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Can you please pass this on to Riyanka Roy as they said they understand food and chemistry and i need great marksyou must read the instructions on the MOUSSAKA ASSESSMENT TEMPlate word one . i am also...

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Can you please pass this on to Riyanka Roy as they said they understand food and chemistry and i need great marksyou must read the instructions on the MOUSSAKA ASSESSMENT TEMPlate word one . i am also enclosing the course module booklet file . but this is just a guide . I will do the cooking and the photos for this assignment . but i 100 per cent need you to answer everything and please please note the word count and the instructions on it as per word templete instructions . word count is 1200 max so needs to be not over that but near that for the whole assignment as per the instructions > READ THE word template . this is worth 30 per cent of my marks so i need this to be done perfectly .the referencing style is APA6 as per instructions in the template so you must do that style .BUT 100 per cent do as the instructions say and fill in charts etc . and be wary of word count as if over 1200 as per instructions we get marks off.
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Riyanka answered on Aug 13 2021
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Moussaka Assessment Task- Analysis of a meal: physical, chemical, sensory and nutritional.
Introduction – Moussaka is a Greek food dish made up by eggplants, minced meat especially lamb, tomatoes, potatoes, cheese etc. Around the Middle East, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia several version of Moussaka found with several cooking procedure and different uses of ingredients.
In first half of 1920s the Nikolaos Tselementes tried to make a different through using several experimental food items that generally not used in European Moussaka. So from the ancient time to now this dish has been modified in several purposes to invent an indentifying taste. The changing ideas for making of Moussaka can leads modification in nutritional values, several physical and chemical changes can be assess by this assignment.
From the past most popular Moussaka made in houses with easily available ingredients in a short time but by the time more the making process with healthy objectives has improved the dish quality. Now a days it can make gluten free for all types of population along with I
itable Bowl Syndrome’s patients so from the health aspects it is nutritious.
Several chemical or physical changes is recorded and discussed by the assessment to get an idea about the food science relationship, physical appearances like texture, aroma or flavor, color of the food along with raw and cooked amount of food stuffs were varies that is needs to indentify clearly to gather more knowledge on Moussaka.
1.1 From the farm to plate: Influences on Nutritional Properties
· Maintaining of Food Safety norms Moussaka cooking performance occur.
· Recording the data of raw and cooked food stuffs.
· Observed the chemical and physical changes during the cooking.
· Generalize the nutritional values in different types.
The temperature effect on nutritional aspect, also cooking methods plays role to increase or decrease the nutritional values.
Important ingredients-
1. Vegetables like potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes chopped or tomato paste, onion. All are finely chopped. 2. Extra virgin olive oil, Butter for frying purpose, 3. Flour, 4. Eggs, 5. Cheese (grated), 6. Milk for hypertensive or diabetic or obese we can use skimmed milk. 7. Beef or lamb minced or meat, 8. Garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, dried oregano, fresh parsley like he
s and spices, 9. Salt and pepper as per taste, 10. Bread crumbs for final coating.
For layer with vegetables-
1. After washing vegetables- eggplants, potatoes but do not peel, needs to cut down with a equal slices because for evenly cook.
2. In a saucepan potatoes needs to boil for 2 minutes.
3. Then potatoes, eggplants fried to lightly
own and soften
4. Set cooked slices aside on a plate with paper towel and pre heat the oven at 180 degree.
For meat layer-
1. Let the chopped onion, garlic, other spices, meat are caramelized in a fry pan with olive oil in medium flame.
2. Then tomato paste and water can be added to cook in slightly high heat to boil with proper temperature.
For Bechamel Sauce layer-
1. With melted butter in a saucepan the milk had to...

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