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CRICOS Provider No. 00103D ITECH XXXXXXXXXXSoftware Testing Assignment 2 (Group) - Software Test Document Overview This assignment is a group assessment, where one submission is made per group and all...

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CRICOS Provider No. 00103D

Assignment 2 (Group) - Software Test Document
This assignment is a group assessment, where one submission is made per
group and all individuals in the group receive the same grade. There should be
3-5 students in each group.

For any software development, testing activities need to be fully documented.

The IEEE XXXXXXXXXXStandard prescribes a set of documents that cover the
various stages of testing, including:

Master Test Plan (MTP): provides an overall test planning and test management document for
multiple levels of test

Level Test Plan (LTP): provides for each level of testing, the scope, approach, resources, and
schedule of the testing activities. It lists items being tested, the
features to be tested, the tasks to be performed, the personnel
esponsible for each task, and the associated risk(s) need to be

Level Test Design (LTD): details test cases and the expected results as well as test pass criteria.

Level Test Case (LTC): specifies the test data for use in running the test cases identified in the
Level Test Design.

Timelines and Expectations

Marks and Percentage Value of Task: 20 marks 20%
Due: Thu, June 4, XXXXXXXXXX:00 (Week 11)
Minimum time expectation: at least 10 hours
Learning Outcomes Assessed
K1. Critically evaluate software requirements as inputs toward testing of
the final solution
K2. Analyse and critically evaluate appropriate tools and techniques to
support the testing process
K3. Develop a good understanding of selecting and applying measures
and models used for testing that are compliant with the appropriate
professional industry standards such as the ACS and IEEE
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CRICOS Provider No. 00103D ITECH7409 Assig 2 Sem XXXXXXXXXX
K4. Critically reflect on the outcomes of software testing and propose
strategies for improving quality and performance outcomes in the
software process
S1. Analyse and critically evaluate software requirements and proposed
S2. Apply complex decision making to select appropriate testing
S3. Write professional level management, planning, quality assurance and
testing documentation for a software system
S4. Apply effective testing techniques to software systems of varying
scales and test levels
S5. Work in a team to evaluate and implement appropriate methods for
determining quality and reliability in software systems
S6. Undertake quality assurance processes

A1. Develop and maintain plans for scheduling quality assurance tasks
including software testing
A2. Ca
y out the process of software testing and writing reports detailing
the results;
A3. Implementation of project management principles with respect to
software testing

Assessment Details

Commence your assignment task by reading the case study documents for the
Online Backstage Management System (OBMS). The documents are:

 Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
 Software Architecture Design Document (SADD)
 Administrator documentation
 User documentation


Each group will need to submit a Software Test Document. The document will
describe, in as much detail as possible, a full testing suite for the Online
Backstage Management System.

The testing suite should include descriptions of the unit, integration and system
testing levels and contain a detailed requirements traceability matrix.
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CRICOS Provider No. 00103D ITECH7409 Assig 2 Sem XXXXXXXXXX

To create the Software Test Document, groups should use the format shown in
the sample Software Test Documentation shown in Lecture 5, slide 23, as this
format incorporates features of

 master test plan
 level test plans for unit, integration and system testing levels that should
elate to the requirements traceability matrix
 level test designs for unit, integration and system testing with details of
the specific test data for each of the test cases
Note: It is not necessary to include Section 4 or Appendix A as suggested
in slide 23, as it will not be possible to conduct testing of the Online
Backstage Management System software in this assignment.

Marking Criteria/Ru

Student ID: Student name:
Student ID: Student name:
Student ID: Student name:
Assessment component Mark
1. Summary – including completed tasks & who did what /4
2. Test plan - including requirements traceability matrix /8
3. Test Cases – in as much detail as practicable – and prioritized /8
4. Documentation presentation – at a suitable time in lecture or tutorial /10
5. Gannt chart – including Critical Path Analysis /20
6. Budget – include personnel details: e.g. name, role, contact details,
salaries, pay rates
Total /70
Final /20
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CRICOS Provider No. 00103D ITECH7409 Assig 2 Sem XXXXXXXXXX


Your assignment should be completed according to the Guides to your assessments

You are required to provide documentation, in Word format, which includes:
• a front page - indicating your name, a statement of what has been completed and
acknowledgement of the names of all people (including other students and
people outside of the university) who have assisted you and details on what parts
of the assignment that they have assisted you with
• list of references used (APA style)
Federation University General Guide to Referencing:
The University has published a style guide to help students co
ectly reference and cite
information they use in assignments. A copy of the University’s citation guides can be
found on the university’s web site. It is imperative that students cite all sources of
information. The General Guide to Referencing can be purchased from the University
ookshop or accessed online at:


Before making your final submission, run your report through Turnitin – when this is
acceptable, make your final submission.
Using the link provided in Moodle, please upload the following in one Word file as
directed by your lecturer. Name your Word file in the following manner:

StudentID1_StudentID2_   >.docx
Assessment marks will be made available in fdlMarks, feedback to individual students will
e provided via Moodle or as direct feedback during your tutorial class
Plagiarism is the presentation of the expressed thought or work of another person as
though it is one's own without properly acknowledging that person. You must not allow
other students to copy your work and must take care to safeguard against this happening.
More information about the plagiarism policy and procedure for the university can be
found at:

Answered Same Day May 28, 2021 ITECH7409


Shikha answered on Jun 01 2021
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Student Name
Student ID        26
Assignment 2: Software Test Document
(Backstage Management System)
Document Version Number 1.1
Group Members
Document Versions
    Test Plan draft
    Functional testing
    Integration Testing
Table of Contents
1.    Introduction    4
1.1.    System Overview    4
1.2.    Objective    4
2.    Test Plan    4
2.1.    Scope    4
2.2.    Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)    5
2.3.    Non-Functional Requirements for Testing    6
2.4.    Test Approach    6
3.    Test Cases    6
3.1.    Register Competitor    6
3.2.    Importing Data from Guidebook    8
3.3.    Configurable Screens    9
3.4.    Multiple Sites    10
3.5.    Maintain Historic Results    11
3.6.    Print outs/ Reporting    12
3.7.    Admin Panel    13
3.8.    Group/ School Registration    14
3.9.    Data Security    15
3.10.    Data Backup / Restore    16
3.11.    Usability    16
4.    Appendix    18
4.1.    GANTT Chart    18
4.2.    Network Diagram    19
4.3.    Resource Allocation Plan    20
4.4.    Budget    21
1. Introduction
1.1. System Overview
This project is about developing eStage Information system for managing Backstage activities. The project handling process is given to Royal South Street Society for developing the entire system. Cu
ently, the organization is managing all their data in excel sheets. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to search for a particular record set. Also, in security perspective, anyone from the company can access the excel files whether its authorized or unauthorized users. The booking system for the company is very messy ie sometimes they forget to take the payment from the customer. Hence, the management decided to implement Backstage Management System ie eStage that can be used to automate all processes. The main objective of the report is to develop test cases for the system Backstage management System. In this document, we are developing test plan, test cases. Also, project scheduling and budget estimation will be done in this report.
1.2. Objective
The Test Plan document can be used to track the important data which is required to viably characterize the way to deal with be utilized in the testing of the OBMS. The Test Plan document is made amid the Planning Phase of the task. The main audience of this document is the project manager, project team, and testing team. A bit of this document can be shared with client whereas other part can be shared with stakeholders. We will try to perform requirement based testing in the context of nine functional and three non-functional requirement mentioned in SRS document.
2. Test Plan
2.1. Scope
The scope of the test plan is to test the developed backstage management system that can automate all business processes of the Royal South Street Society. The testing done in this plan will be unit testing, integration testing system testing and acceptance testing. The system will be tested on the basis of functional and non-functional requirements by adopting agile method.
2.2. Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)
    Item to Test
    Test Description
    Test Date
    Test Case No
    Register Competito
    The competitor has to register before participating in the competition.
    1st June 2020
    Project Manager, Developer, DBA
    Importing Data from guidebook
    In this, we have to test whether data is imported co
ectly from guidebook to the BMS system.
    3rd June 2020
    Project Manager, HR personnel
    Configurable screens
    The screens must be configurable at user end in order to get particular record set from the database.
    5th June 2020
    PM, User, key staff, DBA
    Multiple Sites
    This test case is to test that the system can accessed at multiple sites.
    7th June 2020
    PM, key Use
    Maintain historic results
    All the historic results must be saved into the test. The test case is to check whether the previous competition result is saved into the system or not. It can be done by retrieving the data by choosing particular historic dates.
    9th June 2020
    PM, User, key staff
    Print outs/ Reporting
    In this test, we will check that whether all the reports can be retrieved in an organized way.
    12th June 2020
    PM, Developer, DBA
    Admin Panel
    The admin panel must have administrative rights. This test case is to check whether all the options in admin panel are working properly or not.
    15th June 2020
    PM, User, CEO
    Group/ School Registration
    There must be an option for registering groups or schools by the competitor itself.
    21st June 2020
    PM, Developer, Use
2.3. Non-Functional Requirements for Testing
    Item to Test
    Test Description
    Test Date
    Test Case No
    Data Security
    The data must be saved in encrypted for better security of data
    22nd June 2020
    Project Manager, Developer, Use
    Data backup/ Restore
    The data backup must be scheduled on daily basis.
    24th June 2020
    Project Manager, HR personnel
    The testing is to check whether the system is easy to use.
    26th June 2020
2.4. Test Approach
A test plan will be developed that can be used to test all above mentioned functional and non-functional requirements. Unit test, functional testing and acceptance testing will be best options for testing above requirements. Some test cases will be prepared on the basis of particular user requirement. After developing test plan, the same will be approved from the management authority. The stakeholders will be shown the test results in order to verify that all system requirements are working properly.
3. Test Cases
3.1. Register Competito
    Register Competito
    Test Stage
    Unit testing, Functional testing
    Test Date:
    1st June 2020
    Mr. Hitesh Sharma (PM), Ms. Simona (Developer), Mr. Vinay (DBA)
    Test Case Number:
    Test Case Description:
    The testing will be done for checking that the competitors can easily register themselves in the system.
    Incident Number, if applicable:
    Requirement(s) to be tested:
    This requirement is tested by opening the registration form and entering the detailed information of the competitor. The system must save all data in the database by clicking on submit button.

    Roles and Responsibilities:
    Developer – Developers must check all the code that has been written by her step by step.
Project manager – The PM is responsible to check whether the “Register Competitor” is working or not.
    Set Up Procedures:
    The data must be entered into the Competitor Registration form by the tester.
    Stop Procedures:
    The procedure will be stopped when the system saves all data into the database.
    Technological Requirements
    Windows based MySQL database
owser should be installed into the system with java plugins as this is web based application.
    Procedural Requirements:

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