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Can you please try to do it before deadline

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Can you please try to do it before deadline
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Aarti J answered on Mar 17 2020
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nb is the travel online community which offers a wide range of end-to end trips which includes the place where you stay. The company was founded in the year 2008 where the cofounders of the company made an online community marketplace for the people to list, find and rent the vacation homes. For listing and renting the vacation homes, the company takes different kind of processing fees. The main concept of the company is to attract the travellers and urge them to live like the locals. The company is operating in more than 191 countries across the globe and is a platform where the person owing some property or apartment can easily make money by renting the place. The person just need to host its place on the website.
Business Environment in which it operates
The business environment in which the company operates is quite big, as the company operates in the hospitality and travel environment. It is the company which helps the ordinary people to rent out their spaces to different tourists across the globe. The rented space can range from a small place to a place as big as island (Wortham, 2011).
The Ai
nb website ( is straightforward websites which follows the traditional accommodation booking websites where the customer can search the required results based on travel dates, destination, and party size; after the search the company comes out with the available results which shows the amenities, pricing, description of the place, different amenities available.
The company faces competition from the hotel industry, where the customers prefer to live in a hotel.
Characteristics that makes it successful
The innovative approach to tourism accommodation which has been used by the company is one of the factors which makes the company successful. The company follows disruptive innovation which helps the company to be successful. With the offers that the company makes, the company is able to attract a large pool of tourists who prefer to live like locals. The company follows the rule of cheaper, convenient and simple way which helps the company to be successful. The main concept of the company is to attract the travellers and urge them to live like the locals. (Salter, J. 2012)
Present challenges
Some of the major challenges that the company face is the legal issues. The company rental activity is illegal and it also avoids full tax obligations. It has made up an informal rental accommodation space where it provides short term rentals without the special permit for rentals which are required at different countries. The company lacks certain issues like satisfying the health and safety standards and the required inspection for the places used for the rentals. One of the recent cases that incu
ed in the San Antonio, Texas, where the guests who had hired the property for the weekend threw a party with the guests with more than 300 guests and made damages of $23000. (McGuire, 2018)
Costs that are incu
ed in renting the apartment
nb hosts are able to price their spaces at a competitive prices as the fixed costs are...

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