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Description of Task Aim: To showcase your ability to recognise the way in which early childhood teachers inform and justify teaching...

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Description of Task

To showcase your ability to recognise the way in which early childhood teachers inform and justify teaching practice.

This task has been broken into three sections. Create your response in a word document and use subheadings to signpost the different sections.

Section 1: Explaining how your philosophy informs your practice (500 words)

Explain how the ideas you presented in your graduate philosophy inform your practice.

You will need to include:

  • Examples from your teaching experiences

  • References to theoretical perspectives, research, learning frameworks, and/or educational policy to further support your discussion

Section 2: Using your philosophy to create a provocation (500 words)

Further illustrate how your graduate philosophy informs your practice by explaining a provocation that reflects how you engage children in learning.

You will need to include:

  • An explanation of the provocation

  • An image of the provocation

  • The intent behind the provocation and how this is supported by the learning frameworks you use when planning and documenting teaching and learning (this may vary depending on the state/territory you work in)

  • Research or theory that relates to your provocation

Section 3: Reflecting on your choice of research and theory (600 words)

Reflect on the research and theory you have used to explain your philosophy and practice by responding to the following questions:

  • Does your philosophy and practice draw on theoretical perspectives, research, learning frameworks, and/or educational policy?

  • Is there one research/theoretical perspective that is key to informing your philosophy and practice or do you draw on multiple perspectives? Why?

  • Why are these perspectives important/valuable?

  • Are there additional research/theoretical perspectives that you should continue to build knowledge about to support further development?

    Note: These questions are a guide only; you do not need to respond to them using a question-and-answer format

You could use these sentence starters to explain your ideas:

  • My practice is heavily influenced by…

  • This research/theoretical perspective is important because…

  • Drawing on research/theoretical perspectives is important because…

  • This research/theoretical perspective/article informs my practice because…

It is recommended that 3-4 peer reviewed journal articles (
published in the past ten years) are included in your submission.

All in-text citations need to be reflective of APA7 and included in your final reference list.

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Sanjukta answered on May 11 2024
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21130184 – Manukura Saitu
Part 2
Section 1- How the philosophy informs the practice
This part of the assignment will be based on showcasing the ability for recognising the ways in which the early education teachers informing the teaching practice as much as possible. The philosophy is considered to be the pillar of teaching and it tends to inform the practice of teaching in some of the ways. It provides guidance for educators for ca
ying out their duties properly particularly in the classroom. Philosophy also prompts the teachers for reflecting on values that is expressed by teaching practices, enabling them to teach with great amount of authenticity. Furthermore, philosophy is also an element that improves discipline in the educational practices. On the other hand, philosophy also encourages the teachers for engaging with their discipline and students in an authentic and deep manner enhancing individuals throughout their learning process. Philosophy can also be integrated into teacher education programs that will foster rigorous, honest, open-ended, ongoing and dialogical engagement with the students. As mentioned earlier in the previous (1st part) of this assignment the teaching method that interests me is play-based learning and it is believed to be one of the greatest ways by which children can learn quickly.
Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be stated that from my teaching experience for example the play based learning it tends to encourage reading, talking, thing as well as writing. I have used a variety of strategies for helping the children to learn skills and understand the concepts at the same time. It was taught explicitly with play incorporated and practicing them. My insight into kid advancement and the role teachers play in supporting learning structures the groundwork of this belief system. My work is directed by hypotheses of kid improvement, like those of Piaget, Vygotsky, and Erikson. I comprehend that children learn through friendly connections and collaborations with their environmental elements. This information directs my way to deal with creating educational program, empowering me to give growth opportunities that are formatively proper. I support play-based advancing as a strong device for assisting kids with testing, investigate, and figure out the world. Studies led by scholastics as though Bruce, Pellegrini, and Ginsburg exhibit the numerous ways that play encourage development on all levels (Marougkas et al., 2023). Virtual reality in education: a review of learning theories, approaches and methodologies for the last decade. Electronics, 12(13), 2832.
. Close by play-based learning, I support a conscious instructing technique that finds some kind of harmony between educator directed guidance and understudy coordinated request. Educators are fundamental in assisting understudies with thinking all the more profoundly, posing testing inquiries, and organizing growth opportunities. In accordance with the Early Years Learning System (EYLF), this strategy puts areas of strength for an on purposeful and responsive educating procedures. I intend to use some of the teaching and learning frameworks.
It can be stated that proper philosophy tends to provide guidance to the teachers in ca
ying out their roles as well as...

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