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Portfolio No.: 2 Group/individual: Individual Assignment Question one: Course Registration Case Study An educational institute has a course registration system. The student access the institute...

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Portfolio No.: 2
Group/individual: Individual Assignment
Question one: Course Registration Case Study
An educational institute has a course registration system. The student access the institute website to check the course schedule and register a course. Once the student pays the course fees, the system provides the fee statement. At the student service department, the registrar prepared the course schedule and updates courses information as required. The cashier can access the payment system to check the s_t_u_d_e_n_t_’s_ _payments and courses registration process. Instructors and tutors can view the number of students registered in any course.
1. List possible entities in the registration system, including their attributes.
2. Identify possible use cases and actors.
3. Draw the use case diagram that explain the students process of student registration.
You may need to make some assumptions with the required justifications
Portfolio No.: 3
Group/individual: Individual Assignment
Weighting: 10%
Question one: Case Study
High Education College (HEC) is an educational institute provides different courses in information technology. The institute wants to develop and deploy new Online Learning System (OLS). The OLS required to install and configure email, web, database and management servers to provide the required services such as emails for staff and students, web page and database management system. In addition, the networking infrastructure must be established to provide communication and networking facilities with the required security and system availability. Different types of network devices and support servers including networking switches and routers must be installed and configured with all the required cabling services. Security devices and backup services are required to improve the system performance.
The institute wants to develop two online learning systems, Undergraduate Learning System (ULS) and Postgraduate Learning System (PLS). The software developers at the IT department assigned the task of developing both learning systems from scratch within 1 year and 4 months.
The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) identifies all the activities required to build, launch, and maintain an information system. Discuss the six core processes of the SDLC required to develop the OLS project for the HEC. You have to provide detailed information regarding each core processing activity. Your answer should consider Work Break Down (WBS), sequence of activities and the dependencies of those activities. In addition, you have to used modeling, use cases and other required techniques and tools with justification.
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Online Learning System (OLS)
Online Learning System
Online Learning System (OLS)        High Education College (HEC)        5/2/2018            
Table of Contents
Work Breakdown Structure    3
Six Core Processes of SDLC    3
Project Initiation    3
Planning & Requirements Analysis    4
Design & Development    4
Testing & Implementation    4
System Deployment & Closure    5
Maintenance & Support    5
References    6
Entities of course registration system:
· Student
· Staff
· Payment
· Fees
· Course
Use case diagram
Work Breakdown Structure
Six Core Processes of SDLC
Project Initiation
The kick-off meeting will be ca
ied out among the members of the project team at High Education College (HEC). The IT department has estimated the project duration as 1 year and 4 months. These key areas and requirements will be highlighted on the basis of the business case and the feasibility studies will be executed. The feasibility studies will be done on technical, operational, environmental, and economic aspects. The results of these studies will be analyzed and will be compiled in a document termed as Project Charter. It will include the details of the feasibility analysis, project highlights, and key areas (Cohen, Dori & De Haan, 2010).
Planning & Requirements Analysis
The planning and requirement analysis phase will include fact finding techniques and their conduction as the first step. These methods will include interviews with the HEC members, such as students of under-graduate and post-graduate courses, faculty members, administration, directors, etc. The other methods will cover observations, domain analysis,
ainstorming sessions, and group discussions. The data sets collected will be analyzed using automated data analytics tools and the business case will also be analyzed to understand the functional and non-functional requirements. The planning activities will cover scope management plan for Undergraduate Learning System (ULS) and Postgraduate Learning System (PLS). There will be budget and schedule estimations that will also be...

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