Results and limitations    8
Conclusion    10
References    12
The research study chosen for critical appraisal refers to the experiences and thoughts of nurses in hospitals when providing management and prevention for pressure injuries. Pressure injuries or bedsores are injuries occu
ing on the tissues of skin underlying it. Such kind of injury ranges greatly starting from the skin getting red mildly till the tissue damage getting severe. It spreads like an infection sometimes, extending into the bone and the muscle. Pressure injuries tend to happen when several kinds of forces get applied upon the skin's surface. Several stages of pressure injuries are there which describes its severity. Avoiding infections become necessary when having pressure injuries. Once such a wound gets infected, the entire body falls into risks. PIs limits several aspects of one's wellbeing significantly, especially one's general health and psychological, financial, social, physical quality of life. Nurses have this huge responsibility in taking care of patients when pressure injuries take place among patients. For nurses, it's a huge challenge when it comes to preventing it. Usually, its incidence has its considerations if receiving poor care quality. Nurses are good at assessing PIs taking place among patients. The discussion will be made upon the authorship of the chosen research study. The research question will be discussed along with justifying. Then research design will be discussed to see its appropriateness in answering the research question. Then research methods will be discussed analytically. Finally, its results and limitations will be analysed, with enablers and ba
Researches in the past mentioned upon pressure injuries which impact upon the patient's quality of life on a regular basis. Several authors have mentioned upon such injuries affecting their social, physical, mental and emotional health adversely. Among such PIs, the ones acquired from hospitals are counted as being the most for quite long which show that such is not maintained properly (Barakat-Johnson et al. 2019). Also, the authors mentioned that such hospital-acquired pressure injuries increase the public health system costs and length of stays in the hospital. Families and patients know very well regarding PIs being slow and painful in healing. Few risk factors for developing PIs involve circulatory abnormalities, multiple co-mo
idities, device-related skin pressure, neuro-sensory deficiency, inadequate hydration and nutrition, incontinence, immobility and advanced age. Incidences of PIs among adults range from 0-12% in settings of acute care. Also, many studies and encountered certain risks factors related to PI like lack of regular positioning and activity, shea
friction, the slight limit of sensory perception, prolonged hospitalization etc. Recently, it has been identified that PI is the 5th most common complication which occurs frequently in hospitals. This has also been included subsequently as one of the national standards (in 8th position) for improving quality care and safety nationally. Authors have been mentioning for decades highlighting upon the majority of PIs being avoided with the help of interventions from carers, patients and clinicians (Ful
ook, Lawrence & Miles, 2019).
Aim or hypothesis
There are studies where experiences of nurses are considered in hospital settings. Their values and perceptions in particular regarding the management of PI are found to affect greatly in hospital environments. Care regarding PI is one important component in nursing practices, with every patient having potential risks towards developing PIs. Nurses have the prime responsibility towards preventing its complications and maintaining skin integrity. Authors place importance upon nurses recognising patients risking towards developing PI in early stages which is essential towards the pathway of patient care. Nurses are in the frontlines of healthcare, engaging themselves into practising skincare of all stages, starting from prevention till treatment. Therefore, such kind of discipline is mostly appropriate towards leading and implementing initiatives for changes in practice. Even after providing several efforts for delivering patient care, the regular challenges encountered by nurses while managing PIs might get underestimated. Authors have mentioned about the nursing experiences regarding their efforts getting challenged by environmental and organizational factors like tasks of priority, time constraints and hospital flow (Barakat-Johnson et al,. 2018). A few authors had interviewed nurses regarding the factors contributing to the deterioration and development of PIs in community settings and hospitals. Such factors are the patient characteristics, aforementioned organizational factors, staff views and commitment. Mostly, nurses had put forth lesser values towards managing PI compared to other patient care aspects. The aim of this cu
ent study is to gain in-depth understandings regarding the experiences of nurses who concern about PIPM in hospitals.
Research question and justification
The research question taken place for such a research study is-
"What are the experiences of the hospital nurses who are engaged in management and prevention of pressure injuries?”
P- Population chosen for this research study is the junior and senior nurses. They come from intensive care units, rehabilitation, neurosciences, transplant, acute and medical aged care, cardio-vascular and orthopaedic units.
I- Experiences of the nurses towards managing pressure injuries is the indicator for this research question. It’s because the authorship highlights upon PIs...

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