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BidTaxi is a new taxi service that improves the ride-sharing service. Rather than working on pre-fixed rates based on distance and time, BidTaxi uses a bidding service for rides. A customer states the...

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BidTaxi is a new taxi service that improves the ride-sharing service. Rather than working on pre-fixed rates based on distance and time, BidTaxi uses a bidding service for rides. A customer states the beginning and ending point of the journey, time and number of passengers. The system will then broadcast to the drivers who will then bid for the service within ten minutes. A comprehensive set of tools such as distance, route, estimated time, toll costs, etc. will be provided on the app to both parties. An estimated cost will even be provided. The customer will see in real time the responses by the drivers. And once selected, the cost is locked in. Payment will only be released to the driver-provider at the end of the journey as determined by Global Positioning System (GPS) location. The entire journey will be tracked.
To achieve this goal, it has embarked on the following:

1) BidTaxi requires all drivers to be certified, vehicle thoroughly checked for road worthiness and appropriate insurances paid.

2) The system will allow both customer and driver to rate each other and provide comments. A star-rating system will appear for both customer and driver next to their online verified IDs.

3) Customers without smartphones or tourists may use a web site to book ahead. Those without credit/debit cards may use Osko or purchase gift cards from supermarkets. Osko payments will be held by BidTaxi office.

4) To encourage service loyalty, each customer is given status points for rides paid. These points can be used as discounts for future trips, given as tips to drivers or can be donated to charity.

5) Driver-providers who complete a target of time and distance over a self-set period will be rewarded with fuel discount gift cards by the company.

Question XXXXXXXXXXwords)
Write a well presented report for the above outlining the business operation to the Ministry of Public Transportation. Provide any three recommendations that are well substantiated with journal literature and referenced correctlyto supportthis service. (You may use the reasons/justifications above or use your own - thatsupportthis service).
Question XXXXXXXXXXwords)
Provide any two suggestions into improving business service/operation offerings substantiated with current literature. These two items have not been mentioned above. An example could be driver training.

All referencing to be done in APA 6th edition. Only one reference list is required at the end of both questions.


This task meets Learning Outcomes 3 & 4:
Students will :

be able to analyse the efficiency of information delivery and manage the information and Information Systems;

be able to evaluate information capability and delivery options.

Marking criteria

Question 1

Outlining an analysis of the business operation
Adherence to Presentation Format stated below
Provided a well presented case of the given business operation, stating assumptions made. Adherence to Presentation format stated.Provided a written case of the business operation AND/OR
Non-adherence or more than two errors in Presentation Format
Provided an inaccurate case of the business operation and/or with errors AND/OR
Non-adherence to Presentation Format
Possible Marks5 XXXXXXXXXXLess than 2.5
Providing three recommendations toprocess improvement in business processes, substantiated with literature.APA 6th edition to be usedThree recommendations made related to the business, well substantiated and referenced the journal used correctly in APA 6th edition.Three recommendations made to the business, connected to the business and more than 2 errors made in referencing (including not using journals).Less than three recommendations made, or not connected to the business and/or major errors in referencing.
Possible Marks4 XXXXXXXXXXLess than 2
Question 2
Provide two unique suggestion into improving business service/operationEvaluated current case and provided two suggestions to improve business service/operation, based on literature.
Well substantiated.
Evaluated case and provided an option with a weak link to literature.Evaluated case and provided an option without substantiation to literature.
Possible Marks5 XXXXXXXXXXLess than 2.5
Provision of Reference ListReference List conforms to APA 6th Edition with no mistakesReference List has more than one mistake (punctuation, capitalisation, underlining links, etc)Reference List does not conform to APA or has more than three mistakes
Possible Marks4 XXXXXXXXXXLess than 2


After you "Create Journal Entry", please click "Post Entry"
You are given full editing rights even after you post - even the ability to delete that Post.
It will also enable the lecturer/marker to provide you assistance prior to deadline.
If you "Save Entry as Draft", only you can see it and in the past, many students forget to
click on "Post Entry" which means you have not submitted your assignment at all when the
deadline has passed.
ALERT: Some students prefer to cut-and-paste from a word processor, and
depending on their settings, this may cause formatting problems later.

Journal Presentation Formatting Requirements:
1. Journal space on Interact2 presentation text width between 85-95 characters including spaces.
2. Font types and sizes consistent (use Arial 12pt) throughout and paragraphs well formed.
3. Submit answers to all work in one single journal entry.
4. No attachments to journal entry allowed.
5. Avoid using dot points, bulleted points, numbered points in your work. Lists do not display your
understanding of the subject matter and may even appear disjointed to the reader/marker.
6. Meet word limits in each question (allowance of +/- 5%). Table of contents are not required.
Reference List is not included in the word count.
(Failure to follow all the above rules, [eg. if you do not meet word limit for one question but meet for the others]
this is considered as not meeting word limit for all: no partial mark allocated.)
7. Use either UK spelling or USA spelling but do not mix both.
8. All work presented should be carefully proofed, so that spelling and typographical errors are
9. All language used should not be sexist.
10. If acronyms and jargon are used, please explain them in the first instance, then use the
abbreviated form in the rest of the report.
11. Appendices are not to be used.
12. Use of headings and sub-headings can be used for clarity.
13. It is important to get the balance right between the citing of referenced material and your
own interpretation and ideas. When using your own thoughts and ideas, you can signal the
reader by using words and phrases such as 'it can be argued that...", "it is evident that..." and
"it seems as though..."
14. Writing in the third person is expected in all pieces of work.
15. Do not submit multiple copies (or versions) of your work. If you do, the marker will only
pick the one with the lowest mark awarded. You have full editing rights, kindly remove all
unnecessary material before date due.
16. All date/time mentioned and used is in Australian Eastern Standard Time (or Australian
Eastern Daylight Savings Time) or Sydney time.

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Running Header: BidTaxi – Business Operation     1
BidTaxi – Business Operation         10
BidTaxi – Business Operation
BidTaxi – Business Operation
Business Operation Report to Ministry of Public Transportation
Business Model Summary
The advancement of technology, internet connectivity and evolution / acceptance of sharing economy is increasingly gaining ground. More importantly, these trends are resulting in varied business opportunities and at the same time offering significance price / service quality value to the consumers.
In this context, BidTaxi, like other sharing economy based business models like Uber, Ai
nb, etc. aims in partnering with third parties, that is, drivers who cars in this context to offer the taxi service. BidTaxi shall offer the technology element of the business in terms of the mobile applications for both consumer end and the driver / car owner end, pricing management, operations management, payments, etc. while the driver / car owner shall offer the transportation services. The key USP of the business model is that the company employs bidding form of dynamic pricing that varies based on numerous set of variable factors.
Business Operation: Comprehensive Details
Business Operation Overview
The business operation for the service offered by BidTaxi can be stated to initiate with the customer stating / specifying the starting as well as the ending point concerning the journey, boarding time (immediate or at later time) as well a total number of people undertaking the journey within the mobile application / web portal of the company. On collecting this information, the portal of the system shall then suitably
oadcast this information amongst its partner drivers who shall then place bids for specific service in the time period of 10 minutes. The price detection shall be based on varied set of information in the form of route, distance, estimated time, costs for toll, etc. shall be made available to both the parties (consumers / drivers) via their respective ends of the app / portal interface. The bidding by employing these factors shall lead to the estimated cost which shall be then mutually agreed for confirming the specific service. It has to be noted that end consumers shall see over real time various responses from the many interested drivers. After one of them is selected, agreed cost shall be locked in. The payment for the service shall be released for concerned driver after the journey ends as has been determined from the Global Positioning System (“GPS”) location data. Naturally, the payment shall be controlled by BidTaxi and also the overall journey shall be tracked / monitored by the company.
Key Stakeholders
The key set of stakeholders with respect to the business include the end consumers who are in need of taxi for journey either immediately or at a later date, the driver partners who are not the employees of BidTaxi but who partner with BidTaxi on a revenue sharing basis, BidTaxi, as the business owner, making available technology resources (application, web portal, etc.), processes & management (payment, monitoring, etc.) and marketing / sales, and, the regulators, from the Ministry of Transport who issue guidelines, regulations, etc. that need to be complied for the safety, well-being and interest protection of the consumers, other Taxi service providers, overall road safety, etc.
Key Assets / Resources
The key assets / resources for undertaking this business operation include the
non-personnel resources in the form of Mobile applications / web portal with capabilities of creating effective interface between consumers and the partner drivers, as well as support various service specifications and affiliated processes, centralized IT infrastructure to enable the same [servers, database systems, etc.], cars owned by the driver partners, etc., and the personnel resources in the form of driver partners (not employees), BidTaxi employees to deliver marketing, sales, administrative, regulatory, and other operational activities.

Business Processes
The company’s business processes to undertake...

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