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CRITERIA FOR ASSESSMENT –. Assignment 2 NURS 8760 Acute Mental Health Nursing Theory Student Name: Assessment Criteria EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY POOR Introduction Succinct, engaging introduction....

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NURS 8760 Acute Mental Health Nursing Theory
Student Name:
    Assessment Criteria
    Succinct, engaging introduction.
Focus of identified diagnostic classification is evident
Clear outline of scope and purpose of the pape
Provides a description of the steps that will be implemented to reach the conclusion.
    Clear introduction identifying the focus.
Provides an outline of the steps that will be implemented to reach the conclusion.
Scope and purpose of the paper is evident
Points introduced with too much fanfare or too much information
    Introduces the topic only with no description of the steps it will take throughout the paper or the identified focus.
Scope and purpose of the paper is minimal or absent.
    Topic not well introduced; Scope & purpose of essay is not clear.
Rambling and lengthy, too short, uninformative or unclea
Introduction missing.
    Critical discussion of the cu
ent literature exploring  evidence based practice with the chosen area in acute mental health practice. Pharmacological and therapeutic interventions dealt with in depth by the use of critical analysis, interpretation, and justification of ideas.
Assertions and statements are supported with relevant evidence/examples
    Points fully elaborated. Demonstrates solid critique of the evidence based interventions in the chosen area, with clear contemporary themes being identified, addressed, critically analysed and evaluated. Information is accurate with developed arguments.
Consistently supports assertions and statements with relevant evidence/examples from academic sources of literature (e.g. peer reviewed journal articles, books, text book).
    Demonstrates an attempt at critiquing the evidence based interventions within their chosen area with clear contemporary themes being identified, addressed, critically analysed and evaluated. Well-written points. Information is mostly accurate with a clear attempt at developing arguments supported by suitable and relevant literature/evidence from academic sources of literature (e.g. journal articles, books, text book).
    Demonstrates a descriptive rather than critical approach to the chosen area and discussion focusing on evidence based interventions. Possible factual e
ors or i
elevant information presented.
Superficial arguments with no depth or
eadth of analysis. Information is accurate however references feel “dropped in”. Alternatively, limited or multiple sources used but often ineffective or of low quality (e.g. web based, outdated).
    Poor understanding of the chosen area and the evidence based interventions. Generalisations are made without supporting evidence. Little or an absence of identified themes being addressed and explored. Anecdotal arguments or inappropriate use of evidence
Most assertions and statements are not supported by relevant evidence/examples from the academic literature. Quality of sources referenced is very poo
    Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the evidence to make conclusions about the implications for practice in a mental health setting
    Demonstrates insight by providing clear, accurate and detailed information to support future evidence based practice
    Demonstrates clear information to support future practice with clear links and discussion
    Demonstrates some information to support future practice though discussion is limited and superficial
    Minimal information in relation to future practice. Little or no specific detail provided.
    Conclusion is logically drawn from preceding discussion and is related to the papers aims. Succinct summary of the main points & their relevance and/or implications.
The paper explains what further work may need to be done in this area.
    Conclusion is clearly stated and relevant to the paper’s aims. The main points are summarised & their relevance and/or implications are
iefly considered as part of the conclusion.
    The conclusion is merely a restatement of the introduction however is evident in the work.
Summarises by repeating the arguments without explanation
    Conclusion draws on new material or is not related to the preceding discussion or paper’s aims.
Conclusion is not clear, or missing; or relevance and implications not identified.
    Overall Presentation
    Organised, clearly set out and easy to follow and understand. Attention is paid to spelling, grammar and paragraphs. Exemplary logical development
    Well organised, clearly set out and easy to understand. Some grammatical, spelling and presentation e
ors. Demonstrates a logical development.
    Discussion flows however at times paragraphs or sentences become unclear. Many e
ors in spelling and grammar but this does not detract from the meaning of the writing. Progression of ideas and discussion not always evident.
    Poor presentation including grammar, spelling and paragraphs. E
ors cause meaning to be unclear and confuse the reader. Incoherent and difficult to follow
    Accurate use of references and co
ect presentation of the reference list is evident
    All references co
ectly cited (both in text and reference list) with an extensive range of peer reviewed sources appropriate to the chosen question
    All references mostly cited co
ectly (both in text and reference list). Minor punctuation e
ors in the reference list. Provides some good examples of evidence
    Has not always referenced sources accurately (both in text and reference list).
- i.e. several inaccuracies in the use of references. Limited or inappropriate sources of evidence
    Significant e
ors in the reference list (both in text and reference list).
Any plagiarism will wa
ant investigation: including checking of the confidential student register and possible fail of the whole assignment
The following is an itemised rating scale for your discussion paper. Some aspects rate more highly than others. There is no set formula or weighting for the grade relating to the boxes. The left hand box indicates the higher rating, the middle boxes an average rating, and the right hand box means below average. The total mark will be rounded up to the nearest percentage point in multiple of 5’s.
Answered Same Day May 25, 2021 NURS8760 Flinders University


Swati answered on May 25 2021
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Acute mental health is basically seen as the distressing symptoms of mental illness of individual which require quick treatment. This is the first and foremost experience of the individual or it might be experienced by them from the past life too. This can be seen in many forms such as Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder (Manic-Depressive Illness), Delusions, Depression, Hallucinations, Organic Brain Disorders, Personality Disorders, Schizophrenia and many others. The present assignment clearly emphasizes in bipolar disorder. In this assignment detailed information would be provided on the particular mental health associated disorder and its associated interventions includes the assessment, management, pharmacological and therapeutic interventions that could help the person in recovering quickly without any sort of issue.
Bipolar disorder is basically seen as the mental health condition of the individuals which generates lots of mood swings. This is identified by frequent events of mania and depression. In simple words bipolar disorders is basically related to
ain disorders which
ings major change in persons mood, ability of performing the work, energy level and many other things (Porcu, 2019). This type of disorder is basically categorised into three different conditions named as bipolar I, bipolar II and cyclothymic disorder. It can also be said that the individual suffers from bipolar disorder extremely suffers from intense emotional states which directly develops repetitive mood swings among their daily based activities. It has later been seen that these type of people does not always have bad even these people also reacts normally too. This disorder has its own treatment which can be further treated by required level of medication. After getting proper medication and treatment individual can easily live their normal life back.
    It is highly important for the practitioners to emphasise on making use of evidence based practice in order to provide best treatment to the person which ultimately helps out in recovering quickly without facing any sort of problems. It is also basically used as the problem solving approach adopted for executing clinical practices that can address the health condition of the patient and also meet up with the patients’ preferences as well as values. In addition to this, it also provides support to the clinical expertise in taking rightful decisions related to patient’s health condition.
Therapy used to treat bipolar disorder mainly consists of psychotherapy which is also called talk therapy generally. It aims to help a person identify and change the emotions, behaviour and thoughts that are troubling. This therapy offers support, skills, strategies and education to people with bipolar disorder along with their families. On the basis of views expressed by Millowitz, D.J (2016), it has been analysed that there are various treatments in the form of psychosocial interventions adopted by the health care practitioners so that issues associated with the bipolar disorder can be addressed in quicker manner. This therapy is often used in combination with medications. Some of the psychotherapy types are as follows-
· Interpersonal
· Social rhythm therapy
· Family focused therapy
· Cognitive behavioural therapy
· Individual or group psycho education
These kinds of treatment simply provides support to the person and also helps them out in gaining long time relapse and also reduce symptom severity and also increase effects of treatment as well as medication on individuals life in rightful manner. It has been further realised that adoption of family focused therapy simply helps health care practitioners’ in reducing level of stress as well as conflicts in the family of bipolar patients. This simply contributes in recovering patient’s mental health condition as they are getting proper recovering environment at their home only.
On the other hand, if it is talked about the interpersonal and social rhythm therapy then it can be said that main emphasizes of this therapy is on stabilizing routine line of the patient by resolving their interpersonal problems in rightful manner. Here, main...

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