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Guide to Project for Supervisors ITECH3501 Principles of Software Engineering XXXXXXXXXX2018 Semester 1 Assignment 1 – Individual Assignment Overview The purpose of this assessment is to provide...

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Guide to Project for Supervisors
ITECH3501 Principles of Software Engineering     XXXXXXXXXX2018 Semester 1
Assignment 1 – Individual Assignment
The purpose of this assessment is to provide students with the opportunity to deepen, extend and apply the knowledge and skills developed from the first 4 weeks of material. Students complete the assignment individually. This activity will provide an indication of any intervention that may be required to support students.
There are a growing number of case studies of expensive IT failures, leading in some cases to the actual failure of the business. It has been argued that a significant cause of project failures is poor requirements specification. The purpose of this assignment is to individually investigate this further.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage Value of Task: 10%
Due: week 5, see submission details in course description on Moodle
Minimum time expectation: 10 hours
Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
    describe the most recent advances in deriving the laws, hypotheses, and conjectures in planning, developing, evaluating and introducing modern information systems;
    identify the causes of success and failure in information systems, derived from documented case studies;
    develop skills to analyse the user requirements;
    analyse the laws, rules, and theories in Information Systems;
Requirements: Demonstrate understanding of particular concepts covered in lectures by investigating and answering provided question(s). The questions may involve theory or application of theory to specific examples. This may require further reading and research beyond the material discussed in class.
Assessment Details
This assignment will be assessed by your tutor.
Short Answer questions
Percentage Value of Task: 2 marks
Minimum Time Expectation: 2 hours
McIlroy’s law

Software reuse reduces cycle time and increases productivity and quality (L15)
a) Describe and illustrate the above Mcllroy’s law with examples. This law was published in 1968; is this law still valid today? Justify your answer with examples.
Glass’ law
Requirement deficiencies are the prime source of project failures. (LI)
) Describe the above Glass’ law in your own words. Illustrate with a practical example.
Short Essay question
Percentage Value of Task: 5 marks
Minimum Time Expectation: 5 hours
Conduct some research and find a project that has failed due to deficient requirements. Outline this project case study and the lessons to be learned from this. Suggest strategies that may have contributed to the failure of the IT project and recommend strategies that could have been adopted to mitigate against the failure. Use referencing appropriately to cite your sources and justify your suggestions. Refer to the laws described in your text to support your answer. It is expected that you will write XXXXXXXXXXwords in this answer.
Applied Task
Percentage Value of Task: 3 marks
Minimum Time Expectation: 3 hours
Examine the student administration system that you use to enrol in courses each semester. Write a list of at least 10 detailed functional and non-functional requirements for part of this system. Create a traceability matrix based on these requirements. (Consult your tutor to approve which part you are focusing on prior to submission)
You will be required to submit your report via Turnitin prior to submitting a final version on Moodle.
It is important that there are no issues with Turnitin before you submit your final report on Moodle – you must provide evidence of this. Your assignment will not be marked otherwise.
Refer to the preventing plagiarism page with information regarding Turnitin on the University website:
Marking Criteria/Ru
    Sub task
    Marks awarded
    Criteria for awarding marks
    Short answer questions
    1 mark for each co
ect question (total 2 marks)
ectness and appropriate level of detail provided in explanation. Evidence of research having been conducted by referencing sources appropriately.
    Short essay question
    5 marks
    Appropriate referencing, use of multiple references, not just text book, reference to appropriate laws covered in text and lectures, writing style, presentation, accuracy.
    Applied task
    3 marks
    Appropriate requirements for the system, both functional and non-functional requirements provided, format of traceability matrix is co
ect, details provided are complete and accurate.
Assessment marks will be made available in fdlMarks, feedback to individual students will be provided via Moodle or as direct feedback during your tutorial class
Plagiarism is the presentation of the expressed thought or work of another person as though it is one's own without properly acknowledging that person. You must not allow other students to copy your work and must take care to safeguard against this happening. More information about the plagiarism policy and procedure for the university can be found at:
Your support material must be compiled from reliable sources such as the academic resources in Federation University li
ary which might include, but not limited to: the main li
ary collection, li
ary databases and the BONUS+ collection as well as any reputable online resources (you should confirm this with your tutor).
Federation University General Guide to Referencing:
The University has published a style guide to help students co
ectly reference and cite information they use in assignments. A copy of the University’s citation guides can be found on the university’s web site. It is imperative that students cite all sources of information. The General Guide to Referencing can be purchased from the University bookshop or accessed online at:
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Table of content
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    Short answer questions
    Short essay question
    Applied task
Short answer questions
In 1968, a law regarding reuse of software code is presented by McIlroy which is known as McIlroy law of reuse. The reuse of any already developed code or application will definitely reduce the required cycle time for developing any new application. By making reuse of already developed code, the possible problems of that code are already justified and solved. Thus, this will lead to better quality and increased productivity because of less development and testing time [Aoyama, 1998]. The reuse of software can be done in several ways. Some examples to illustrate and describe the McIlroy law are provided below:
1. The use of already developed information which is again required for any other development process of some other application is considered as reuse.
2. The reuse of all associated material with any of the project by including the used knowledge for completing that project comes under reuse.
3. The use of any application which was designed for the purpose of reusing comes under software reuse.
Yes, the McIlroy law is very helpful in modern time of software development. In today’s development environments, the project development time is playing very critical and crucial role. The clients require rapid development for desired applications. So, reuse of already developed knowledge and code for any software can be helpful for solving time requirements. Thus, this will lead to better quality and increased productivity because of less development and testing time. So, we can say that, this law is still valid and it will also valid in near future. The reuse is not so important in development of most of the applications but reusing the knowledge and code will provide additional benefits to developers.
The requirement definition is most critical and crucial part of any software development. The success of any project is defined by its properly given requirement specification mentioned in SOP. The project failure is directly propositional to insufficient requirements as stated by glass law. It is very true in modern software development that success of any IT project is defined by its user satisfaction and requirement specifications [Fenton et al, 1994].
The software development requires a model selection before starting its actual develop development. In most of the models like Water fall, or agile development, or in V-model, the first thing comes is requirement specification. If the requirements for any project are not specific and they are changing on regular bases, then, any developer cannot meet the deadline of software delivery. The late delivery of any software can lead to its failure in modern market.
The example to show the use of glass law is implementation of waterfall model in any software development. The first phase of this development model states the requirements for actual development. Once the requirements are clear to developer and a proper requirement specification is developed, then, next stage of this model is started. If the developer is on any stage and some requirement change is request by client, then, complete development is started again. It is a time consuming process but the outcomes of this model are great which satisfies all client requirements on priority bases.
Short essay question
The complete system design of any desired application is based on the given client requirements. The success of any project is defined by its properly given requirement specification mentioned in SOP. The project failure is directly propositional to insufficient...

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