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Psychology 120 Assignment: Stress Journal Analysis – 15% due date to be determined Assignment Resources: Refer to the lessons and reading in Module 1 to complete the assignment Learning Outcomes:...

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Psychology 120 Assignment: Stress Journal Analysis – 15% due date to be
Assignment Resources: Refer to the lessons and reading in Module 1 to complete the assignment
Learning Outcomes: Apply cu
ent psychological perspectives to understand complex human
ehaviour and cognition. Understand the relation between emotion, stress, health.
Part 1: The Journal - Throughout the semester, you will be required to keep a journal of negative life
events or hassles that you have experienced as being stressful. This assignment should include a
minimum of 10 written journal entries. The journal entries can be any length, and do not need to be
proof read. Your journal is an opportunity to write down your personal thoughts, ideas, opinions,
questions and emotions.
This portion of the paper will not be graded, but is a requirement and marks are given for completion
as well as effort /10
Part 2: The Critical Analysis - After you have collected several stressful scenarios, select a few and
discuss which coping mechanism may be useful to alleviate the stressor (see Chapter 11, pg XXXXXXXXXXIn
what circumstances should you focus on emotion-focused strategies or problem-solving strategies? In
what situations is it most helpful to rethink the problem, reappraise the situation, learn from the
experience and/or made social comparisons? Why? Try to identify the coping strategies you used this
semester and whether they appear to be working. Are there aspects that need improvement? Is there
anything you would change in hindsight? In this assignment please demonstrate knowledge of the
strategies and the strengths and limitations of coping methods. The will be scored on your effort,
demonstrating a clear understanding of coping mechanisms, and critical thinking skills (i.e., your ability
to apply course material to real life situations).
This is portion of the paper that I will be reading and grading /20
TOTAL: /30
Other requirements:
*These requirements must also be met. One mark will be deducted from your grade per forgotten
• Must be typed, double-spaced, and use a 12-point font
• Proof read your paper, use co
ect spelling and punctuation
• The length should be at least 4-5 pages of writing (approximately 1500 words, not including the

Columbia College expects all students to uphold the principle of academic honesty. Cheating
and plagiarism (presenting another person’s words or ideas as one’s own) are not acceptable
ehaviour at any educational institution. Depending on the severity of the offense such acts can
esult in a grade of zero on the test or assignment, a failing grade (F) in the course or expulsion
from the college. In all cases, the circumstances and the penalty are recorded in the student’s
Grading System
Grade Percentage Grade Points Rating
C XXXXXXXXXXSatisfactory
N XXXXXXXXXXBelow XXXXXXXXXXFailure for non-completion or
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Saloni answered on Aug 03 2021
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Stress is a physiological response which is caused due to the feeling of emotional or physical tension. It is the response of the body to any change that need any adoption or adjustment. The body reacts to these changes with mental, emotional and physical response. The pressure and situation that causes stress is called stressors. Generally stressors are considered to be negative and in reality it is something that put high demand on the person. Stress management technique are categorized into two types -emotion focused coping technique and problem focused coping. Emotion focused coping technique encourage in becoming less emotionally reactive to the situation and change the way to perceive it different way. Problem focused coping supports to get rid of the origin cause of stress or eliminate stessors.
March 13, 2020 and July14. 2020 :
It is stressful how life has changed suddenly due to the pandemic situation and adapting to it requires self belief i.e., positive emotions. Meeting friends, going out for work and classes was an everyday thing for me. I was always occupied with one thing or another. And now that everything has stopped, a feeling of frustration, stress, loneliness and i
itation is a part of the daily routine. To cope the situation, it is necessary to find a support and talk about it. Expressing the thoughts into words is a great stress buster. I can speak to my parents regarding the emotional issues in my life. In case they are not available, I can pen down my emotions in a personal diary. Writing down about one emotional state daily has been found to increase immune system functioning ( Petrie, Fontanilla, Thomas, Booth & Pennebaker, 2004 ).
Interpreting the situation in a positive way and taking it as a challenge will improve my outlook towards. I can utilize the time in physical activity like workout, yoga , dancing or signing which will give me happiness. After analyzing the situation with problem focused technique I have understood the root cause of stress is idle time which instead I used to spend at work, classes or with friends. Relaxing activities like meditation, listening to music, interacting with friends over video chat, watch comedy shows to lighten the mood can be practised.
I need to reappraise and understand that the whole world is under the same situation . Stressing about it is not going to improve the situation in any way and it will create anxiety leading to mixed emotions. The situation should be analyzed with elevated problem focused mechanism and lower emotion focused efforts. It should be taken as a challenge to avoid physiological stress response and will give strength to frame and react to...

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