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hHow is ideal family different from ‘real family’ experiences? Share ten examples. 3. Ddescribe the ‘Godly Family’ of the colonial USA and outline five similarities and five differences when compared...

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hHow is ideal family different from ‘real family’ experiences? Share ten examples.


Ddescribe the ‘Godly Family’ of the colonial USA and outline five similarities and five differences when compared to our contemporary family.

Hhow has globalization affected racial ethnic minority families? State five benefits and five ways that globalization has not benefitted.


Ddescribe ten effects of immigration on family dynamics.


HHow were children viewed in the three eras, namely, colonial, modern and post-modern?

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Families, Customs and Immigration Impacts over Ethnic Minorities: Responses to Questions
Response One
    When it comes to the comparison, the differences can be found between ideal family and the ‘real family’, as seen and lived by people on personal level. Examples of differences may include in the factors like ideal families include personal bonding that simply does not exist in real families. They have different sets of ethical values which are utopian in nature. Ideal families are more like fictitious ones and cannot be seen in the real life because real families are consisted with human e
ors i.e. the process of implying family values and ethics in real families goes through e
ors and conflicts between individuals.
In ideal family, there is no space for individual or social conflicts which is an essential part of the real families. At the same time, ideal families are usually contained with what they have obtained from their social life so far. Contrary to this, real families have a desire to earn name and financial strength to make some identity in the real world. Further, ideal families are comprised of people having similar ideologies but real families have different viewpoints over even general subjects which serve as the foundation of various conflicts, as mentioned above. In the same context, it can also be stated that ideal family shows family values and traditions are the most important thing to follow but in real families, violations of family values or social traditions is likely possible. Only real families are gifted with the possibility to implement revolutionary ideas into practice.
Response Two
    The Godly Family of Colonial Massachusetts shows various similarities and differences to the modern family of world. In terms of similarities, the value of religious doctrines to be followed strictly is similar of this family concept to what people see in the modern families. Children inherited religious values by their birth and were raised in an environment that made them ‘essentially Christian’. In modern world, this family attribute can be seen in terms of giving children the religious values as family treasure. Other similarities include, believing in economical strength, showing respect to the community customs, feeling obliged to the matters of national interest as well as perceiving trade and personal skills of any kind of craftsmanship as some valuable asset.
    In terms of differences between The Godly Family of Colonial Massachusetts and the modern family as we see today, the first difference can be found in the form of ma
iages and rema
iages; The Godly Family of Colonial Massachusetts believed in several ma
iages so that the number of people in one single family can be increased. This thought differs from modern values of ma
iage because though people are allowed to ma
y as many times they wish in the modern world, still, there...

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