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With the financial/Economic performance section of your assignment, the minimum requirement is to locate and summarise the company’s basic financial information as outlined below. Then, most...

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With the financial/Economic performance section of your assignment, the minimum requirement is
to locate and summarise the company’s basic financial information as outlined below. Then, most
importantly you should discuss the financial performance (particularly profitability) of the company
using the management reports, online resources, financial and sustainability reports. It’s highly
recommended to provide some comparison analysis with company’s previous financial years
(up to 2 years) and/or competitors or industry averages to support your report analysis.

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Sustainability / Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Sustainability / Corporate Social Responsibility Report
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Product wise performance:    6
Segment Wise Performance:    8
Through this report, we strive to evaluate financial/ economic, social and environmental performance of the entity named Telstra Corporation Limited
Telstra Corporation is Australia's driving
oadcast communications and innovation organization, offering a full scope of co
espondences benefits and contending in all media communications markets. It dates back to 1901 with headquarter located at Melbourne, Australia.
The company provides media communications and data benefits in Australia and globally. The organization gives fixed and mobile system infra, services of
oadband access and Internet, cable distribution and wholesale trading. It offers essential access administrations, phone calls,
oadband access and substance administrations, information and Internet administrations, and link circulation administrations, and in addition publicizing, data administrations, pay TV, worldwide availability, meandering, and 3G services and management fundamentals.
It works on five core values which speak of their mission and vision for the company. They are; speak what we are, better to be together, trust, making things simpler and be courageous. They strategize to imbibe these values in their deliverables and strive to improve customer service and techno savvy future for everyone.
The company employs 36000 employees on an average across 20 countries worldwide with more than 2000 network points across the globe. It operates through 371retail stores, 84 business centers, 137 business and enterprise partners and 18,700 retail points of presence. (Annual Report, 2015)
The organization works through its fragments: Telstra Consumer, Telstra Business, Telstra Enterprise and Government, Telstra Wholesale, Telstra Operations, Telstra International, Telstra Media Group, TelstraClear.
The Telstra Consumer fragment offers media transmission items, administrations and a
angements, for example, mobiles, settled and remote
oadband, communication and pay TV to buyer clients in metropolitan, local, country and remote te
itories of Australia.
The Telstra Business fragment offers media transmission items and administrations, co
espondence a
angements, and data and co
espondence innovation administrations to little to medium ventures.
The Telstra Enterprise and Government section gives a
ange administrations and applications and incorporated voice, information and portable a
angements by means of Telstra Next Generation Services to big business and government clients.
The Telstra Wholesale section gives media transmission items and administrations conveyed over Telstra a
anges and related emotionally supportive networks to non-Telstra marked transporters, ca
iage specialist co-ops and web access suppliers.
The Telstra Operations fragment involves general a
anging, plan, designing and engineering of Telstra systems, innovation and data innovation and supply and conveyance of data innovation answers for help its items, administrations, client bolster capacities.
Telstra Media Group fragment involves administration and development of the residential catalogs and publicizing business, including print, voice and computerized indexes, advanced mapping and satellite route, advanced show promoting and business data administrations.
Telstra International Group portion is in charge of dealing with Telstra's benefits outside Australia and New Zealand. The TelstraClear business portion gives media communications administrations to the market of New Zealand.
Considering its financial performance for 2015, the company achieved total income of $ 26.6 billion with making a net profit of $ 4.3 billion for the year. The performance of the company financially and towards wealth maximization of shareholders shows a growth model approach. This has been detailed in pat A of the report.
Further, Part B of the report deals with social and environmental performance of the company. Though the company is pronounced as highly respected entity in 2014, the key sustainability issues for the company have been customer protection, privacy and data protection, management of e-waste and efficiency in ca
on emissions.
The financial performance of Telstra for the year 2015 shows that its strategies are working. The company has been able to enhance its client support and continual growth in technology has been marked. They further established the frameworks for sustainable development in its new segments.
The annual financial statements of the company have been prepared on going concern concept and imply the forward looking approach of the company.
Superficially, its statements for 2015 provide increase in overall revenue and earnings per share from 2014. However, our analysis of the company’s financial statements for year 2015 and comparing them with its past two previous years; as provided in Table 1, reveals increase in total income by 1.18% from 2014 to 2015 with 6.13% from year 2013 to 2014 however, dip in cash flow from operating activities has been observed of 3.51% in 2015.
Dip in net profits from continuing operations by 5.78% in 2015 provides a higher increase in expenses of the company vis-à-vis a lower of income increment during the year.
    Company name: Telstra Corporation Limited
    General financial information
    Financial yea
    Financial yea
    Change in %
    Change in %
    Total Assets ($ in millions)
    Total Liabilities ($ in millions)
    Total Owners Equity ($ in millions)
    Total Income ( ($ in millions)
    Profit from continuing operations
    (Basic) Profit earned- per share (EPS) (in cents)
    Total Ordinary Shares issued
    Profit received by Shareholders- per share (DPS) (in cents)
    Net Cash flows from Operating Activities ($ in millions)
    Net Cash flows from Investing Activities ($ in millions)
Apart from above discussion, the analysis provides increase in asset base of the company year on year. It increased from $ 38527 million in year 2013 to $ 39,360 million in year 2014 and further increased to 40,445 million in year 2015.The major change has been observed in investment in assets of long term nature such as intangibles. This is supported with negative cash flow from investing activity of $ 5692 million.
The liabilities of the company have also increased with bo
owings made by the company in 2015 and creation of defe
ed tax liabilities. In the same way, due to increase in retained earnings the equity has increased for the company in spite of buy back during 2015. (Janda, 2015)
Although, the earnings per share and dividend of the company has increased over years, the profit has decreased during 2015. This is because of the buyback made by the company of its own ordinary shares and can be observed through dip of 1.75% in its outstanding shares.
Product wise performance:
As discussed earlier, the company...

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