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Final Essay (N.B.: Your submission must be uploaded onto Turnitin through our Moodle course website) The final paper will be expected to be 2,000 words and should demonstrate the ability to apply the...

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Final Essay (N.B.: Your submission must be uploaded onto Turnitin through our Moodle course website) The final paper will be expected to be 2,000 words and should demonstrate the ability to apply the material learned in this course plus the use of relevant secondary literature to analyze a topic related to health policy. Marks will be deducted if the paper is either shorter than 1,850 words or longer than 2,150 words. The word count is only for the text, i.e., does not include the references. For each 50 words or part thereof outside this limit, 5% of your Final Essay will be deducted, e.g., if the essay is 2,190 words, 5% of your Final Essay will be deducted; if the essay is 2,230 words, 10% of your Final Essay. Essay Structure: Analytic papers are not just a description of what is in a policy. They are an analysis of the reasons why a policy exists and its strengths and weaknesses. The essay should be structured as follows: • First, state what theme from the course is being used, e.g., Power, Restructuring • Next, give the particular example of the theme that the essay will discuss, including an explanation of how why that example illustrates the theme (e.g., if you are using the theme of health care for marginalized groups and your example is health care services for new immigrants, then you would explain why new immigrants would be considered a marginalized group) • Then state the question that the essay will address (e.g., “This essay will examine whether appropriate health care services are being offered to new immigrants”) • If it is health care for immigrants, the essay would then describe the policy or policies that have been developed about health care for immigrants (e.g., whether there are special language services set up for them; whether there is culturally appropriate health care available) • Next would be a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the policy. If there are any proposed changes to the policy those should be analyzed. • Finally, in the conclusion, you should give your assessment about whether or not the policy that has been developed has been successful, a failure, partly successful, etc. and why you have come to that conclusion. If you use too many direct quotes, even if these quotes are properly attributed (see ACADEMIC HONESTY below), it will be hard to evaluate your writing style and whether or not you understand the material you are quoting. Too many direct quotes will therefore lead to a lower mark on your essay. In a 5 page essay, there should not be more than a total of about one-half page of direct quotes. Your essay MUST contain a minimum of 5 academic references. Newspaper and magazine articles may also be used but they are not considered academic material. Wikipedia is not considered an academic source Page 9 of 24 Formatting requirements: • Use subheadings • All papers must be submitted to TURNITIN. Instructions on how to do this will be given during the class • Title page with the following: 1) title of the paper; 2) your name; 3) my name; 4) course title; 5) date of submission; and 6) word count • Printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper • 12 point font • Double spaced • 1 inch margins • Spell-checke
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Mental Health and Home Care
    Mental Health and Home Care    2018
Mental illness is a serious problem and is widely spread, it affects large numbers of people every year and require acute care. Home health care plays a significant role in a person’s life but home care is generally associated with the physical injuries and illness but mental health is mostly neglected. Mental health like physical health is also very important and affects the physical well-being of a person. Mental health is a sensitive issue it includes the psychological, emotional and social well-being of an individual along with immense support from the care givers. The mental health of a person determines how one thinks, feels, gets affected and reacts to his or su
oundings and people. It is a wholesome of everything as it also decides how one can handle stress and happiness and react in a given situation. A good mental health is needed in every phase of one’s life as it results in overall development of an individual. A mental health problem can happen due to various reasons like family history, biological issues, any life experiences like trauma or fear or any other reason that may directly affect a person.
The Mental Health
The mental health like any other illness can only be diagnosed on the basis of the symptoms and signs and how much it has affected the person. There are hundreds of diagnosed mental health conditions or disorders that help to determine the mental condition of an individual. The most prominent mental disorders are: Austim, ADHD, Depression, Mood Disorder, Eating Disorder, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorder. Mental health issues can arise at any age but it is being increasingly observed among the elderly population. The research states that, “the prevalence of any kind of mental illness rose from 32.4% to 45% in men and from 42.6% to 51% in the women (Martens, 2007). There are various reasons due to which there is rise in the mental health problem among the people and increase in the life expectancy is one of the prominent factors.
ed mental health can be the cause serious issues and one can see the behavioral changes in a person as one may start to drink much alcohol, can be extremely depressed or just get overjoyed. The severity of the problem can reach the extent where a person suffering from mental illness may try to commit suicide. It can thus adversely affect the development of a person and can have some serious health consequences. Many countries have provisions for providing Home care facilities and mental health services to those in need.
Home Care and Mental Health
Home care can do miracles in treating a person with the mental disorder, the care taker has all the responsibility of the patient. The necessity to provide home care to the patients with mental illness was found after the publication of the report, Out of the Shadow At Last (Illness, 2006). The report suggested that the Home Care can do miracles for the patients suffering from mental illness. The different provinces of Canada provide home care services in many different aspects to the mental patients. In a home health care service the person with mental health is well taken care and are given due medication as prescribed during their hospitalization. Due to the shift in the provision of the health care services from the institutional to community based setting there has been increased requirement of the individuals to take care of the family member who suffers from chronic mental health problems. The change in the trend of taking care of a mentally challenged person in the home care is due to de-institutionalization of the psychiatric patients.
Interim health care can also be of help to the patients as they can be around with their family and the professionals at the same time. The safety of the patients at home is as important as their safety in the hospitals else it would to lead to unnecessary hospitalization. From the highly medical environment...

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