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Running Head: Business Information Systems Analysis
Business Information Systems Analysis
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
1. Identifying all key problems in Clinical Healthcare Inc    4
2. a)Prioritizing all key problems    5
) Picking up 2 problems from one or more stakeholders which is considered most problematic    5
c) Reasons why the problems need to be addressed and how they should be treated and why    6
3. a) Designating whether the key problems identified (in task 1) are hard or soft system problems. Explanation of the decision    7
4. Identifying key stakeholders and problem owners    8
5. Listing the possible models and techniques that can be used to analyze the cu
ent system.    9
6. Drawing a Rich picture
inging all the components identified together    9
7. Using Blum’s paper evaluating and placing SSM on the Matrix of method categories    10
Conclusion    11
Reference    13
The aim of the study is to understand the nature of problems related to business in Clinical Healthcare Inc. The understanding of the analysis of business of Clinical Healthcare is also the concern of this study. There would be certain outcomes in this study. The characteristics and nature of the problems related to the business information systems of Clinical Healthcare is also the concern of this study.The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the advanced knowledge of the contemporary methodologies to solve problems related to Clinical Healthcare. The services provided by Clinical Healthcare include therapy services related to intravenous immune globulin. The business of Clinical Healthcare expanded into comprehensive services of care and nursing services for patients with acute or chronic illness. Clinical Healthcare provides leading services related to infusion therapy and infusion service. The major problems of Clinical Healthcare include the usage of aged infrastructure of IT. The information system of     Clinical Healthcare is good enough as long there is no requirement to extract data from the system. The usability and reliability of the technology is to be developed to a large extent.
1. Identifying all key problems in Clinical Healthcare Inc
     Clinical Healthcare has been providing providing one of the leading services related to therapy. The business of Clinical Healthcare expanded to nursing services for patients suffering from acute or chronic illness. On the basis of the case study it has been found that green screen application has been used in Clinical Healthcare (Alonso-Coello et al. 2016). Home grown software which are very outdated and made of old technologies have been used in Clinical Healthcare for over twenty years. In this twenty years there has been no alteration or advancements in the technology.
The medication and administration process of Clinical Healthcare is complicated and expensive. There should be proper management of logistics in order to deliver the treatments. There are certain aspects related to the visit time with nurses, the particular treatment that is to be received, the necessary medication and the equipments required to deliver the medication (Altar et al. 2015). Any one of these aspects can change the minute the nurse leaves for attaining the patient at home. The data can be retrieved back into the system only when the nurse returns from the visit. This results in the delay of the process (Berner & La Lande, 2016). This is the core business process of Clinical Healthcare and in order to help the process go on well, the IT service has to be advanced.
The process of the delivery of the infusion services is very slow. The use of home grown business solutions has to be replaced in order to make Clinical Healthcare progress in present world.
2. a)Prioritizing all key problems
There are various problems related to Clinical Healthcare. In case if categorization of the different problem is to be done, then the problem in the structure of Information system can be prioritized with respect to the other issues. The purpose of any business should be to deliver efficient services within a very short span of time. The medical services are most significant services which are required to be delivered within a short span of time (Chan et al. 2015). The services provided by Clinical Healthcare include infusion therapy. The infusion therapy finds its application in medication related to pain management, antibiotics and chemotherapy. The administration and medication is very expensive to manage. The proper delivery of medical services includes the visit paid by nurses to the patient’s home. The traditional way of updating data only when the nurse returns from the visit paid to patients house, becomes very time consuming. The latency in the delivery of the medical services is one of the major issues of Clinical Healthcare (Comín-Colet et al. 2016).
The second most important issue is the IT infrastructure. The IT infrastructure of Clinical Healthcare comprises of homemade software which has not been updated for over many years as per record. The aged IT infrastructure would not be able to keep pace with the developing technology which imposes great problem in the proper functioning of the healthcare company.
) Picking up 2 problems from one or more stakeholders which is considered most problematic
According to the case study it has been found that Brett Michalak is the topmost official of Clinical Healthcare. He is one of the most important stakeholders of the healthcare company which is under study. As per the opinion of the topmost officer of Clinical Healthcare, it has been predicted that the infrastructure of IT is to a great extent outdated. The green screen applications are under use for several years (Dwivedi et al. 2015). A lot of software which are home developed has been used by the healthcare company which has not been updated for several years. The IT infrastructure has not been changed, modified or updated since the company was founded.There were no use of colour screens.
The second problem is the latency caused in the delivery of therapeutic services.The medication process is complicated and expensive enough. The proper logistics has to be managed in order to deliver proper treatments. The visit time of the nurses leads to an issue because the aspects of the patients can...

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