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Communication Barriers & Techniques Written Assignment Procedure: Part 1: Describe a situation/scenario from your personal or employment experience in which specific communication techniques could...

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Communication Barriers & Techniques

Written Assignment


Part 1:

  1. Describe a situation/scenario from your personal or employment experience in which specific communication techniques could have been used to improve the outcome of the interaction. As an alternative, you may also select a situation/scenario that highlights how specific communication techniques were successfully integrated and resulted in a favourable outcome. Examples may include (but are not limited to) a conflict with a supervisor, co-worker or service provider or, a past communication interaction with a family member, friend etc. Inclusion of “dialogue” is appropriate but should not be excessive.

  1. Briefly identify any three barriers or variables that affected the communication process.

It is highly recommended that you submit part I for feedback to ensure that your scenario is appropriate.

Part 2:

  1. The discussion above should serve as your basis for applying concepts and techniques from the lectures, supplemental materials, or published resources. Expand on the barriers identified in part 1 of the assignment by describing the theory behind the barrier and suggest what communication skills/techniques could have been used to achieve a more satisfactory outcome. Be sure to fully describe concepts and integrate material from the lectures, supplemental materials, and/or published resources to support your statements. This part of the paper should address the following:

  • How or what statements could have been phrased to be more effective?

  • How or what statements could have been more confirming?

  • What could have been said to show more understanding or empathy?

  • What verbal or non-verbal techniques would demonstrate more respect?

Format and Style

All papers are to be typewritten and 4 pages double-spaced. Use of headings is encouraged to organize your information. Remember to reference all information using guidelines from the American Psychological Association (APA). Refer to instructions on use of APA style that appear on the College website.

Marking Scheme:

Poor (0/1)

Acceptable (2)

Good (3)

Excellent (5)


Not organized, information does not make sense

Some organization evident, information jumps around. No clear introduction or conclusion.

Organized paper, but some changes are required to improve the flow of information or the introduction and conclusion.

Excellent organization, information logically flows from the introduction to the conclusion of the paper.


Fail to include required information.

Lack of detail.

Some information missing. Adequate detail provided.

Required information with some detail provided.

All required information. Strong supporting details and description.

Application of Concepts/Theory or Terminology

No attempt made to apply key concepts, terms or theory.

Missed opportunities to apply key concepts, terms or theory.

Good attempt to apply key concepts, terms or theory.

Excellent application of key concepts, terms or terminology and detailed discussions provided.

Writing Style and Mechanics

Abundance of grammatical and spelling errors or poor sentence structure and word choices.

Grammatical and spelling errors, need to work on sentence structure and word choices.

A few grammatical and spelling errors. Basic competence with sentence structure and word choices.

All grammar and spelling correct. Excellent sentence structure and word choices.

References and


Serious omission of key references and citations.

References and citations provided but do not follow APA style or do not reflect a variety of sources.

References and citations require some corrections as required by APA format.

References and citations presented accurately using APA style and reflect a variety of sources.

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Dr. Vidhya answered on Mar 21 2022
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Running Head: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT                         1
WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT                                     2
Table of Contents
Part One    3
Part Two    4
References    7
Part One
    Communication is the key factor through which, clarity of information sharing is maintained between various channels. Either at personal or at professional level, communication plays vital role in understanding how exchange of ideas should occur in day to day activities. On personal level, I once faced complicated situation regarding effective communication established with my parents. The ba
iers of communication diverted the decision-making of sides; mine and my parental one, to some other dimension and it ultimately resulted in my one year drop out from school. The issues in communication existed in three factors namely, clarity at my end, understanding the information, which I shared with my parents (at their end) and reaching to consensus to ensure good decision is taken for my academic journey.
    To elaborate the above, during the high school phase of my academic life, I wanted to opt for science as elected subject because I had interest in learning about biological life of plants and animals. The grades in science I could receive justified my interest, however, my parents had some other wishes and they were guided by the trend of learning digital technology. They had inclination towards aviation sector somehow and they wanted me to strengthen my roots of learning about technology. I tried my level best at that time to have positive discussion with them but the choice of words, expressions and building rapport with parents served as ba
iers in my way. I used a third medium, my cousin, to have this discussion with my parents but even he followed my tracks and repeated the same words, which I would enact before my parents. Thus, on my end, passing of co
ect information and clarity of expression did not work well.
    In addition, on my parental side, they did not realize the intensity of my words and the escalation of information I would process with them. In other words, they did not get the nonve
al cues I attempted with them to make sure that they...

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