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Ankit answered on Aug 08 2020
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The patients and their families in mental health care system faces lot of problems. Many of mental health patients may not get devoted health care. They need to visits multiple professionals and every time they na
ate their story to specialist. Sometime they na
ate little story to doctor due to which they cannot seek proper mental health care.
There is lot of scattered of patient’s appointments and sometime accidentally loses of medicine or remedies info, overlook directions and do awkward requests on healthcare staff.
There is huge loss of patient time and money when they cannot get proper health care treatment from doctor. In order to make everything in systematic way, NewAccess system should be used for save the patient data analyze and understand the patient behavior toward the issue. There should be clear vision on patient problem.
NewAccess system is the information system that maintains data about patients suffering from mental problems and the treatment or medications that they have prescribed. NewAccess system should be developed and designed systematically so that patients get dedicated health care treatment. There are various points that should be addressed in NewAccess system as listed below:
· There should be quick access to patient data. It helps the specialist sitting in their room to connect quickly with the system if any information about patient is needed.
· NewAccess system should be developing in such a way that it can handle the multiple requests of users at one time.
· This system should make use of centralized patient data which is accessed by medical staff or specialists in the hospital.
· The NewAccess system should save the patient data co
ectly such as patient...

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