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Attached is the information. Kindly let me know the price and time. Thanks.

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Attached is the information. Kindly let me know the price and time. Thanks.
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Chosen Business Leader-- Jeff Bezos         2
Chosen Business Leader-- Jeff Bezos
Business leader is Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos is an American businessperson, founder as well as the chief executive officer (CEO) of ‘Amazon’. Jeff also owns the ‘Washington post’ and it would be essential to consider that his successful business ventures allowed him to be the richest man in the world. From the University of Princeton, he pursued computer science and electrical engineering as he developed his keen interest in it. Bezos is also known as a successful entrepreneur and one of the most popular e-commerce pioneer. He was designated as the youngest ‘senior vice president’ at an investment firm during his initial stages of professional life.
Process of Running the Company
After the four year down the line, the Jeff Bezos performed a lucrative job by starting ‘Amazon Inc.’, which initially was supposed to be an online store. After completing his graduation from Princeton, Bezos worked in finance sector for numerous famous as well as big companies at Wall Street and including the investment firm and the bankers firm. Despite of the lucrative jobs he had in the finance sector for large companies, Bezos opted for a tough decision, which was to work in an e-commerce sector. Therefore, he decided to quit his job in 1994 and he shifted to Seattle in order to focus on the potential customers of the online market by start the bookstore from the online mode (Solanki, 2019).
Starting phase of the Amazon was te
ific because without any kind of promotion it was able to any kind of promotion it was able to sell the books across USA and around 45 foreign countries within 30 days of the trial. Considering the data presented from initial two months, sales reached to 20,000 a week. Rate of growth was much higher than Bezos expected and is evident from what the startup team signified. Amazon started public welfare after the complete analysis of market condition along with the consideration of competition with other retailers, which might also chose to sell books online. Bezos kept himself engaged in the diversifying Amazon through the introduction of CD’s and the videos on sale during 1998, which was followed by on the clothes, toys, electronics and much more through future retail partnerships with other sellers.
Communication portfolio
During the time when many companies went bust during early 90’s, Amazon’s sales flourished form $512,000 (2015) and rose to $17 billion in 2011. Further, by the end of 2018, Amazon presented that there would be a raise in the minimum amount of payment for the workers to $16 per every hour. Working conditions placed with the workers for the company were still being criticized for protesting during July 2019. While, during the initial phase of December 2014, Bezos was presented in the headline where it was disclosed that Amazon was adopting a fresh experimental practice and it was named as Amazon prime air. This service used drones in order to provide the customers with product delivery using air delivery method. Based on this prior presented statement, Bezos also reflected that the drones used for delivery would be able to ca
y up to 5 pounds of weight and would be able to travel around 10 miles from the distribution center (Matthews, Ha
in & Daigle, 2018).
On August 4, Bezos declared that he bought Washington post along with other publications, which were affiliated to its subsidiary company. Further, it was reported that the reign over post of the graham family including Donald E. graham, marked the end of four generation, company’s chief executive who as well as his niece along with the chair of the company.
al communication & Nonve
al communication
Further, on the other hand, hundreds of media reporters as well as editor tripled their newspaper technology staff, which was hired by Bezos questioning him about his contract with the Russians. From the several scoops, the foreign national security advisor boasted the organization scoops. The end of 2016, marked company’s profit at $100 million and it was also reported that the would company soon beat the New York Times with the upcoming plans of the amazon that will going to help for the ultimate customers.
Bezos never nominated for the stock award because his company did so for him and the stocks of the company make rich him automatically in the world. Bezos was reported to earn the similar amount of salary ($81,840) since 1998. It was reported that Jeff surpassed Bill Gates
iefly in 2017 and he reclaimed the0 top spot in October. According to the data presented by Bloomberg, Jeff eclipsed the wealth record of Bill Gates, which was around $105.1 billion, by January 2018,...

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