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Assignment: Generate the Qualitative Research Report Instructions Find a peer-reviewed published article that corresponds to your proposed methodology. ( The proposed quantitative study aims to...

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Assignment: Generate the Qualitative Research Report


Find a peer-reviewed published article that corresponds to your proposed methodology. (The proposed quantitative study aims to provide sexual counseling through educational programs; to couples with sexual dysfunction therefore, social cognitive theory is utilized as the basis of theoretical framework of this research.)

Then, submit a document that addresses the following:

Determine how information concerning the data collection process and results were presented.

Explain your appraisal regarding whether the published article followed the guidelines from the Barbour XXXXXXXXXXchapter. Please explain how you arrived at your conclusions (use specific examples from both the chapter and the article).

Identify the similarities between the published data collection process and your proposed study.

Explain the differences between the published data collection process and your proposed study.

Indicate what you will take away from this article about writing qualitative results.

Length: 4-5 pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

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Manashi answered on Feb 06 2022
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Research Report
A Study on Sexual Counselling Programs with special reference to Social Cognitive Theory
Abstract: There are so many instances of distu
ed ma
iages, depression, divorce cases, where the primary reason being not understood. Things seem fine externally but there are some internal distu
ances due to which such problematic propaganda arises. Things go unwell when there is sexual dissatisfaction among the couple which becomes a major drawback or reason behind an unsuccessful ma
iage life. People do not basically like to talk about this problem. So, it has become necessary to take this as a research topic to identify the causes of dissatisfaction and propound ways to derive an amicable solution. This article talks about educational programs where such sexual counseling can be provided and instead of
eaking up or suffering, ma
iages can be co
ected. The study takes the help of social cognitive theory as a reference to conduct the research.
Keywords: Distu
ed ma
iage, Depression, Problematic, Sexual dissatisfaction, Sexual counseling, Educational programs, Social Cognitive Theory.
In today’s world there is hardly any place where “sex’ is not a topic of discussion. With popular movies and books such as Fifty Shades of Grey and Magic Mike XXL proves that people are interested in sex. This exuberates the counselor educators to prepare the budding counselors to include sexual topics in discussion (Blount, Booth, We
& Lies, 2017). A happy couple is one who is able to sustain their relationship for a longer period of time and maintain it for a lifetime. But there are couples who are not happy and end up in
eaking their relation. Normally we believe the cause of
eak up is mismatch of thinking process, misunderstanding, differences in living style, cheating, domestic violence and so on. Sexual life of couples and their needs during pregnancy received little attention in practice (Heidari, Shokravi, Zayeri, Azin & Khoei, 2017). But if we see that these are not the reasons for their distu
ed life, there is something which is hidden and typically cannot be made public. Sexual dysfunction can be anything that is an impediment on the enjoyment of sexual activity (Wakley, 2005). A big problem in the couple’s life is sexual dissatisfaction which can lead to disastrous relation. Sexual dissatisfaction also gives rise to seeking external partner to fulfill sexual desires.
Literature Review
Heidari, Shokravi, Zayeri, Azin and Khoei conducted a study on sexual life during pregnancy on Iranian couples in the year 2017. The aim of the study was to evaluate an educational intervention delivered to couples to improve their sexual function and satisfaction. It was found that sexuality education specific for prenatal care would be effective.
Blount, Booth, We
& Lies in their research on “Integration of Sex and Sexuality into Counseling Programs” in the year 2017 tries to highlight the prevalence of sexual dysfunction and different sexual behaviors facing possible clients, the existence of counselor bias and its effect on sexual topics in counseling, and the need for sex and the sexuality to be integrated into counseling programs.
Bokei, Behzapour & Farajkhoda conducted a study on “The Effectiveness of Sexual Health Group counseling based on cognitive behavioral therapy on sexual satisfaction of newly ma
ied women. The aim of the research was to investigate the effectiveness of sexual health counseling based on cognitive behavioral approach on satisfaction and excitability of newly ma
ied women. It was found as a result that cognitive-behavioural counselling can help to improve the sexual satisfaction and excitability of the newly ma
ied and can be used to improve and promote...

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