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Documentation is a very important component of the assignment. If you working with a real-world client, before they paid you, they would expect to see full documentation describing all of your design...

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Documentation is a very important component of the assignment. If you working with a real-world client, before they paid you, they would expect to see full documentation describing all of your design decisions. For example, why did you choose the color scheme you chose? Hopefully, your target audience identified that the scholar scheme is appropriate.

The purpose of the Web Site Documentation is to identify the purpose behind your design decisions. You must include documented write up, which includes the following, in a professional document you would share with a client who hired you to design and develop the Website:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary (1 page) – Overview of the entire project
  • The main document will include the following sections and subsections: Introduction to the Project, Project Design Analysis (what did you do and why did you do it: goals, objectives, purpose, target audience profile, target audience wants, needs and expectations), General Purpose Content Design (describe the design concepts and principles you used – terminology discussed in textbook and lectures. Discuss typography, visual consistency, font, color theory; choice of structure),
    • Note: Please describe why you have chosen your specific design for the website. For example, to facilitate the navigation, you may have included a navigation bar that appears on every page of the website. Or you may have color-coded the web pages by categories, in order to inform the user where they are within the website. I want to know how you have applied these principles to your website development. It is not about the process of design. Use the information about design rationale and criteria that you have learned about in the course to backup your arguments. [You should include all the sketches in an Appendix]
  • Usability Testing (what did you do and what happened during the usability test; what changes were made based on the usability test), and Conclusion or Summary. If necessary, you can include appendices that are directly referred to in the body of the documentation.
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Executive summary
The development of any web site is an easy task but development of content and selection of images and other related material is always considered as the tuff part of web development. For the web site which is providing services in organization of office, bedroom, and kitchen etc. decoration and giving a new modern and eye catching look, the knowledge of latest designs rally matters. In the proposed web site, the selection of colors, fonts, and other backgrounds with easy navigation making it most effective for any normal user. The user can easily navigate to complete website by just clicking the given hyper links and can check the services of organization.
The web site provides the facility to make analysis of colors at bedroom, office or kitchen in four different categories. The user can also make selection of floor design from already provided designs. The architects and designers can also create a new design for any floor. The use accessory in design of office, bedroom or kitchen can also be viewed from the hyperlink navigation. The web site provides an easy option of contact in which the user can provide the first and last name, country from available list and desired service in the subject box. The user can submit this query in just one click. The email address with privacy policies is also maintained by this web site of organization and décor services.
Table of Contents
1.    Introduction    4
2.    Analysis of web site design    4
3.    Content designing for general purpose    5
4.    Usability testing    5
5.    Conclusion    6
1. Introduction
The developed web site...

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