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Background: NewAccess is a mental health intervention which initially targeted youth aged 17 to 25, and is in the process of being expanded to young people as young as 12, and also to Indigenous...

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NewAccess is a mental health intervention which initially targeted youth aged 17 to 25, and is in the process of being expanded to young people as young as 12, and also to Indigenous youth. Headspace is one of several organisations trialling this new system. NewAccess particularly targets depression and anxiety. One of the problems identified was that a young person with a mental illness might see multiple professionals before getting the help they need. Each time they need to re-tell their ‘story’. Soon the young people clam up and say very little, making it harder for professionals to help them. Initially they might see a Headspace case worker, then medical staff in a hospital emergency department, perhaps a General Practitioner, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and others.

Imagine that you are the analyst tasked with building a system that will capture the ‘story’ the first time it is told. This will give access to successive professionals, so that case notes and the story can become enriched, and the young person can be assisted more appropriately. An evaluation of the initial NewAccess trial is available under the 'Resources' tab of the subject Interact2 site.

Complete the Following

You are a Systems Analyst that is part of a project that is being currently being proposed. Your task is to develop a Vision Document for this project.

You are to describe the problem in your own words, and the capabilities and benefits. You need to create a Project Vision Document which contains:

  • Problem
  • Capabilities
  • Benefits
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Ankit answered on Aug 08 2020
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There are various problems faced by patients and their families in mental health care system.
There are several diseases which people suffer from but sometimes doctor cannot diagnose the disease co
ectly so in such a case the patient time and money got wasted. The patient did not get clear vision and he would consult the doctor.
As of now NewAccess is managing youth age 17 to 25 years of age yet they are in procedure of growing to age 12 years. It will be good deal for New Access to battle the necessities of 12 year old. 12 year old individuals need have the capacity to clarify their concern unmistakably.
Mental illness of patients is diagnosed by NewAccess system. The NewAccess system should be defined properly, well function and give support to patients, medical staff, general practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist and others to attain the coveted result needed to determine the progressing issues. The following points should be addressed in the system as listed below:
· The NewAccess system will examine the information and give suggestions or feedback of issues to patients.
· The NewAccess system should be capable to save user information, examine and have learning about the patient behavior toward the issue.
· There should be an a
angement for patients to help investigate their circumstance first with the assistance of a specialist, post his direction, he can straight forwardly move to the particular health specialists and ensure them to obtain the reasonable and co
ect path.
· Medical staff ought...

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