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Assignment DescriptionIT network is the backbone of any business as many services are provided over the network infrastructure. This infrastructure connects all its computers and related devices...

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Assignment DescriptionIT network is the backbone of any business as many services are provided over the network infrastructure. This infrastructure connects all its computers and related devices together, allowing staff to work more efficiently within the organization. Designing a Network requires planning. A company’s IT infrastructure must go through this phase before final implementation. This involves evaluating and understanding how all the elements of the network link together (from routers, switches, APs and servers to desktops, laptops, and printers) to achieve a high performance network.Wireless communication technology can have a significant impact on business allowing senders and recipients to access information while on the move. Hence customers, clients and employees require expect network access and service from different places of the company. There has been considerable interest lately for all businesses to set up mobile computing workplaces for their employees and also mobile computing for other functions of the business from distributors, suppliers and service providers.This assessment requires students to design a secure enterprise wireless network using Packet Tracer for a very large campus that has a building on a big land. The students should develop a WLAN using APs and a tower that enables users outside the building to communicate with the users inside.The students are required to submit a report, which includes:1. Analyse the requirements i.e., network hardware/software and QoS to make sure thefollowing criteria is met:a) Confidentialityb) Integrityc) Availabilityd) Authenticatione) Authorization2. Explore the wireless network architecture based on the requirements.3. Discuss and analyse the security issues and the countermeasure(s) that you havedesigned.The tutor will need to form the groups of maximum 5 students. The students in each group should befrom the same lab.
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Title of the assignment: Assignment – 2 (Designing a wireless mobile LAN)
Student’s name:
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Course title: MNT6542
Date: 6/5/2020
Table of Contents
1.    Abstract    3
2.    Introduction    3
3.    Requirement analysis for required WLAN    4
4.    Network architecture design for required WLAN    5
5.    Security issues and countermeasures for WLAN    6
6.    Testing developed WLAN    7
7.    Conclusion    10
8.    References:    11
1. Abstract
The wireless LAN is the most common requirement of modern organizations. The WLAN provides an effective communication of its users and can also manage the increased user load on the developed network. The implementation of wireless LAN is mostly ca
ied out with help of APs which provide further connections to the users. The effective data movement among sender and receiver can be maintained easily in the WLAN implementation. The mobile communication facilities to any organizational network can be managed in the WLAN implementation. This type of networks is mostly developing for small areas but these can also be extended for increased user requirements. The 802.11 IEEE standards is mostly used in development of WLAN network. The easy installation is the main reason behind popularity of this WLAN in commercial organizations. The employee work station like laptops, station maintaining WLAN services, IBSS and ESS are main components used for developing this required WLAN implementation for any commercial organization. All the end user connections to WLAN are based on SSID which create peer to peer connections for the WLAN implementation. The increased employees and working in large area of same building can use this WLAN for making required communication and information sharing.
2. Introduction
The provided case shows that a large campus is developed on some big land and requires WLAN connections for its employees. Most of the modern users do not want a static system which is connected with wires and making the required resource and information sharing. Implementing the wireless connections to this campus will provide easy business operations to its employees. The infrastructure based, peer to peer based, and
idge based WLAN can be implemented. As this campus is developed on large land and requires a wide connectivity, so, infrastructure based WLAN will be implemented for this organization. The APs are placed on different locations and to increase their range repeaters can be used. The APs will provide network coverage for a specific range, so, repeaters can be used by network developers to increase the required covering range for maintaining effective wireless communication. This type of connections can be developed on permanent bases. All the smart phones, laptops and printers of end user can use this developed WLAN to make connections and to access the network services. The use of different APs with identical SSID can provide the required security requirements for WLAN implementation to this organization.
3. Requirement analysis for required WLAN
The implementations of WLAN will certain requirements to maintain its functionality for all employees working in a...

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