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Exercises : Categorize several (at least three) types of dementia (5 points) Explain the relationship between strep throat and glomerulonephritis (5 points) Perform a literature search on urinary...

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  • Categorize several (at least three) types of dementia (5 points)
  • Explain the relationship between strep throat and glomerulonephritis (5 points)
  • Perform a literature search on urinary incontinence. How do the pathophysiologic characteristics and management of stress, urge, overflow, and mixed incontinence differ? Please cite at least two scholarly articles in addition to your textbook (10 points)
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Running Head: Nursing
The study discusses the various issues of different types of dementia like Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and vascular dementia. It discusses the relationship of strep throat and glomerulonephritis. It does a detailed study of urinary incontinence. The management issues and the pathophysiologic characteristics of the different types of incontinence are studied (Vaughan et al. 2018).
Huntington’s disease
It could age groups as early as 2 or as late as 80, bur is most common with the age groups of 30 to 50. The disease is characterised by uncontrollable movements of locomotory parts like arms, legs and the also the face, head. The upper part gets affected. The abilities to think, reason gets hampered. Ability to judge rationally, concentrate gets negatively affected and so does the skills that enables planning or memorise and so on (Lalou et al. 2018).
Parkinson’s Disease Dementia
The symptoms include interpretation of information that comes in via visual modes gets hampered. Speech is absolutely unclear. Hallucinations (visual) do occur. Depression assisted with delusions, i
itation, anxiety are the common symptoms. Distu
ed sleep, REM disorders are observed (Bliss et al. 2018).
Vascular Dementia
The person gets totally confused or disoriented. Problems are faced while speaking or even to understand speech. Loss of vision do occur. Symptoms ofheadache that occur suddenly, problems are faced while walking, even a side of the body may get paralysed (Triantafylidis et al. 2018). Changes in thinking are caused due to the damage that the blood vessels and the neurons embedded to the depths of the
ain suffer. The laugh and cries are uncontrolled problems in seeking attention, difficulty to adjust amidst the society, picking up the apt words are amongst the other symptoms.
Relationship between strep throat and glomerulonephritis
A disease of the kidney that occurs after an infection that affects the skin or the throat. The immune system of the body gets involved. The urine gets infected and there is puffing and swelling of the ankles and the space around the eyes (Khan et al. 2018). High levels of blood pressure are observed and the person gets tired all the time. Abnormal amounts of protein are observed in the urine.
Urinary incontinence
The problem is characterised by the inability or difficulty to prevent the leakage of urine. Stress factors like cough, sneeze, laugh could lead to the problem. This refers to the condition of stress incontinence. Cases of urge incontinence include severe cases of neurologic disorders and other symptoms include frequent need to urinate, urge that is quite intense to urinate, urine loss that is involuntary. In case of overflow incontinence, there is feeling of urine dri
ling and that is a constant one, due to the bladder that is incapable of emptying its contents completely (Witte et al. 2018). Functional incontinence is the case when due to some disability which could be physical or mental, there problems of getting to the toilet at just the...

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