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File Type: WordFile Name: LastName_student#_ass1Written report (15%)The objective of this report is to research the role of a Business Analysis (BA) and to understand thecompetencies required to...

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File Type: WordFile Name: LastName_student#_ass1Written report (15%)The objective of this report is to research the role of a Business Analysis (BA) and to understand thecompetencies required to undertake a strategic review of an organisation. You will research realworld organisations to complement your report.The International Institute of Business Analysis, (2006, p9) defines a business analyst (BA) as:“A business analyst works as a liaison among stakeholders in order to elicit, analyze,communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies, andinformation systems. The business analyst understands business problems and opportunitiesin the context of the requirements and recommends solutions that enable the organizationto achieve its goals.”Utilising this definition as a basis for a business analyst (BA) read the required readings and criticallyreflect on what a business analyst brings to an organisation and the competencies required toenable the analysis of an organisation. Link your ideas to real world examples.What skills does the business analyst require to enable the process of strategic analysis of anorganisation? Using real world example critically reflect on this aspect of a business analystcapabilities.ReferenceInternational Institute of Business Analysis XXXXXXXXXXA Guide to the Business Analysis Body ofKnowledge, version 1.6. Retrieved 10 January 2018 from Readings:Joon Park, p., & Seung Ryul Jeong, s XXXXXXXXXXA Study on the Relative Importance of UnderlyingCompetencies of Business Analysts. KSII Transactions On Internet & Information Systems, 10(8), XXXXXXXXXX.
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MANKASINGH, D., & RAMSOOMAIR, F XXXXXXXXXXCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE FOR A SMALLINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING FIRM: STUDY OF MANAGERIAL HIRING PREFERENCES OFBUSINESS ANALYST INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS. Journal On Management, 12(1), 1-6.Chapters from business analysis text:Chapter 1: What is business analysis?Chapter 2: The Competencies of a Business AnalystChapter 3: Strategy Analysis
Submission Requirements:Expected structureAssignment cover sheetExecutive SummaryTable of ContentsBody of report with heading as requiredConclusionReferenceAppendicesGeneral:References (APA) for all citations, images and referencesPage numbers in the footerYour name in the footer or headerInclude spaces between paragraphsFont 11-12Tables: Caption at topFigures: Caption at bottomWord Count includes:o Introductiono Body of reporto ConclusionPlease ask for clarification in the forum if required.
SubmissionTo submit your presentation report, please log on to Blackboard and look up the following folder:Assessment  Assessment Item 1: Written Report  Written Report Upload Then please follow the prompts to upload your file. Please make sure you receive notificationof a successful upload. It is up to you to keep a record of this notification.
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 Please include an assessment cover sheet as part of your submitted file Please add your name to the comment section when uploading to Turnitin I do suggest you upload before due date to obtain an originality report. Students who wish to earn high marks will ensure that their report is clearly linked to thespecified research topic. It is important to engage the reader. Moreover, they will ensurethat standards of academic integrity are maintained by adequately citing all references(Formatting for references: APA style).
General Marking Criteria for Assessment:Level of structure; to what degree does the submission comply with report standards?Layout is readable, user friendly (easy to follow) and consistentLevel of Argument; to what degree does the student articulate the issue and link this to thetopic of researchUnderstanding of Issues; to what degree does the student demonstrate understanding ofthe issues?References – correct citation and referencing as per the APA Referencing methodGeneral – presentation, spelling, grammar, appropriate use of visual material, originality,correct file name and your details (as footer /header),
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Role of business analyst
Role of Business Analyst
Executive Summary
The report is based on the business analyst and his skills to analyze the problems of the organization. The role of business analyst is shown in the report. In this report, Woolworths Company Group has used and the role of business analyst in the Woolworths Company Group has described. The strategies used by the business analyst for the success of the organization has contained in this report. The competencies of business analyst in relation to the company’s objectives are described and the measures to resolve the challenges in the company are also shown.
Woolworth limited is a famous Australian company in the retail business. The company’s business is not limited to Australia. It also has subsidiaries in the different parts of the world. In the terms of revenue, it is Australia’s second largest company and in New Zealand, it is also the second largest company.The Woolworth group is the largest liquor retailer in Australia.
The company started its business in 1924 and after that, it achieved huge success. The headquarters of the company is situated in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia.
The cu
ent chairman of the company is Gordon Cairns and the CEO of the company is Brad Banducci. In 2016, the revenue of the company is A$59 billion and the operating income of the company is A$1.6 billion. The main divisions of the company business are supermarkets, petrol, liquor, general merchandise, home improvement, and Hotels & Gambling.
The company has more than 77000 young employees and 269 upgraded stores. The total employees of the company are more than 202000. The company’s revenue, profit has increased in the cu
ent year.
Business Analyst
A Business Analyst is a person who analyzes the organization activities. He communicates with the stakeholders in order to change the policies, procedures of the business. The role of the business analyst is to understand the problems and explore new business opportunities to achieve the organization goals set by the top management. The business analyst creates the value for the organization.
In real world there are a number of organizations doing research to maximize their profit and reduce the cost of the company. The business analyst applies various financial ratios and trends to analyze the financial position of the business. one of the main formula used by the business analyst is a return on investment (Ferguson, 2011). Return on investment is a very important financial ration to determine the value of the business. It is the weight of the business.
The business analyst has the ways to reduce the unnecessary cost. The business analyst helps in reducing the overall cost of the project. The business analyst implements new ways which will reduce the wastage and reduce the cost of the project.
Woolworth Company Group took the services of the business analyst in order to reduce the cost of their project.So many jobs are available for the business analyst in the different companies (Dos Santos, et. al., 2013).
Skills used by the business analyst to Increase the Potential Benefits of the company
The business uses his skills to maximize the benefits of the company. Some of them are as follows:
· New Business needs are discovered: The business analyst founds the new business needs so it can help the company in...

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