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Based on the tools, techniques and discussions from lectures and tutorials, you are to identify an artefact in the real world, which might not immediately be thought of as a computer but which may be...

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Based on the tools, techniques and discussions from lectures and tutorials, you are to identify an artefact in the real world, which might not immediately be thought of as a computer but which may be seen as having some sort of intelligence. You might think about household appliances, car dashboards, ATMs, thermostats but not smartphones, smartwatches or laptops as we will be using these examples in the tutorial. There are many other examples. Be quite specific.

Imagine that your report is going to be published in a consumer magazine aimed at people who are interested in the artefacts and might be thinking of buying one. Your report is only based on the user experience (not on issues like pricing or internal engineering).

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Artefact – ATM        8
Artefact – ATM
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The field of data frameworks is commenced on the centrality of data innovation in our socio-economic life. Its idea of IT artifact has transformed from being an element comprising of hardware as well as software into the use of such an element and further to an IS specialist who may be keen on. The idea was significant when first utilized, however has been re-deciphered and re-characterized commonly by specialists with diverse perspectives, goals, and their research interests. (Alter, 2015). The technological artifacts are not limited to the IS field however has pervaded the analysis of innovation, incorporating those in sociology as well as authoritative analysis. In this report, we will discuss about ATM artifact, its users and why it is becoming an important part of our daily life. I would like to explain about the famous
and of ATM i.e Vortex ATMs. (Orlikowski and Iacono, 2015).
Vortex ATM
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is the special type of computer that is used to manage our banking. It can be used to withdraw money or in few ATMs money can be deposited. In few ATMs, balance statement can be printed which is the record of transaction that we have from the ATM; can be used to check our bank account balance i.e the money left in our bank account; any type of money transfer between accounts; or purchase stamps. We can typically access the maximum services at an ATM that is the part of our main bank. (Wells Fargo Bank, 2018).
ATMs are characterized as the new innovation in relatively every nation. The ATM can offer critical advantages to the banks as well as their clients. Banks more often endeavor to utilize innovation for its internal purpose furthermore, communication from the starting point and later as a device to serve their clients. The network of ATMs is contributed fundamentally in performing the vast majority of the clients' financial banking services in a dependable way. ATMs can lessen the expenses of service charges for its client requests. (Zhang and Wang, 2013).
Vortex is known for notable advancements in the ATM business having social obligation principal as one of its main objective. Vortex has used source programming as the main foundation for designing an upgrade free ATM programming stack. The deployer of Vortex ATMs are not concerned about this perspective and hence saving lots of expenses. This can be authorized by most punctual clients who have been utilizing this framework for 7 years. This Linux environment has dependably provided a solution for any type of difficulties that the ATM business has put before it. The vast majority of its clients, who had no past involvement of Linux in their ATM fleet, have confronted no difficulties in determining all. The main advantage of utilizing Linux, has been more secure nature of the product. This has empowered us to be one stage in front of its rivalry in worldwide confirmations...

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