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Running head: TITLE OF ESSAY 1 TITLE OF ESSAY 3 Title of Essay Author’s Name Grantham University Abstract Abstracts are research tools that can help you readers determine if the scope of your...

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Running head: TITLE OF ESSAY
Title of Essay
Author’s Name
Grantham University
Abstracts are research tools that can help you readers determine if the scope of your article/essay will help them in their own research. In APA, abstracts are typically XXXXXXXXXXwords in length and provide an evaluative summary of the essay to follow. The personal opinion of the author is strictly prohibited in abstracts. Unlike a body paragraph, the first line of an abstract is not ta
ed-in. For many student essays, especially in lower-numbers courses, an abstract will not be required; still, it is good to practice this skill.
Title of Essay
In APA style, the introduction of the essay should begin here, followed by the body paragraphs. APA is typically a more formal style than most students are accustomed to using in a writing course. For the purposes of this course, the level of formality should be based on the assignment. For example: APA asks that students always write in third person (avoiding words such as I, me, we, our(s), you, your(s), etc). Certain rhetorical modes, however, don’t cater well to third person (na
ative and reflection writing are two such examples). In these situations, first person (I, me, we, our(s)) may be, and should be employed; second person (you, your(s)) should be avoided in all academic writing unless an essay is specifically designed to relay instructions (there are few assignments that will employ second person).
Like any essay, students should make sure their essays are formatted with one inch margins, with their text exclusively in Times New Roman 12-point font, and students should double space their lines. This document can be downloaded and used as a template wherein students may simply replace names, titles, dates, and so on with their own information.
The final page of this document will demonstrate a References page. If a student uses information from any source, that source must be identified within the text and listed on a References page. These citations should be listed in alphabetical order and, opposite to the way a normal paragraph works, the first line should be flush left and each following line should be ta
ed in. Though there is really no substitute for a good APA Style Manual, students can refer to a citation generator such as to ensure proper formatting. Any further questions should be directed to the instructor of the course.
Badley, G XXXXXXXXXXA place from where to speak: The university and academic freedom. British
Journal of Educational Studies, 57(2), XXXXXXXXXXdoi:10.1111/j.1467-
Baumanns, M., Biedenkopf, K., Cole, J. R., Ke
ey, B., & Lee, B XXXXXXXXXXThe future of
universities and the fate of free inquiry and academic freedom: Question and answer
session. Social Research, 76(3), XXXXXXXXXXRetrieved from EBSCOhost.
Berthoff, A. E XXXXXXXXXXLearning the uses of chaos. In S. Miller (Ed.), The Norton Book of
Composition Studies (pp XXXXXXXXXXNew York: W. W. Norton & Company.
oll, L XXXXXXXXXXThe Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition. M. Gardner (Ed.) NY: Norton. Elbow, P XXXXXXXXXXGetting along without grades—and getting along with them too. Everyone Can
Write: Essays Toward a Hopeful Theory of Writing and Teaching Writing. NY: Oxford University Press.
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Running head: CULTURAL DIFFERENCES                        1
CULTURAL DIFFERENCES                                5
Author’s Name
Grantham University
Cultural differences play an important role in the society. This essay stresses on the various aspects of cultural differences. In this assignment, the cultural differences with respect to organizational structure have been discussed. In an organization, it is quite common that the employees come from various cultural backgrounds. The cultural belief and outlooks do not match together. However, teamwork is an evident part in the organization and it requires effective coordination of employees i
espective of cultural differences. Mitigation of cultural difference to encourage healthy relationships in the organization is very important. Aggressive cultural differences might affect the teamwork and efficiency in the work.
Cultural differences are a very important factor that can contribute to the different developments within the organization. The international or global information system works within the global context. This information system helps the organizations to gather information about the global phenomenon, market trends, competitions and scopes present in the global context.
This information is very important to survive the market competition and the other factors associated with information systems in the global context. As the information system works for the international platform it is, evident that in this context there is a blend of different cultures, races, tastes and perspectives. These differences are the main factors that can provide a lot of variety to the different procedures of ca
ying out the information system...

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