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Autoenthenography On Media Experience        10
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Types of media---------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
My usage of smartphone----------------------------------------------------------------------7
Autoenthenography, the word means self-analysis on a topic of interest. Autoenthenography is a form of research, mainly a qualitative research technique in which the author uses his/her self-reflection to a topic of interest in order to create value and insight and to explore his/her personal experience and connect the personal story to wider understandings which include the political, social, cultural and other understandings. Writing an autoenthenography is an art and it gives a self-reflection and opinion related to the topic. It is a promising way of giving voice to a personal experience however it is a very difficult task to write an autoenthenography. In writing an autoenthenography, the author produces some intriguing questions related to the ethics, representation, balance and anxiety. (Wang, D., Xiang, Z. and Fesenmaier, D.R., 2016)The author has to get the autoenthenography accepted in a formal and an informal way from the reviewers. In the cu
ent autoenthenography, a self-reflection about the interaction with different media is discussed. Interaction with different kinds of media takes place in day to day life and writing a self-reflection with a few is a tough task. In depth analysis is done and all the actions taken in order to understand the usage of the applications have been monitored. This autoenthenography gives a thorough explanation of the usage and interaction with the media.
Types of Media
    Media has been around us since a long time. Media is a tool which can influence a person, a group, or even a whole country towards a certain thought, mentality or even an idea. Media is a powerful tool which has the capacity to reach the masses in a very short span of time and also effectively. There are multiple forms of media. These vary in their way of communication, delivery method, convincing power and also the number of people they reach. The different types of media are: Print Media, Television, Movies, Video Games. Mobile phones, Radio, Internet and many more. These media types have been in contact with the world since long, newspapers and radio being the largest and the mobile phones and the internet being the latest. Mobile phones and internet have a very greater reach in today’s world and a lot more information can be transfe
ed and made available to the world by the way of internet and the mobile phone. We would discuss a few of the media and then go ahead with the one which we deem important in the modern world.
Print Media: The term print media describes the media world which existed from the times of our parents and grandparents. They describe the world which has been in form since long and is a strong participant in the way of spreading information. The various forms of media which are included in the print media are: Magazines, newspapers, books, comic books, novels and many more. In the earlier days the wealthy could buy the comic books and novels but as it began to grow, economies of scale grew and the prices came down. Historically, only the wealthy in the society had the money, the access and the power to control the type setting technologies necessary to print graphic material. This has changed a lot in the new world with the advent of the desktops and the laptops. Print media has gone digital and now is available on the mobile phone apps and the desktop apps. Nowadays, Amazon Kindle is the one where hundreds of books are stored on a single device and also allows the users to directly download the books and newspapers but even today there is a mass public that reads the newspapers and also value it. There are many news-papers which are known for quality and many people read the newspapers to learn in-depth about the topic/news. (Wang, D., Xiang, Z. and Fesenmaier, D.R., 2016)
Television: Television was a medium of entertainment for the rich. There were very few channels to watch but they were interesting. There was once a time that you had to watch the program at the time it is being
oadcasted else you would miss it. Nowadays that’s not the case. Repeat telecasts and shows take place which give the comfort of watching the program whenever free. The viewers also use pen drive and connect it to the television to watch movies and also to...

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