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Facilities management requires a coordinated approach to ensure the planning, design and management of the building systems in order to meet and enhance the guest experience. You are the Facilities...

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Facilities management requires a coordinated approach to ensure the planning, design and management of the building systems in order to meet and enhance the guest experience. You are the Facilities Manager of an international hospitality facility and have been assigned the task of exploring the impact of a proposed facility refurbishment within the hospitality resort/hotel or event markets. You are to work with your management team and other key stakeholders to assess and develop a facilities refurbishment plan for presentation to an asset management committee, who will approve funding for your project.

We have choosed to refurbish the all day dining restaurant of the Shangri-la hotel in Sydney.Kindly find attached a picture of it.

Image result for the shangri la hotel sydney all day dining restaurant

Project Management Plan

Provide a Project Management Plan that defines:

* The time line for the refurbishment project; and

* Opening and closing dates.

Define the scope of work for both the interior and building works, and the costings associated with the refurbishment.

Human ressources

Your chosen designers, contractors and suppliers’ brands are presented here and justify why you have appointed them. E.g. Ted Baker: similar design style such as contemporary, minimalist, masculine; branding and market positioned in the hotel industry is parallel to your proposed facility space etc

Risk Management

Outline the liability and risks for the facility to complete the refurbishment. Complete an OH&S plan for the facility refurbishment.

This part has to be more explained and specific please

And at last I will need a conclusion in order to explain why investors should invest in this project

Risk Description

Risk Type


Risk Level

Risk Impact Category

Noise pollution











City of Sydney Council

Project Deadline

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ishment of all day dining restaurant
ishment of all day dining restaurant
Shangri La Hotel
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Project Management Plan(Part I)
         Week 1    Week 2    Week 3    Week 4    Week 5    Week 6    Week 7    Week 8    Week 9    week 10    Week 11    Week 12
    Architectural Drawings                                                            
    Construction Drawings                                                            
    General Contractor Selection                                                            
The project timeline will be as follows:
The time for complete refu
ishment project will span for a period of 3 months.
After discussion with management the project starting date has been decided as 10th August,2018
The project is expected to close by 10th Oct, 2018.
The sequence of events is mentioned below:
The project plan will last for a span of 12 weeks. The start of the project has been decided as 10th of august. The key steps that need to be taken care during refu
ishment are mentioned in the Gannt Chart. It is important to address each stage with proper timeline to ensure the project completes within stipulated timeline addressing all the requirements,
Project Management Plan(Part II)
Step1: Once the place has been reviewed by designer or the architect, the date of start of renovation will be decided by the team.
Step 2: To explain the management, the designer team will take them to the virtual tour of the restaurant layout.
Step 3: The construction will be started as soon the layout is approved by the higher management.
Step 4: The date of inauguration will be decided according to the availability of key stakeholders.
The interior design will be changed according to the survey done in the past year:
Identify what your customers are conveying: Ultimately the work is being done for them. It is very important to get a constructive feedback to know their requirements.
Reconsider your new layout: It is one of most important element of the restaurant. Convenience of customer should be kept at high importance in terms of entering and leaving the restaurant, similarly the staff convenience should also be taken care if they are conveniently been able to...

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