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Demonstrateknowledge of sociological concepts or theories. Critically analyzedifferent forms of familyusing relevant sociological theories and concepts of the Sociology of Families Develop an...

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Demonstrateknowledge of sociological concepts or theories.

Critically analyzedifferent forms of familyusing relevant sociological theories and concepts of the Sociology of Families

Develop an understanding ofdifferent forms of Families.

Develop an understanding of Family as a social institution

Use at least five different references

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Part 1
Functionalism is holds the aspects concerning various institutions in the societal constructs that are functional in working together for the maintenance of the social system. It is as perceived by Wilczynski (2019) the theory focuses on the unity and the perseverance in consequential notions of the hardships. It appears that sports as well as physical activities are believed to be an important aspect of the system. Therefore, it is functional in mandating the social change. It is on the extent of this factor that it benefits the society through the developme3nt of the character. It also helps in assuring the health and wellbeing of the individual. This will therefore pave the way for gaining effective life lessons. For Example- The inclusion of the physical education in the academics will be of educational in nature concerning the experience. This will automatically induce better grades in the academics. Thereby fulfilling the basic needs of the students and will reduce the dropout rates. This will also automatically help in making a better individual.
It is functionalism that is effective in focusing on the benefits pertaining to the sports and physical activities in relation to the society. This helps in examination of the social process that will contribute towards the disharmony, as well as social discord, and effectively discard the conflict. Since harmonizing the situation is considered to be an important characteristic facet that will regulate the unison against any kind of hindrance.
Whereas in the case of the conflict theory it draws heavily from the notion of Karl Marx and puts focus on the primacy pertaining to the power. As opined by Evans (2017) it also sheds light on the status as well as privilege that holds the people who bend towards competition discarding any kind of cooperation. Consequently, it is held to be the struggle for the resources that is deemed important which causes mayhem in the society happening in between groups. The theory sheds light on how people aim to make usage of their resources as well as their privileges for securing their position in the society. It is to subjugate the others in the society. This theory therefore highlights the social structures as well as the class difference. It furthermore helps in the reproduction concerning the status and the privilege that is at times attained in an explicit manner. The media as well as the social institutions with the usage of the church and schools are effective in reinforcing the social structures. This appears as providing privilege to some and prove to be disadvantage to others. However, the social institutions are effective in the promotion of specific ideologies. Since the people will be able to adhere to several ideological tenets. This stands to in contrary to their best interests which has been defined as false consciousness by Marx.
It is the symbolic interactionism that stands unlike the other two theories and involves its dealings with other phenomena. This helps in analysing the social structu8re from the subjective viewpoint. Therefore, it reinforces a perspective that is social and psychological and therefore of sociological perspective. It shows how individuals are instrumental in acquiring the personal and the social facets of self. They are also able to acquire it through interaction that tends to take place in between them existing in the society. It is in this sense that the self-identity can be regarded as product of the society and does not appear as kind of instinctive phenomenon but as a matter pertaining to what the individual might possess
Part 2
The functional perspective is effective in emphasizing its impact on the family and how it thrives to be an important institution ousting of the societal constructs.
First and foremost, the primary aspect pertaining to the socializing of the children as socialization is an important feature. It will benefit in the young people by means of socialization. However, in the societies it is...

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