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e poster presentaion-- in this i will be providing you list of references and you have to use atleast 5 to 6 articles and referencing them side by side very frequently. you also have to use images(...

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e poster presentaion-- in this i will be providing you list of references and you have to use atleast 5 to 6 articles and referencing them side by side very frequently. you also have to use images( have to search) in e poster making it presentable. i would be providing chapter on communication that needs to be used for this and really helpful. i would be attaching another assessment details( assessment 2, as this assisgnment is based on that. so my case study is number 6, Kendra Shields so please consider the details from asssessment 2.
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Soumi answered on May 15 2020
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PowerPoint Presentation
Talking with Young Patients— Communication Strategies Matter!
Communication Strategies for Adolescent Patient Group, citing the case study of Kendra Shields
Author names – student name(s) and numbers
Communication is a very important tool in nursing practice that helps the nurses and care providers to interact with the patients in order to know their exact issues. Besides, it helps to establish a therapeutic relationship between the two and support the patient at concern with their relevant interventions. In the cu
ent given case scenario, Kendra Shields is an adolescent girl, aged 15 years old, who is a sports athlete. She has injured her ankle, while playing soccer and the condition is that she needs to be operated. However, the situation demands nursing concern because she is the only child of her parents and both of them are working on a full-time basis. Hence, it indicates that the child is at a risk of not being care for adequately and might be lacking the required support that is important to manage her situation.
(Source: Time, 2014)
Moreover, it is also to be noted that teenagers or adolescent patients might be subjected to adverse situations at threat their patient safety in the care setting, which is why application of appropriate communication strategies is deemed necessary for this patient group. The cu
ent e-poster aims to identify them for adolescent patients for their safety and care.
The identified patient, Kendra, is from the vulnerable group of adolescents, who are aged between 13 and 18 years. They are also known as teenagers and are one of the “at-risk” groups of patient safety.
They are often at the risk of being harmed in terms of patient safety because as mentioned by Kennedy, Brunton and Hogg (2014), they are often found to be at the receiving end of medical e
Nurses might misdiagnose them because according to Tsangaris et al. (2014), adolescent patients are often at a tendency of exhibiting symptoms of multiple types of diseases or health issues that make the diagnosis of the exact problem quite difficult for the nursing professionals. In other words, the expression of the problems faced by adolescent patients take place through different dimension, exhibiting varied symptoms, which might be related to a large number of health issues than a specific one. Hence, the nurses might not be able to identify the accurate diagnostic test for the same.
Other than these, they might also be careless in tackling adolescent patients, especially those, who have working parents and do not have any other family members to look after them.
Lastly, the risk of pain management is another grave concern as the adolescent patients might not be strong enough to manage pain on...

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