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Assignment guidelines for Software Analysis Topic ( PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT IN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY ) LIST OF SOFTWARES RISK performs RiskAid STREAM V3.0 Primavera Risk Analysis and...

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Assignment guidelines for Software Analysis



RISK performs



Primavera Risk Analysis and Contractor

Analyze the capabilities of the software and particularly the ability to integrate well with all other software.

The deliverable comprise of a Report not exceeding 2000 Words excluding Applendix (approx. 200 Words per page) or Max 12 pages A4 size, whichever is maximum (Penalty for exceeding the limit), clearly articulating the response required. Use single space, Arial Font and 12 points for this submission

The report also should include relevant diagrams outlining the interaction between various software. Findings from literature shall be clearly quoted appropriately and referenced and attached in the Appendix

The report also should include relevant diagrams outlining the interaction between various aspects in Information technology software procurement process.

Findings from literature & other software materials must be clearly quoted appropriately and referenced.

Suggested Report Structure

•Cover Sheet with Title

•Front Page

•List of Content

•Executive Summary

•Aim/s of the Investigation

•Introduction of the topic

•Significance of this investigation

•Listing and describe the available softwares

Suggested Report Structure

•Software Selection for evaluation (at least 3 to be selected)

•Critically Review the selected three Softwares

•Identify and set Criteria for Evaluation

•Discussion on Weighting for each criteria

•Set up Evaluation Matrix

•Justification of weighting criteria for each software ( clear evidence and comparison required)

Suggested Report Structure

•Discussion on the results

•Discussion of Problems and Pitfalls



•Acknowledgment: i_f_ _a_n_y_._._._ _

•Appendix: Provide all supporting evidence for each software evaluated.

Suggested Report Structure

•Front cover with a picture of your choice related to the project.

•First page with project title, student name, subject, etc.

•List of contents with page numbers

•Summary (Abstract) stating briefly what has been done in the project. (100 words), Written last, but placed first.

•Introduction, giving the background of the project, some reasons for doing it, and briefly reporting work done by others.

•Body of the Report:

•Results: Present in detail all collected results. giving references and footnotes.

Suggested Report Structure

Comments or Analysis: The accuracy and reliability of the data should be updated, if possible. The facts and trends should be explained, and any discrepancies accounted for. The relevance of the results to the aim of the project should be considered.

•Conclusions: Clear and definite conclusions should be drawn, stating how far the aims have been achieved and suggesting future work to be done. Conclusions should be numbered. (Do not confuse with Summary and Conclusion)

Acknowledgment: if any...

•References: This will usually be a major part of the report. The various sources of information used for the project should be listed alphabetically by author, (the author, title, year of publication, publisher or journal, and number of pages should all be given, so that a reader could find a copy if desired).

Appendix: Any reference materials used in the report

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Student Name:
Student I.D.:
Course Name: Project Management and Information Technology
Course ID: EPM5700
Submission Date:
Table of Contents
Executive Summary    4
Aim    5
Introduction    5
Significance of this Investigation    5
The Available Software    5
RISK    6
Benefits    6
Benefits    7
Primavera Risk Analysis and Contractor    8
Benefits    8
STREAM V3.0    8
Benefits    9
Software Selection for Evaluation    9
Critical Review    9
RISK    9
RiskAid    9
Primavera    9
Criteria for Evaluation    10
Weightage for Criteria    10
Evaluation Matrix    10
Discussion    11
Results    11
Problems and Pitfalls    12
Recommendations    12
Appendix    13
Executive Summary
Understanding the impact of information technology on project management is important. This usage of information technology can be done by using various software. These software can be used to not only reduce the overall cost but also to improve the project.
The various software considered for this investigation are as follows:
· RiskAid
· Primavera Risk Analysis and Contracto
Out of these 4 software 3 were chosen to be evaluated. These software were evaluated for their impact on reducing the risk in the construction industry and helping managing the project.
The 3 software that are selected to be analysed are:
· RiskAid
· Primavera Risk Analysis and Contracto
The primary reason of doing this project report was to understand different software and then evaluate them on a previously created metric. The metric has been created only to evaluate the software from multiple angles and performance criteria.
The subject Project Management and Information Technology deals with measures involving IT and facilitation of Project Management. The project management aspect involves the planning, design, creation, execution, monitoring of the project from an IT perspective. (, 2018)
The software that is applied are both in the areas of general and specific project management services. General project management includes the software which have a wide industry application but are non-specific in nature whereas the software which are specific in nature to the type of industry in which they can be used comes under specific project management.
Significance of this Investigation
This project was ca
ied out to understand the impact of the software on project management and how information technology as a platform can assist in managing the project better. The addition of information technology aids the project management as a lot of automation is done which would then reduce the man hours required to complete the project and that man hours are saved by the software that has information technology involved in it.
The use of software is important as well as there is a cost aspect involved. The work that human resources take to do is a lot of man hours and those man hours mean the company loses money. In today’s time all organisations are trying to capture the cost advantage and that can only happen when they invest in resources which are non-human. That includes use of specialised software to do job of a human. This can be beneficial as using different software can reduce the working time substantially and the e
or chances are also minimal.
The Available Software
For this investigation various software were considered. These would be evaluated on a metric that will help analyse the performance of these software. The software considered for the project are as follows:
· RiskAid
· Primavera Risk Analysis and Contracto
This software is basically used in the construction sector. It helps companies optimise their construction and infrastructure measures by providing powerful analytics that can be used to do various things. These may include things like forecasting of a schedule and creating a timeline of the completion of work and even the risks that can be associated with the cu
ent budget, so that proper risk mitigation can be considered. (, 2018)
Besides the construction companies other procurement companies also use this software. This software helps the senior management or the decision-making unit to rely on @RISK for any engineering related issues and analysis of failure. The best part about @RISK is that it helps the people by providing them with all that they need to know in terms of what all risks need to be avoided. This is important as any decision that is taken is not full-poof and is taken under an uncertain business scenario and therefore risk mitigation is very important. (, 2018)
@RISK is integrated with a lot of other equally important aspects of doing business...

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