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Logistics & Supply – How do your companies systems compare with what the rest of the industry is doing? • Toyota Production System –The TPS today Vs when it started in the 80’s. Any lessons to be...

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Auto 1025 S2-2017
Assignment III –
5 One page management reports
(plus 1 summary page outlining your target company)
David Taylo
Industry Fellow
Engineering Learning Factory
Assignment III – 50% of total mark
Assignment Scenario…
• You are working in the Automotive industry
• The company you work for is relatively new & very ambitious in terms of growth and
product offering, and already has a strong culture of can do
• But, the company also has a culture of ‘what does the data say?’
– Produce a 2 or 3 paragraph description of your company, Who, what, why, where,
when & How. This paints the picture for the 5 reports
• You have been asked by your boss to produce a 1 page
iefing note (report) for the
executive director on a topic. The
iefing note should make high level recommendations
as to how your company could improve. That does not necessarily mean you need to make
implementation recommendations. You may well be suggesting not to implement. Not every
option can fit within your companies business model
– (The total assignment comprises of 5
iefing notes plus the company description page.
Each note must be able to stand alone. You can reference other notes for details but
ensure each individual note is digestible without the need for external detailed reference
y the reader)
• So to be clear, you will write the opening descriptive paragraphs to tell me about your
company. What does it make, were is it etc. Then 5 stand alone reports. 6 pages in total
(maximum). Each of the 5 reports needs to be able to be understood on its own, but is
elevant to the context of the company you describe.
2RMIT University© 2017 XXXXXXXXXX – Engineering Learning Factory
• Each report is 1 page. 1 page only. Remember, the Executive director is a
usy person and does not have time to read page after page, nor will they
appreciate chunks of dry text. Use diagrams where appropriate, but no more
than 1 page
• Easy to read, but with key facts clearly defined. You want to influence the
Director. You want them to adopt your recommendations, even if that is a
ecommendation to study in further detail.
• Stay on topic, without the need to read external documents in order to
understand your report. The director will not enjoy reading something that is a
puzzle or maze. Lay it out clearly. Get your point across.
• Show that you understand what each point means to the business. Not just
technical understanding of the effected department, but why should the
company know about this topic? The director is looking at things from a
usiness perspective. How does this help or hinder the business? Cutting and
pasting from a sales
ochure or Wikipedia is NOT considered demonstrating
an understanding
3RMIT University© 2017 XXXXXXXXXX – Engineering Learning Factory
5 report topics
• Logistics & Supply
– How do your companies systems compare with what the rest of the
industry is doing?
• Toyota Production System
– The TPS today Vs when it started in the 80’s. Any lessons to be learned
for your company?
• Mass Customisation
– Will this have an implication on your company?
• Manufacturing Simulation Software
– What are the various software options, and which are suited to your
• Lean Manufacturing
– How far should the principal reach into the organisation, and can you be
too lean?
4RMIT University© 2017 XXXXXXXXXX – Engineering Learning Factory
6 pages in total
• Introduction
– (This is for me to know what your company is about. It can be fictitious. It
could be real. You choose. I will be reading the 5 pages in the context of
the company you describe in this first introduction)
• Logistics & Supply
• Toyota Production System
• Mass Customisation
• Manufacturing Simulation Software
• Lean Manufacturing
• Note: DO NOT spend a paragraph on each of the 5 pages copy & pasting from
Wikipedia. The key with this assignment is to demonstrate you understand the
principals of the topic, and then what that means to the business. That does not need
lots of detail, but it does need you to demonstrate that you know clearly what the topic
means to YOUR chosen business
5RMIT University© 2017 XXXXXXXXXX – Engineering Learning Factory
It shows where the
source of the info is
from, and how much
has been copied
It shows where the
source of the info is
from, and how much
has been copied
FYI. What a Turnitin Assignment looks like to me
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David answered on Nov 30 2019
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Table of Contents
Introduction:    4
Logistic and supply chain management    5
Toyota production system:    6
Lean Manufacturing:    8
Mass Customization:    11
Manufacturing Simulation Software    13
RoyalMotor’s is entering into an automotive industry with the aim of building a successful enterprise with its powerful culture. Though the company is new in the industry but the team is very ambitious in terms of product offering and posses a strong culture of “we can do”.
Vision: Our Company is aimed to build a successful business empire through delighting customers with different range of products in automotive sector.
Mission: To provide safe and joyful journey to our customers
The company aimed to invent and develop new technologies and learn from the automotive giants in the industry like Toyota. It also work in the perspective of reducing effect on environment. The report on different topics like logistic and supply chain, Toyota production system, mass customization and lean manufacturing will help to improve the company manufacturing process.

Logistic and supply chain management
Logistic and supply chain management’s objective is to make sure about the delivery of required product to customers doorstep within estimated time with the high quality and right price. The Automotive Company like Toyota uses different logistic and supply chain management methods which help them to become leading automotive leader[footnoteRef:1]. According to Kanban technology used in Toyota, the products travels with a card. After clearing the available stock new stock will be open. The system removes card using signals to re-stock this product. This enable to keep little inventory and reduces risks. JIT manufacturing method used at Toyota enable company to produce product on demand which saves capital, inventory capacity and reduces risks associated with storing excess stock. [1: J.K. Liker, “The Toyota Way and Supply Chain Management”, Presentation for OESA Lean to Survive Program, 2005]
Implication on Our Company:
Our company can use the Toyota method and principle for logistic and supply chain management. Through JIT and Kanban technique our company could keep little inventory which automatically reduces the labor charges, and warehouse rent. It will also help in enhancing the quality of products as more capital will be used on adopting new technology in vehicle production.
Our company can improve the logistic and supply chain by adopting methods suggested by Liker (2004, pp. 28-29) and that are reduce the overproduction, minimize waiting time, limit the unnecessary transport, little inventory.
Toyota production system:
Toyota production system has been proven as key driver behind its rise and grown globally. Over several decades ago this pillar of Toyota’s competitive strength was developed. From 1980s, this TPS[footnoteRef:2] had gone through various changes and revolution according to changes in technology, market environment and customer demand. Some of these changes incorporate line segmentation, inter-segment buffer use and high-tech automation. Supply-chain management at Toyota is thoroughly based on TPS. It started from lean manufacturing principle to Just-in-time which is used today. [2: J. K. Liker, “The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer”, 2004]
The company work by keeping mutual understanding and trust on its suppliers and following JIT...

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