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CHALLENGES MANAGING GLOBAL TEAMS Introduction Multinational companies use the global team as a strategic solution to its growth around the globe. These groups are formed in different cultural and...

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Multinational companies use the global team as a strategic solution to its growth around the globe. These groups are formed in different cultural and geographical boundaries. The goal is to improve organizational performance and enhance expertise and innovations irrespective of different geographic locations. It integrates diverse knowledge from different parts of the firm, achieving efficiency through around the clock work across different time zones and reducing the cost of travel, access to customers and local markets.
Global teams help an organization in coordinating the work favoritism, it comes along with different challenges which need to teamwork. These challenges. Researchers have found a number of challenges over the last decade in managing global teams as well as. These challenges are mostly consisting of sharing knowledge, communication, different cultures, and different time zones. However, researchers and practitioners have identified various interpersonal mechanisms which can overcome or decrease the effect of these challenges in global teams (Hinds, Neeley & Cramton 2014, 540). The literature review consists of different challenges that can exist in a global team. The study of these challenges has been supported by literature from researches and scholars. The literature review also suggests some interpersonal mechanisms that can help to overcome the challenges a global team may face.

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Reflective learning
The main purpose of preparing this reflective report is to highlight and discuss personal and professional learning gained while writing research proposal on subject titled, ‘challenges in managing global teams’. The underlying research proposal has provided with the chance of learning and acquainting with different sets of personal and professional contexts. It is worth mentioning that I have also faced some kinds of ba
iers in learning and developing personal and professional learning experiences. The detailed discussion of all these aspects is provided below:
1) Evaluating the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experience
Human resource has always appeared an interesting area to me, therefore, led me spending considerable amount of time and effort in researching and preparing write-ups on this subject. The underlying write-up based on ‘challenges in managing global team’ gained my significant attention and interest. In my personal opinion, subject area of research proposal is quite wide, and, requires heavy research and efforts for learning it. This nature of research proposal enabled me in gaining detailed knowledge of the subject area, which has proved a valuable experience. It is so because it provided chance of researching, reviewing and analysing the concept in detailed terms, and, eventually
inging increment in the existing knowledge and awareness regarding the concept (Ashton, 2013).
Although I have comprehensively presented and listed down challenges in managing global teams, yet I have done detailed study on the concept. This detailed study has provided an overall good experience as it solves all queries and confusions regarding the concept. The research topic is open-ended and subjective in nature as there are no defined or specific challenges faced by business managers in managing global teams. Rather, it is concu
ent process where challenges are occu
ing continuously depending on geographical boundaries, demographic characteristics, cultural patterns, values, beliefs, attitudes, etc (Benowitz, 2011). There prevails high range variability in all these aspects thereby confronting different set challenges and ba
iers for global managers in handling diversified teams and groups. This fact necessitates in-depth, regular and detailed study in order to gain adequate understanding of the subject area. However, this detailed study is not wastage of time; rather, it is highly valuable as it advances existing set of knowledge and awareness.
2) Explain how this learning process will be useful to you?
The purpose and significance of learning process is not limited to academic terms, but it also holds good amount of potential in routine life and professional career terms. At the outset, it seems worthwhile that research proposal has advanced theoretical knowledge and understanding of the topic. This theoretical knowledge would surely prove helpful in academic course or program. For completing academic coursework and projects, I need to develop and improve theoretical understanding of the subject continuously. This learning process would prove helpful in this regard as I have to continuously read, develop and learn new insights and observations for writing proposal in effective terms (Boella and Goss-Turner, 2013).
Regarding future career terms, this learning process would facilitate in making career in human resource aspects. I have already mentioned that human resource is one of my interesting areas therefore this learning process holds great utility and functionality for me in future career terms. For pursuing career in human resource, it is necessary to have advanced knowledge and expertise for handling personnel, groups and teams. This learning process provides
ight opportunity in this regard where human resource related aspect is discussed in detailed terms. Therefore, it can be safely said that learning process would positively contribute to future career aspirations and goals (Mo
ill, 2010).
In general routine life terms, this learning process would help in developing awareness and advancing knowledge. With the pace of globalisation, several national and multi-national business firms have entered in business sphere, developing curiosity among general people as how these firms are being managed and handled in the midst of diversity. This aspect would be clarified and discussed to a considerable extent by this research study. After developing knowledge and insights, I would transfer and apply it in terms of handling challenging in managing global teams, fostering strategies for it, and ascertaining its implications on overall business performance (Schawbel, 2013).
3) Describe objectively what happened in the...

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