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Assignment: Creation of Vignette Create a culturally diverse clinical vignette that incorporates information on societal factors, individual factors, and ethical or professional practice...

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Assignment: Creation of Vignette

Create a culturally diverse clinical vignette that incorporates information on societal factors, individual factors, and ethical or professional practice considerations.
Write a four page single space paper, following APA guidelines with representation and attribution of sources (scholarly references).


Write a vignette of a culturally diverse client. You may create a fictitious client. Examine individual (i.e., microsystem) factors that may affect both you and the client during therapy.

o Analyze individual factors (e.g., personal experiences of diversity) that the client may have experienced. The analysis can be related to the client's experience of his or her own multiculturalism or to the client's experiences in relating to the counselor's multiculturalism.

o Evaluate examples of individual factors (e.g., personal experiences of diversity) that you as the counselor may have experienced. These examples can be related to your own multiculturalism or to your experiences in relating to the client's multiculturalism.

· In your discussion, explain specific examples of microaggresion that the client could have experienced.

· Integrate information from professional ethics codes and professional guidelines that would guide your work with this client.

o Identify relevant sections of professional codes of ethics (e.g., American Counseling Association [ACA] or American Psychological Association [APA]) and examine how they will affect your therapy with this client specifically.

o Evaluate information from professional guidelines (e.g., APA Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients; APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Older Adults; APA Guidelines for Providers of Psychological Services to Ethnic, Linguistic, and Culturally Diverse Populations; Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development [AMCD] Multicultural Competencies, etc.) and summarize how it would inform your work with this client.

· If you were the clinical supervisor for this case, what would you want to address during supervision? At a minimum, provide a discussion of potential issues to consider in addressing the therapist's (your supervisee's) multicultural awareness as well as in addressing interviewing, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment specific to this client.

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Running Head: CREATION OF VIGNETTE         1
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Analyzing Individual Factors (Client)    3
Evaluating Individual Factors (Counselor)    3
Potential Effects of Micro-aggression on Client    4
Professional Ethical Codes as Guidelines    4
Relevant Section of Codes of Professional Ethics    5
Evaluation of Information derived from Professional Guidelines    5
Addressing Issues from the perspective of a Clinical Supervisor    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
Widened racial understanding coupled with talent based industrial market formation has helped in the development of multicultural population in countries, which are geographically and economically significant. Despite the rapid evolution of racial stereotypes, there are certain sections that prevail sharply and most clearly observed in the healthcare sector. Diversity of cultural background of a client, seeking psychological healthcare services, often creates challenges for care providers. The challenges vary on the context of social, individual and profession based ethical factors. The cu
ent study tends to explore and evaluate the impact of the factors and the generated challenges for care providers and offer solution and better understanding of the cele
ated issues at hand.
Analyzing Individual Factors (Client)
A majority of the issues that arise at the time of dealing with diverse culture clients have their roots in the cultural background and past experience of the client. As emphasized by Kenny, Blustein and Meerkins (2018), the cultural alignment at the time of psychological treatment determines the level of communication between the client and the counselor. It is often seen that the cultural background has profound influence in the thought process of a person. Differing to certain degree with the mentioned view, Ong and Harwood (2018) argued that, past experience is more responsible than that of cultural background of a client, seeking psychological therapy.
Miss X, an Indian origin, US citizen came for consultation and possible treatment of her severe depression issues at the nearest psychotherapy center, named, XYZ Psychotherapy Centre. A closer study of Miss X’s case show that, she was 34 years old and worked as a school teacher in local Kindergarten School. She got ma
ied to an America origin man, Mr. S, 4 years back. After 2 years of ma
iage, she got pregnant. During her pregnancy, she came to know that Mr. S was having an affair. Shocked at the developments, she filed a divorced and aborted her child during the fourth month of her pregnancy.
After the approval of her divorce, she resumed her duty as a teacher and seeing the children all around her, she started to feel depressed. As noted by Cartwright, Gibson and Read (2018), personal depression, in many cases come from the comparative diversity of lifestyle among same community. She saw other female members from her own community with a complete family, comprising of husband, in laws and children. She started to feel incomplete. She also developed a strong hatred against American men and was struggling to focus on her career. In addition, her Indian origin, forced her to prioritize ma
iage and family life, which farther intensified her depression.
Evaluating Individual Factors (Counselor)
    In a similar fashion to that of individual factor of a client, a counselor’s cultural diversity also creates hurdles for effective treatment. As viewed by Choi and Ha (2018), cultural aspect of a person holds significance in the field of psycho-therapy, whether the person is a client or a counselor. The cultural preference often creates inco
ect judgment, partial understanding and very rarely, adaptation of wrong attitude on the part of the counselor.
I am Dr. H, a psychiatrist, to whom she came to consult with. I had to face serious remarks, due to my origin, cultural background from Miss X. In the very first session she wanted to leave immediately as she was not comfortable with me. Taking cue from her past experience she perceived me as an American man, rather than a counselor. She also felt that as I was not an Indian, I did not have value for Indian culture that value family life and stereotypes the role of a woman. Miss X’s attitude and her perspective of American men, made the counseling session very tough to tackle. I had to
ing forth very strong arguments to gain her trust without being dominating to her. Although I had limited knowledge of Indian culture, I believed that individual happiness is the key priority under any circumstances and therefore, I felt that she was being overdramatic about her...

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