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Do the Research- Literature Review – Milestone 3- Due date 13/05/2018 This is the main part of the research project and could take more time. ( Referencing should be in APA6 format ) i. Review of...

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Do the Research-Literature ReviewMilestone 3- Due date 13/05/2018
This is the main part of the research project and could take more time. (Referencing should be in APA6 format)
i. Review of Literature based on past and current work in your topic (Download from conference proceedings, journal articles - use Primo search to access more articles and journals - Minimum 10 journals or articles)
ii. Structure in chronological order and start summarising.
iii. Based on the literature, list the requirements for your Project, then choose one or more requirements to work with.
iv. Now you can modify your Problem Statement based on the requirements chosen for your project.
v. Write the current and past methodologies used to solve your problem, the requirements and Literature Review
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Navashree answered on May 13 2020
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Big data challenges in IOT and Cloud
The world has become more data centric than it was ever before. Big data, cloud computing, and IoT or Internet of Things have changed the way of using information and communication technologies being used in businesses, academia, health care, and all other industries.
Relationships among Big Data, Cloud Computing, and IoT (Internet of Things)
Volume, velocity and variety are three defining characteristics of big data. Traditional databases and information systems are not suitable for storing and processing of big data. Cloud computing offers a distributed and on-demand model to store and process big data collected from heterogeneous sources, as well as developing and using various big data analytics to apply on the data. As big data is sourced from sources like social media, sensor networks, various information systems used at different organizations, and IoT based devices so there are compatibility issues related to data types, formats, and so on (Hashem et al., 2015). Most of the data is collected in unstructured or semi-structured form rather than the structured form of data found in traditional databases. There are other issues related to the reliability and quality of the collected data (Wang & Ranjan, 2015). A significant part of big data is basically user data streams generated in real-time. For businesses, analysis of this streaming data is very important to understand cu
ent market scenarios and to take strategic decisions. The importance of such data depends on how old the data is. Hence, it needs a high-processing power to analyze streaming data in real-time. Cloud computing offers that platform. On the other hand, IoT based devices are used widely to collect data in real-time. These systems are highly effective to collect and stream data in real-time but not capable of processing or storing data in themselves. So, these three technologies are complementary to one another (Hashem et al., 2015). Collectively, big data, cloud computing, and IoT can develop a massive system capable of processing big data. However, there are some serious challenges related to it. Three main challenges are related to data security and privacy, data storage, and data mining.
Challenges and Research Work
IoT offers new control and measurement capabilities to enterprises. It helps them to implement a new type of distributed computing model based on cloud computing platforms. IoT based systems generate enormous volume of data for various big data based system capabilities. The first challenge comes in terms of data collection (Liu, Yang, Zhang, & Chen, 2015). For an internal network of an organization, many IoT devices like printers, mobiles, smart devices etc. are connected to the network and all devices streams data to an...

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