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Amar answered on May 25 2020
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Running Header: Team Project Management Plan
Team Project Management Plan
Team Project Management Plan
Project Management Plan (“PMP”) represents one of the important planning document that is used all across the course of a project and can compared as a blue print or a DNA for undertaking a project (Schwalbe, 2016; Schwalbe, 2014; Ha
ison & Lock, 2017). PMP, thus, represents one of the very important document for ensuring success project completion and its delivery. PMP encompasses the scope, work
eakdown structure (“WBS”), project schedule, budgeting planning, resource planning and allocation, communication plan, quality management plan, risk management, monitoring / control processes, etc. (Schwalbe, 2016; Schwalbe, 2014; Ha
ison & Lock, 2017). In this context, this report presents the PMP with respect to the project undertaken by Soliloquy Publications Ltd (“Soliloquy”) which is undertaking a project to procure and implement Streaming Media Player System (“SMPS”).
The organisation under focus, Soliloquy, undertakes the business of book publishing that specializes in promotion as well as publishing of books from authors in both hard copy as well as electronic formats. As part of the business development initiative, the company has been exploring various options to enhance the growth and profitability of the company. After careful assessment, the company has decided to pursue the project of procuring and implementing SMPS and then use the same to offer streaming media contents using the company’s website as well as create the client side application which shall be accessible for their subscribers. In essence, the same shall offer varied set of functions inclusive of the functionality for reading online, purchasing the company’s product, listening excerpts that are read by actors,etc. The said functions require facilities like that of suitable media database by way of re-designing of existing database of the company, interactive form of media player on web platform as well as the client level media player with compatibility across various formats possessing e-commerce, application, and the configuration functionality.
In terms of business case, the company by way of investing AUD 700,000 as budget allocated to the project, aims to garner revenue as well as profit growth at 5 per cent on an annual basis over a period of 5 years, enhancing its visibility by increasing visits to the extent of 50 per cent after 2 years, as well as, increasing its ROI by over 10 per cent post project delivery.
Management & Technical Processes
In terms of management processes, the project management is undertaken by way of a conventional waterfall framework for the software development life cycle. The same shall entail the employment of the various processes, guidelines, tools, techniques as has been proposed by the PMBoK...

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