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Assignment Content Your local hospital would like to provide a new program for the community based on different products, service divisions, or segments offered by the hospital. You have been hired to...

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Assignment Content

  1. Your local hospital would like to provide a new program for the community based on different products, service divisions, or segments offered by the hospital. You have been hired to manage the marketing for the new program that will be used within your community. Your supervisor has reminded you that it is important to know your consumers to effectively market to them. You have been tasked with creating a proposal for the new program based on research conducted in your area.

    Research and identify a hospital in your community. You will create a marketing project plan for a new program and will use this hospital throughout the course. This week will help you understand the importance of market segmentation.

    Research the following products, services, or segments your hospital is considering promoting as a new program:

    • An outpatient physical therapy center
    • A new emergency department triage center
    • A mobile mammogram vehicle
    • A new community hotline call center specializing in mental health needs

    Createa 350- to 700-word proposal outlining information about your hospital, market research, and proposal/conclusion. Your proposal can be created using a Microsoft® Word document. Use the following headings and prompts to create your proposal:

    • Introduction
    • Identify the hospital you selected within your community.
    • Describe the products, services, and segments provided by the hospital.
    • Describe your community.
    • Market research
    • Identify key factors you would use to measure the demand in your community for each of the products, services, and segments listed above.
    • Discuss the major health needs of your community.
    • Identify which market attributes you would rely on to support each of your assessments.
    • Proposal/conclusion
    • Identify one product, service, or segment based on your market research to use in your marketing project plan for the new program.
    • Note: You will use this selection in future assignments.
    • Explain why you selected the product, service, or segment for your hospital and community.

    Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

    Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Remember to use University Library tools to ensure your paper contains proper grammar and syntax and is not plagiarized.

    Include a title and references page for your proposal.

    Submit your assignment.


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Sunabh answered on Aug 24 2021
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Running Head: HEALTHCARE        1
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Hospital Selected Within Community    3
Services Provided by the Hospital    3
Description of Community and Market Research    3
Key Factors to Consider While Measuring Demand    4
Major Health Needs of the Community and Market Attributes    4
Conclusion    4
References    5
New programs at any organization require marketing or promotion in order to target the specific audience and hospitals are no exception. This paper would present a marketing proposal for the new services launched at The Woman's Hospital of Texas. Further, efforts would be made to present a critical analysis of services provided by the hospital along with the description of new programs with special emphasis upon target community.
Hospital Selected Within Community
The Woman's Hospital of Texas was established in 1976 and it solely focuses upon women i
espective of their age or medical condition. This hospital is one of the premier care providers for women as well as newborn within states for last 30 years.
Services Provided by the Hospital
ently The Woman's Hospital of Texas provides medical services...

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