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For this task, you will undertake an ethical analysis of a case example from your placement, using an ethical decision making process. You may use the ethical decision making process that you...

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For this task, you will undertake an ethical analysis of a case example from your placement, using an ethical decision making process. You may use the ethical decision making process that you developed in your staff development module (using the inclusive model of ethical decision making), or you may apply another model suitable to your context. The case that you chose may be from the range of social work practice for example, community work, advocacy, research or policy development, or direct work with an individual or families.

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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Description of the Issues Identified from the Case    3
Ethical Values and Principles with reference to AASW Code of Ethics    4
Sensitivity    4
Knowledge    5
Cultural Bindings    5
Research and Literature Informing the Situation    5
Virtue Ethics Theory    5
Transcultural Theory    6
Personal Reflection    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
Ethical consideration is one of the most important pillars of any organisation. Ethical considerations refer to the mentality, behaviour or conduct of an individual towards another individual. An organisation consists of several teams, employees, management, leaders and many other individuals. These individuals ca
y different beliefs, culture and mindset. As an organisation, it is very significant that each individual is considered ethically.
Ethical consideration improves the service towards the customers. In this assignment, it will be talked about how ethical consideration is quite important in child protection sectors. child protection sectors treat ill people. Therefore, it is widely expected that the ethical considerations would be high in child protection sectors. Through this assignment, it would be studied how ethical consideration is important with the backdrop of a case study.
Description of the Issues Identified from the Case
David and Lauren are the parents of Mathew who is one year old. Both of the parents have been switching on and off from the relationship. Lauren had a history of bipolar disorder. However, the problem is the mental stability of Matt. Matt needs some assistance that would help him grow up to be a responsible. Now, the Department of community service was contacted by David so that their child could have been handed over to his aunt Ma
ie for forever.
The biggest issue faced in this case study is the custody of the child as there is a constant tension of separation between the parents of Matt. The child faces serious kinds of ethical issues. The first issue is the issue of rights. Mathew is facing the issue of rights, as he is; neither properly owned by his parents, nor owned by his aunt. The rights of the child are violated. The second ethical issue is the issue is vulnerability. Mathew is only a year old. He is at a very vulnerable stage where his mind needs absolute care and protection.
The i
egular lifestyles of David, Lauren or Marie could create a ho
or in the mind of a child. The third issue retrieved from the case study is the health issue of the child. David and Lauren practise i
egular lifestyles, so do his aunt, Marie. On the other hand, David and Lauren suffer from a toxic relationship because of their mental state. This kind of environment can damage the health of the child resulting in...

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