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Microsoft Word - Project - FALL.2023
Each student (individually or in a group) will have to produce a project
(Project No. 2), rela ng to sustainable building materials and
components as indicated in the list below.
Now with this project we focus on the analysis of individual materials and
components with an assessment of building biology and building ecology
(see also page 16), and in rela on to the assessment criteria for LEED
Cer fica on. Everyone will have to choose a different material and
component from those already used in the project.
LIST of the materials/ components (see also page 87):
- Floor Construc on (Concrete sla
Wood mber beam floor, etc. - see
pages 90/91)
- Opaque Facades (Exterior cladding, Insula on, Load-bearing
construc on – framing, interior finish- see pages 92/93)
- Transparent Facades (Glazing units and Frames – Windows – see
pages 94/95)
- Flat / Pitched Roof (Roof covering with Tiles & waterproofing
ane / Insula on / substructure - see pages 96/97)
- Interior Walls (Load bearing & Non-Load bearing and surface finishes
– see pages 98/99)
- Floor Systems (Floor covering, screed & impact sound insula on - see
pages 100/101)
INFO: To be more specific, I’m asking all of you to:
- choose ONE topic, from above. - collect informa on in a text from
ooks, from internet (details, main features, opera on, construc on
characteris cs, specifica on, dimensions, cost, market availability
- LEED v4.1 for Design and Construc on: Materials and Resources – it’s
the assessment criteria for LEED Cer fica on.
- Add photos or drawings (from the internet/ books/ others) - you can
also add some hand-made sketches / illustra on - highlight an element
that interests you in par cular.
- Each single project must contain at least 3 wri en pages and at least 5
pages of informa on (data, schedule, specs, etc.)
- Upload directly on canvas in PDF or Power Point format.
- The project can be developed alone or in a group (max 5 students).
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Dipali answered on Nov 30 2023
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Table of contents
Introduction    3
Vasari's "Preface to the Lives"    3
Leonardo's "Paragone"    3
Comparative Analysis    4
Personal Perspective    4
Conclusion    4
References    6
This paper provides a thorough examination and contrast of Leonardo da Vinci's "Paragone" and Giorgio Vasari's "Preface to the Lives." These foundational works shed important light on the Renaissance's cultural milieu and the controversy over whether painting or sculpture is more creative.
Vasari's "Preface to the Lives"
The "Preface to the Lives" by Giorgio Vasari clarifies the traits that set the Renaissance artists apart from the traditions of mediaeval painting. Vasari places a strong emphasis on the return to classical principles and the quest for excellence among artists. The extraordinary grasp of anatomy, perspective, and proportion displayed by the Renaissance painters—especially Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buona
oti—led to previously unheard-of levels of realism and emotional depth in their paintings (Christiansen et al., 2021). They abandoned religious themes in favour of humanism and secular topics, all...

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