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Child Psychology – Fall 2023 Project 1: Design an Experiment DUE 9/26 at 5:59 PM. You don't...

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  1. Child Psychology – Fall 2023

    Project 1: Design an Experiment

    DUE 9/26 at 5:59 PM.

    You don't need to do any outside research to complete this project. You can use your textbook and class notes and turn in a perfect project.

    Put your name on the cover page or you will lose points.

    Parents often claim that their babies prefer one type of music over another. But, do infants really have the ability to make aesthetic judgments about music? For this project, you willl design an experiment that tests the perceptual abilities of infants.

    • Give your essay an appropriate
      (4 pts.).

    • Write an introductory paragraph that
      summarizes research
      on infants’ sensitivity to sounds and their preferences for one kind of sound versus another. (20 pts.). Remember—all of this information is in the textbook or class notes.

    • In the main section of the essay,
      an operant conditioning experiment to examine whether 4-month-olds prefer one kind of music versus another. Be sure to include details about your
      (16 pts.).

    • State
      operational definitions
      of the behaviors you will measure (8 pts.).

    • Name the independent and dependent
      (8 pts.).

    • What
      will you control and
      (8 pts.)?

    • What
      would you have to see in the dependent variable(s) if babies do, in fact, prefer one kind of music over another (8 pts.)?

    • Discuss potential
      and sources of
      (8 pts.).

    • Conclude with a
      of the expected results and the
      for infants’ perceptual abilities if infants make aesthetic music judgments (20 pts.).

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Dipali answered on Sep 26 2023
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Last Name:     1
Title: Child Psychology
Introduction    3
Methods    3
Operational Definitions    3
Controlled Factors    4
Expected Changes in Dependent Variables    4
Potential Problems and Bias    5
Discussion    5
Work Cited    6
    Parents and experts alike have been interested in learning more about how sensitive to sound infants are, as well as if they may have preferences for particular genres of music. Infants are extraordinarily responsive to auditory cues from a young age, according to studies (Clemente & Ana). This enhanced hearing sensitivity is thought to be extremely important for their language development and general cognitive development. However, it is still a subject of curiosity and research as to whether young children have the capacity to form aesthetic judgements about music.
    We suggest an operant conditioning experiment to investigate whether 4-month-old newborns show preferences for one style of music over another. We will play rock and classical music for the newborns in this experiment. The genre of music (classical or rock) is the independent variable, and the babies' response, which will be assessed by their visual focus and facial expressions, is the dependent variable.
Operational Definitions
· Visual Attention: Using eye-tracking equipment, visual attention will be assessed. We'll keep track of how much time newborns spend gazing at a musically accompanied visual stimulus. A preference for the accompanying music will be shown by an increase in visual attention toward a...

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