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Assignment 4—Research background Weighting: 60% Length: 2000 words Due date: Friday of week 12 by 4 pm This assignment is an opportunity to start putting your research thinking together. This...

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Assignment 4—Research background




2000 words

Due date:

Friday of week 12 by 4 pm

This assignment is an opportunity to start putting your research thinking together. This includes: why are you interested in this research topic area; what is the relevant background to the topic; what is the significant of the research; what is the problem statement and research question and sub-questions. Using the headings in the marking rubric will help you with this piece of work. Review the marking rubric for further guidance.

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Soumi answered on Jun 01 2020
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Researches in this field    3
ent context or background    3
Significance of the research    5
Problem statement    5
Key Questions and Sub-questions    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
    The cu
ently proposed research focuses on the assessment and promotion of knowledge in terms of detecting the occu
ence of
east cancer amongst women at an earlier stage. The research will be conducted in order to know the significance of managing
east cancer at the initial stage when it is occu
ed. As the title of the research indicates, this research will be conducted from perspectives of both patients and the medical professionals, so that the required interventional as well as management steps can be taken up immediately. The keywords, which have been considered for finding information on this topic, are ‘
east cancer’, ‘early detection of
east cancer’, ‘assessment of knowledge on
east cancer’, and ‘knowledge promotion on
east cancer’.
The cu
ent assignment has been ca
ied out for studying the research topic thoroughly and in depth. Firstly, it has been identified that why the topic and the area of this research interest the researcher. A succinct reason for the same has been provided, followed by the background of the research area being presented clearly. The context, in which this research will be conducted, has also been described, along with its significance so that findings of the proposed research could be used for enhancing knowledge in this area. The key issues, key research question and sub-questions have also been identified, which can help the research to receive a specific direction, in which it is to be proceeded so that the research area could be evaluated as well as conclusions could be drawn.
Researches in this field
    In this field, Ky et al., (2015) have stated that the early detection of
east cancer is very important so that it can be prevented from aggravating from a benign stage to a malignant stage. The idea of prevention emerged from the knowledge of the disease, which if possessed by an individual, can lead to the progress of taking immediate step towards utilizing the available interventions for this disease (Zhang et al. 2015). However, as argued by Matamala et al. (2015), the issues take place, majorly because people do not consider the acquisition of knowledge as an important step, which is why when the initial symptoms arise, they often fail to notice it, thus causing the malignancy of the tumors to increase. Thus, these opinions lead to choosing this topic for research as proposed.
ent context or background
    Breast cancer is a serious health risks for women and nowadays due to improvement of treatment the survival rates increases with the patient with
east cancer. In past, the
east cancer had no detection method and patients would learn about the cancer only at the last stage when the change of survival became less (Whelan et al., 2015). Until 19th century, people would die at younger age though it would develop among the older women when their health condition would not permit the treatment such as chemotherapy.
They were not being able to find the symptoms by themselves also and self-examination was not a practice for that time. At this generation, mammography, early diagnosis as well as ultrasound technique help to diagnose the cancer. As mentioned by Olsson et al. (2015), there are multiple bio-markers also which is been reported in the serum or tissue sample of the patient in later days. The prolactin induced protein is expressed in apocrine glands such as lacrimal gland, sweat and salivary gland and these are secreted in various body fluids that include milk, seminal fluid as well as saliva. It has been found that the expression of the protein and the mRNA is changed in the positive cases which are 20 to 50 percent more than normal sample. In contrast, the transcription and the translation level is down regulated in case of malignant tumor.
Normal as well as benign tissue shows the PIP expression happens though in case of malignant case it is extremely low (Tucker et al., 2016). The expression of PIP is co
elated with the differentiation of apocrine gland as well as some hormone receptor such as HER2 positive. Functional studies have been done in molecular level of PIP level. Increased expression of PIP expression has been associated with decrease in cell proliferation as well as migration where the up-regulation of apoptotic pathway occurs and it has been operated through the effect of cell proliferation and cytoskeleton regulation.
A various approach has also been introduced nowadays that involve bioinformatics, screening of cell lines as well as validating the pattern of expression of
east cells in bio-specimens that helps to identify the potential genes which are basically...

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