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Consider the discourse used in the article : what are the principal descriptors of the people involved or the actions taken? What are their connotative meanings? What are the underlying...

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Consider the discourse used in the article:

what are the principal descriptors of the people involved or the actions taken?

What are their connotative meanings?

What are the underlying values/ideologies expressed with this word or phrase?

Introduction: (approx. 1 page)

description of the topic

why you chose it?

why it's significant for civic media, i.e. as a larger discussion that's publicly important?

Methods:(approx. 3 pages)

describe what you did, i.e. how did you select stories, which publications, which articles, what characteristics did you examine?

what are the limitations of your study, ie what were younotable to do?

Findings: what patterns did you observe in the media coverage of this topic? (approx. 4 pages)

What news frames were included?

Who was quoted/considered the authority? who was left out?

Which groups of people were considered important in the news framing, narrative and meaning of the story ?how were they described?

Which groups of people were left out or not considered important? how were they described?

What were the underlying values of the news frames or coverage?

Synthesis: (approximately 2-3 pages)

What were the most dominant news frames about this topic?

What were the larger news patterns about this topic?

Which of the publications you studied are doing a good job of coverage? Which are not? Why?

What do you think are the underlying reasons that make it difficult to get comprehensive coverage of this topic?

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Amar answered on Apr 30 2020
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Running Header: Racial Bias against African Americans in Media         1
Racial Bias against African Americans in Media         11
Racial Bias against African Americans in Media
Racial Bias against African Americans in Media
The overall representation concerning African Americans within media has been major form of concern within the contexts of mainstream culture of America, as well as forms an element of the media bias across United States. In essence, representation by itself can refer to overall construction pertaining to any of the medium involving the aspects concerning reality like that of places, people, events, objects, cultural identities as well as various abstract notions. These representations could be in the writing or else speech in addition to moving or else still pictures. Media representations concerning minorities are not at all times noted to be with positive connotations, and, the representations concerning African Americans at a specific levels propagates to a certain extent misconstrued as well as controversial images concerning what the African American represent. Various studies with respect to portrayal concerning the African Americans within the prime-time televisions starting from the year 1955 until 1986 determined that just about 6 per cent of overall characters were African Americans, whilst 89 per cent of TV population were white (Heitner, 1-22; Staub, 19-35; Loftus, 1-2). Amongst the characters of African American backgrounds, 19 per cent were deficient in diploma for high school as well as 47 per cent were of lower economic status (Heitner, 1-22; Staub, 19-35; Loftus, 1-2).
As the local news media forms the primary form of source towards learning concerning many of the adults, the same plays critical role with respect to policy debates concerning the civil rights, overall general knowledge of public concerning minority communities, and the
oader as well as highly comprehensive form of worldviews. The overall debate concerning the ownership related diversity affects content diversity and in addition contributes towards the notions that for purposes of African Americans in being well-represented within media, there had to be ownership by African Americans within media.
The methodology of textual analysis was employed for undertaking this study. The said method shall in general be employed for addressing the specific research question in the manner of analyzing texts in public like that of media stories, journal articles, as well as, newspaper articles (Bengtsson, 8-10). The same can in addition incorporate the historical as well as legislative records. In the context of this study news articles alone were used (Bengtsson, 8-10). The overall basis to use the methodology of textual analysis was in generating the result for this study with an aim to employ articles from news media for examining the role played by media in reinforcing racism and bias with respect to African Americans and in specific African Americans males (Bengtsson, 8-10).
For the purposes of starting to evaluate if racism and bias prevails within media one needs to possess effective form of understanding concerning the specific definitions. With respect to this study, racism can be stated in being any of the actions, attitudes, or else the institutional structure that shall subordinate an individual or a group on account of their skin color (Fredrickson, 151-152). Further media can be defined in being the channels of communication using which news, education, entertainment, promotional messages, or else data, shall be disseminated (Graber, 2-25). In essence, media shall encompass each of the mediums undertaking na
owcasting as well as
oadcasting like that of magazine, newspapers, radio, television, billboards, telephone, direct mail, internet, and, fax. (Graber, 2-25).
The specific inclusion criterion had been employed for na
owing overall scope concerning this research to ensure relevance. It has in addition been employed for the purposes of identifying specific set of time frame as well as sample population. The overall criterions of inclusion were in addition employed for identifying the specific categories of media were utilized for undertaking research.
With respect to this study, the primary criterion of inclusion was in direct relation to this study and the topics concerned the racism / race bias within media, portrayals in media concerning the African American males, shooting victims comprising African American male, etc. These forms of sources of media were restricted within national level written news in case of United States starting from 2012 until the present day. In addition, opinion articles in addition met the criteria of inclusion. The African American males in any age group were utilized in being sample population. Further the sources for these articles encompassed The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, as well as Newsweek.
Google News was employed for purposes of...

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