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Assignment Description A large business network has to be designed for an organization. The organization’s head office is located in the Sydney CBD. The head office consists of three departments: IT...

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Assignment Description A large business network has to be designed for an organization. The organization’s head office is located in the Sydney CBD. The head office consists of three departments: IT support, purchasing, and sales. The IT support is located on the first floor, while the marketing and the sales departments are located on second and third floors of the building respectively. IT support has 30 workstations, purchasing has 15 workstations, and sales has 50 workstations. Some applications require that data be shared between departments, but generally, each department has its own applications. Every workstation needs access to the Internet, Intranet and e-mail system. The head office also requires wireless internet connectivity for all the floors. Suppose you are the network engineer for this organization and your IT manger asked you to design the network for head office. The organization is also planning to establish three additional offices in the future namely Queensland, Melbourne and Canberra. Your task to prepare a networking solution that enables employees in all three offices to communicate both internally in that office and, to a lesser extent, between the other offices and head office. According to the specifications provided, the most user resource requirements will be met by servers located in the same office as the users who need to access them. The main communication requirements between offices relate to e-mail and periodic file transfers. You are required to design this network both as a wired and wireless (wherever required). This assignment has two tasks: Task A: Write a report with following sections: 1. Introduction 2. The LAN network design of the head office i. Discuss the locations of all workstations and interconnecting devices, such as switches and routers, if any to be used ii. Discuss and justify the recommended media type iii. Discuss the type of LAN topology and protocol to be used iv. Identify and discuss the connection that provides the Internet access to the LAN BN106 Networking Fundamentals Page 3 of 5 Prepared by: Dr Mohammad Mohammad Moderated by: Dr Noor-U-Zaman Laghari May, 2020 v. The sketch of network plan for each floor (using some software such as MS Visio) 3. The WAN network design between all five offices and the head office i. The sketch of the WAN connectivity (using some software such as MS Visio) ii. Discuss the devices to be used such as routers (if any) and their functioning iii. justify the recommended media type iv. Discuss the type of network structure suitable in this scenario (circuit switched or packet switched structure) v. Discuss the recommended routing protocol in this scenario (RIP or OSPF) 4. A summary section 5. References in IEEE style
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Assignment 2 – Network Design
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Introduction    3
LAN Network Design    3
LAN topology and protocols    5
Company floor design    5
WAN Network Design    6
Conclusion / Summary    7
References    8
The primary purpose of this report is to provide basic network concepts such as connection types, local area networks, routing, as well as switching, as well as finally to apply these concepts to the design network according to the customer's requirements. It is assigned to design a LAN for a company with three specific departments with a total of 68 workstations. Simple LANs are set up using basic network components such as switches, routers, as well as hubs as well as connection cables. The connection cables are described in detail in the design section that describes the features as well as setup of each device. Similarly, the second section describes the topology as well as the protocols selected based on company requirements. Finally, a detailed network layout is created for each floor, as well as it is explained by the company's specific criteria.
LAN Network Design
According to the data given, three offices are functioning: IT Support, Purchasing, as well as Sales for the headquarters building. All offices work in the same office, so you can separate three departments with VLAN. Three departments can implement three separate VLAN as well as use routers to implement VLAN-to-routing. The switch on the third floor can connect to three different ports on the router. VLAN-to-routing allows you to share resources in other departments as needed. You can restrict access by creating an access control list (ACL) on a router. From the router, you can connect to the ISP network through a firewall. A good firewall can protect your network from unauthorized intrusion [4].
Below is a detailed view of the headquarters network –
Below are the specifications –
1. Each floor must have a LAN switch, if necessary. Since 30 workstations are supported, it includes two LAN switches, each with 24 ports.
2. Purchasing has only 15 workstations. Therefore, only one LAN switch is required.
3. The sales department has 50 workstations, so you need to use three LAN switches, each with 24 ports.
4. Each department has one server.
5. Departmental switches can connect to routers. Routers can be placed in IT support. Placing routers in IT makes it easier to manage.
6. The media between the LAN switch as well as the PC can be a straight-through cable. Copper straight-through cables can be used between the LAN switch as well as the router. Copper straight-through cables can be used between the corporate router as well as the firewall. You can...

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