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brother) Summative Assessment Additional Assessment Guidelines for Poster and 1500-Word Essay Submit your poster, and 1500-word essay with a reference list, via the module Moodle submission site....

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brother) Summative Assessment

Additional Assessment Guidelines for Poster and 1500-Word Essay

Submit your poster, and 1500-word essay with a reference list, via the module Moodle submission site.

Design a poster profiling a neighbourhood of your choice either in the UK, or in another country.

In your poster or essay you should state the following details and ensure that your work is supported by evidence: -

1. Identify a disease/health issue that is important/significant in your area/neighbourhood of choice. Set out the prevalence/incidence/mortality rates/trend of your chosen disease or health issue – identify the policy aligned to your chosen topic.

Give the name of your neighbourhood and health issue/disease, and show your chosen neighbourhood on a map on the poster.

Put the data of your chosen disease in your chosen neighbourhood on charts/diagrams/graphs on the poster. You may use a few bullet points to support your data on the poster.

2. Identify the health needs of your area/neighbourhood in relation to the chosen disease/health issue (social determinant).

3. Propose a health intervention that will prevent/improve/promote health and wellbeing of the relevant chosen disease/health issue.

4. Identify your chosen health promotion model(s) and the rationale why you are using this model.

This section (3 &4) will contain most of your words because you will be discussing the many actions you will be putting in place to meet the needs you have identified above for your chosen disease/health issue campaign in your neighbourhood. (Don't forget to support your work with evidence).

5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen health promotion campaign intervention.

In this section you will discuss what aspects of your intervention might be effective, and why - and what aspects might not be effective, and why. Make evidence-based suggestions of what might be effective or not.

6. You are expected to provide a list of all references used in your work (a minimum of 15 references).

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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Tuberculosis in London Borough of Newham    3
Social Determinants Affecting the Chosen Health Issue    4
Interventions to Promote the Health and Well-Being    4
Chosen Health Promotion Model    5
Evaluation Plan for Chosen Health Promotion Intervention    6
Conclusion    6
References    7
Public health is a critical aspect for the governments of every nation. Umpteen numbers of social as well as cultural factors affects public health as well as policymaking addressed towards public health issues Cu
ent health promotion intervention would discuss ‘tuberculosis’ as the selected public health concern in London Borough of Newham. Efforts will be made to present the social determinants affecting this disease in London Borough of Newham along with potential interventions to promote health. This essay would conclude with an evaluation plan for the presented health promotion intervention.
Tuberculosis in London Borough of Newham
Tuberculosis (TB) is a highly infectious, contagious and life-threatening disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) bacteria. Tuberculosis causes infection in lungs; however, it has also been reported to other body parts. One of the most critical aspects of this disease is that the infected individuals remains asymptomatic in most of the cases and the diseases progresses to the stage known as latent tuberculosis (Lalor et al. 2017). Classic symptoms of this disease include spit, prolonged cough and blood containing mucus, night sweats, fever, weight loss and much more.
Loutet et al. (2018) mentioned that 1,691 individuals were reported to suffer from TB in London borough of Newham in 2018. Further, according to the annual review report presented by Public Health England, there was a reported rate of 19.0 infected individuals per 100,000 of the population. Comparing the progression of TB since 2000, data reported in 2018 was found to be 12% lower than the data recorded from 2017 and 55% lower than in 2011. However, it would be essential to consider that despite of this, the rate of TB in London in 2018 was still twice as high as the rate for England, which was only 8.3 infected individuals per 100,000 (Public Health England, 2018).
Further, The London borough of Newham was reported to have the highest TB rate across England with 47 infected cases per 100,000. As supported by the data from World Health Organisation (WHO), 2013 9 million people is infected with TB and 1.5 million individuals die every year (Peracha, 2019). The annual review report presented by Public Health England also reported that 1 in 3 TB infected individuals die due to como
idity factors and diabetes is the most prominent. London borough of Newham with highest rate of TB infection in England needs serious interventions and health promotion plans in order to address this public health issue (Public Health England, 2017).
Burman et al. (2016) presented that ‘The Public Health Act 1936’ was the principle act on the subject of public health in England. This act replaced all of the previous legislative public health legislations, which were related to disease control, prevention, public health matters and much more. Under this policy, suspected and confirmed cases had to be notified within 3 working days to PHE.
Social Determinants Affecting the Chosen Health Issue
Artiga and Hinton (2019) suggested that social determinants of health refers to the conditions or su
oundings with, in which people grow, work, age as well as live for rest of their life. It would be essential to consider that there are wider set of forces as well as systems, which shapes the conditions of daily life. Culture could be considered as one of the most effective and essential social determinant of health with respect to T.B in London. London is now also known as Babel of the modern world and this is majorly because of the fact that a huge population of its citizens are foreign born that is around 2.5 million individuals. Further, there exist more than 270 nationalities and 300 languages in London,...

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