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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter PAPER DUE 4/6 Part Two’s Selected Character Chapters plus Part Three Paper due Wed 4/6 – length up to you** See list of characters from Lonely Hunter below. Pick a...

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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter                            PAPER DUE 4/6
Part Two’s Selected Character Chapters plus Part Three        Paper due Wed 4/6 – length up to you**
See list of characters from Lonely Hunter below. Pick a character to write about for this Paper. Post your selected character name as the subject/thread in the relevant DB. No more than three of you can pick the same “loneliest” character;
Read the Part Two Selected Character Chapter(s) that relates to your character. Also read all of the very short Part Three. Write a Paper:    about what your character may be hunting for: Is it a “hunt” (desire) for love, for legitimacy, for recognition, for respect, for success, for independence, for understanding, for attention, for the dream, for change, for hope, for peace, for support, for escape, for safety, or for any other reason that relates in particular to the Southern Gothic characteristics detailed below?
Include in the Paper:     If your character is alive at the end of the novel imagine your character’s life beyond the novel. What do you think happens to him or her based on where he or she is at the end of the story. Are there any signs that your character will eventually get what he or she has “hunted” for (desired) or will the heart continue to hunt? If your character is no longer alive at the end of the novel what great dissatisfaction do you think could have been remedied to contribute to either keeping the character alive or at least making the character happy while alive. How does the fact of the South as a setting impact your character’s life and make it a gothic story?
Exemplify your statements:    Find text that supports your contentions. Feel free to use insightful language from your first two Lonely Hunter DB posts or your classmate’s posts but make sure to cite name, title and date of post being used.
**THERE IS NO MINIMUM nor MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF PAGES REQUIRED FOR THIS SHORT PAPER – as always I am looking for substance not padding (which comes from repetition in an effort to meet a required number of pages).
PART TWO CHARACTER CHAPTERS (alphabetical order)
Spiros Antonapoulos        Part Two/Chap 7 [as Singer’s memory]
Jake Blount            Part Two/Chap 4; Chap 12
Alice Brannon            Part Two/Chap 2
Biff Brannon & his Cafe        Part Two/Chap 2 [+others at the Café]; Chap 8
Dr. Copeland             Part Two/Chap 3 [+Copeland’s family]; Chap 6; Chap 10
Portia Copeland        Part Two/Chap 3; Chap 6; Chap 10
EVENT: Gun Shot        Pt2/Chap 5 [many characters here]
EVENT: Willie Boy Incarceration    Pt2/Chap 10 [Copeland family]
EVENT: Mick & Ha
y        Pt2/Chap 11
EVENT: Singer’s Room    Pt2/Chap 7 [Main characters]
EVENT: Jake & Singer visit Dr. Copeland    Pt2/Chap 13
er Kelly            Part Two/Chap 5
Mick Kelly            Part Two/Chap 1; Chap 5; Chap 9; Chap 10; Chap 11; Chap 14
y Minowitz        Part Two/Chap 5; Chap 9; Chap 11
Mr. Singer            Part Two/Chap 15
Lucille Wilson            Part Two/Chap 2; Chap 5
Baby Wilson            Part Two/Chap 2; Chap 5
Mr. Singer            Part Two/Chap 4; Chap 6; Chap 7**
**Important Chapter – Description of Singer’s collective visitors    
I Choose Blake Blount okay guys
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April 05, 2018
Jake Blount
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter written by Carson McCullers is a story that discusses about a strange creative process. The characters used in the story are polite, immaculately clean and even sober. This is mainly a sentimental story that revolves around deaf-mute singer and Mick who is a teenager living in a rented house. The story is set in the late 1930s in Georgia and is a classic work as presented during the Gothic age. The fictional aspect of the story showcases the actual human struggle since it communicates towards the self-understanding and emotional development. Various characters by the name of John Singer, Biff Brannon, Mick Kelly, Dr. Copeland and Jake Blount make the story complete and interesting at the same time. These characters are disparate group of people who are attracted to the simple and sympathetic nature of John Singer ("The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter").
Out of all the characters, I have chosen Jake...

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