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COMM3210 Critical Analysis Final Paper Goals: To compare 1984 in productive and engaging ways to one or two of the texts listed below; to put to use your close reading, writing, and critical thinking...

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Critical Analysis Final Paper

Goals: To compare 1984 in productive and engaging ways to one or two of the texts listed below; to put to use your close reading, writing, and critical thinking skills; to write a well-organized, well-developed paper with a clearly defined thesis statement; to write a paper that follows APA and the five-paragraph format.

Instructions: Choose ONE of the following topics (and in turn choose to focus on 1984 and one, two, or three of the other texts from the list provided below). Regardless of which topic you choose, ensure you stick to the texts, rather than offering sweeping statements on how our society or the world works. For example, if you want to focus on our society’s education system, draw your points from “Dehumanized” or from further research into academic sources, not on your own generalizations.

Analysis: Remember to provide evidence by quoting specific aspects of the text and analyzing them to explain how they support your arguments.

Comparison: Each topic asks you to compare 1984 in different ways, but all of them involve some form of comparison. Your thesis statement should take the form of a comparison argument and the rest of the paper should serve to prove that argument. Re-read “Comparison Essays” (Moodle) for more information.

Format: Remember to use APA citation format and to include a References page. Follow the Format for Papers section of the syllabus.

Word Count: XXXXXXXXXXwords

PASSING THE COURSE: You must obtain a grade of 50% on this paper in order to pass the course.


1. How do the Proles and the Outer Party help to create and maintain the dystopia of 1984? What would some authors from the list below suggest as “solutions” to prevent this from happening?

2. How does 1984 depict its society’s reliance on technology? What would some authors from the list below suggest as “solutions” to this approach in the modern world?

3. How does 1984 suggest language use relates to critical thinking? What would some authors from the list below suggest as “solutions” in the modern world?

Mark Slouka’s “Dehumanized”; George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language”; Daniel Francis’s “The Bureaucrat’s Indian”; Robin Kimmerer’s “Speaking of Nature”; David Steele’s “Danger Lurks in a Biotech World”; Stephen Jay Gould’s “Evolution as Fact and Theory”; Wendell Berry’s “Agricultural Solutions for Agricultural Problems”; Real Women’s “Marriage Between a Man and a Woman”; NARTH’s “Our Purpose”; T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”; Paul Simon’s “Sounds of Silence”; George Lakoff’s “Metaphors that Kill”; Naomi Klein’s “Don’t Fence Us In”; Margaret Atwood’s “God is in the Details.”

Course Code: COMM3210

Critical Analysis Final Essay Rubric

Content and Argument

Writing and Organization

APA Style and Format


The essay is based on a careful reading of the articles, or viewing of the videos The writer supports their argument with well-chosen examples and detail from that week’s assigned materials.


The essay is well-organized with a clear thesis statement, flows logically, and clearly responds to the question. The post is so well written and engaging that it is a pleasure to read. The response is two to three paragraphs in length and fully addresses the question.


The essay fully follows APA citation style and format.


The writer has demonstrated sufficient understanding of the course materials and the question. The writer uses specific examples and detail to support their argument.


The essay is well organized; it contains evidence of a thesis statement and it flows logically. There is sufficient content to fully answer the question.


The essay generally follows APA citation style and format.


The writer generally shows their careful reading/viewing of the course material, although at times they could have used more detail and examples to support their argument.


The essay could have been more tightly organized and the thesis statement could have been stronger. At times it wanders too far from the question, or the flow from one paragraph to the next is unclear. They may not have responded directly to the question.


The essay has some problems with APA citation style and format.

Needs Improvement

The essay does not draw on sufficient examples and details from the course materials. They do not demonstrate a reflective and careful reading or viewing of the class material. There are errors in their discussion of theory. The response may only be a single paragraph in length.

Needs Improvement

The essay does not flow well. The thesis statement is weak. Spelling errors or grammar mistakes distract the reader. The response does not fully address the question before considering other material. The response may be somewhat brief.

Needs Improvement

The essay contains a number of errors with regard to APA citation style and format.


The essay fails to demonstrate the student’s understanding of either the theory involved, or the specific material covered. The writer has not demonstrated their careful reading or viewing of the course content. The response lacks critical supporting detail, and does not demonstrate their mastery of the content. The response is very brief.


The essay lacks organization. The thesis statement is missing or ineffective. The wording is so awkward that it sometimes distracts from the argument. The response is too brief to fully answer the question, perhaps only a few sentences. The response may consist largely of quotes from the work with little interpretation.


There is little evidence that the student attempted to follow APA style and general format.

Grading for this assignment:

A+ = All excellent XXXXXXXXXX)

A/A- = Mostly excellent (80-89)

B/B+ = Mostly Good (73-79)

C+/B- = Good with some sufficient (67-72)

C or below = Mostly Sufficient to Needs Improvement (60 – 66)

D or below= Mostly Weak or Needs Improvement (



Content and Argument

Writing and Organization

APA Style and Format


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Running head: Proles & Outer Party creates & maintains the dystopia of 1984
Proles & Outer Party creates & maintains the dystopia of 1984
Proles & Outer Party creates & maintains the dystopia of 1984
Student Name
University Name
Nineteen Eighty-Four” starts on a cold April in a deteriorate London, the main city of the Airstrip One, a region of Oceania. In the novel "1984" written by a George Orwell, protagonist Winston Smith presented reader with a prophetic totalitarian state. There, nation’s actual leaders, Big Brother, “are watching (everybody) although countless tele-screens as well as te
ible ideological police”. Slogans of the party, such as "war are peace, freedom is enslavement, ignorance is power," all are write-in news slogans. These are the method of each day life and double thinking that is imposed on residents. All this aspects were used by party to keep control over the Oceania in the order to preserve people's power. For pure power, party placed people below function of the Ministry of a Love or used confusing audio-visual methods to control their thinking. The outer party always pays attention to its people’s through its te
ible regime to maintain despotism. These are done by service of the Ministry of a Love. In 1989 globe, "it was full of television screens." Through them, ideological police on the behalf of Big Brother, Party, and Love Ministry spy on each person and observe any unorthodoxy. Even the “tightness” announced by the party will not be ignored (Ayres, 2012). Therefore, citizens living in the Oceania must obey party’s dominance furthermore represent as much orthodoxy as probable. Otherwise, love and torture of the room 101 will forgotten by them. Room 101 also considered "worst things in the globe"; and it also contains everyone's “fear." Obviously, even after
utal torture, no one wants to face their greatest fear. By encounter their insurmountable fears, they considered heresy and will be accept orthodoxy. As a result, all three phases of reintegration are completed. They learned, understood and accepted the party and the eldest
other. Love for the party and big
other, who will have an impact on their regime.
Thesis statement: The "1984" world is separated into three major categories: internal Party, Foreign Party moreover Proust. Big
others are at top of the pyramid. Through computer screen, the ideological police, the room 101, propaganda, the youth agents, big
other, news headlines, the Party controls people thinking, limits people activities, and eliminates people instincts. Party’s control of Oceania is due to its absolute power (Booker, 2013).
Proles and the Outer Party help to create and maintain the dystopia of 1984
An expatriate gives state organizational work and is composed of a well-educated member of the societies. They are also responsible for directly implementing party’s policy however no say has. They are "fake middle class" as well as they have strict regulations. They are allowing "no further evil than victory and cigarettes gins." They are monitored through television screens moreover additional surveillance methods, includes being positive to monitor any suspicious activity (Dag, 2015). According to the history, condition of middle class families is very dangerous - their restricted power of intelligence means that they are probably to start a one big revolution against the upper class. Foreign Party is needed to continue to fanatically love the party and blindly follow each of their orders. They live in run-down communities and suffer from almost constant hunger. They must also abstain from sexual activity unless they are for reproductive purposes. PROLES are a lower-level worker who performs most despicable tasks and labor. They are in the most impoverished state, but the party does not monitor the freest of any of their classes and thinks they are not worth it...

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